28 Stunning Macaron Wedding Cakes to Make a Statement

macaron wedding cake

Photo by Emily Roebuck Photography; Cake by The Modern Bakery; Florals and Signage by Lavish Haus Design and Event Co.

A classic wedding cake will always be on the menu. They’re forever timeless and truly beautiful. But if you’re looking for something a little different, a macaron wedding cake may be the perfect fit.

“Macaron towers and macaron wedding cakes look beautiful as part of an elegant and sophisticated wedding cake table display,” says Suzanne Brady, owner of Cove Cake Design. “By incorporating one or two towers of different heights, perhaps alongside a small cake or some additional sweet treats, the display looks aesthetically interesting and, most importantly, inviting.”

Meet the Expert

Suzanne Brady is the owner of Cove Cake Design, a luxury wedding cake business. 

Think a macaron wedding cake wouldn’t work with your aesthetic? Think again. These bite-sized desserts can be displayed in a huge variety of ways, all while offering different flavors and even handpainted designs. Brady suggests designing a macaron wedding cake to compliment your wedding’s aesthetic by matching your color palette. Or, incorporate fresh blooms to match the rest of your wedding flowers.

But what’s the best way to plan for this type of treat? “If you are serving your macaron tower alongside other items I would suggest one macaron per guest,” says Brady. But if you’re only planning on a standalone tower to make a statement? Brady suggests two macarons per guest.

Think a macaron wedding cake is the perfect fit for your big day? Read on for 28 of our favorite ideas to display this stunning sweet. 

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Keep It Small

Small macaron tower

Photo by Christina Brosnan Photographic; Cake by Cove Cake Design

Planning an intimate wedding? Serving a cake can sometimes be a hassle, but macarons are simple. Put together a small display, but add plenty of beautiful details.

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Opt for Pastels

Pastel macaron wedding cake

Photo by Christy Wilson Photography

Macarons shine in pastel colors, but they look even better when paired with a pastel cake. We love the concept of putting the two together for a charming wedding sweet.

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Pair With Roses

White macaron wedding cake

Courtesy of Maria's Sweet Cakery

Want to put together a romantic display? Roses are sure to do the trick! Adorn a simple, white macaron tower with plenty of pink roses for a feminine touch.

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Create a Cascade

tiered cake with macarons

Photo by Kevyn Dixon Photography; Cake by Celestial Cakery

Macaron wedding cakes can come in so many shapes, sizes, and concepts. If you don’t want to ditch the traditional tiered wedding cake look altogether, consider utilizing macarons to create a beautiful cascade for extra flair!

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Top With Florals

Macaron tower with flowers

Courtesy of Cove Cake Design

A simple macaron tower can certainly stand on its own, but adding fresh blooms will only make it better. Take your design to the next level by pairing pretty flowers from your bouquet or table arrangements.

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Keep Colors Simple

Neutral macaron tower

Photo by

Kimonas Patiniotis Photography
; Cake by Petranart Santorini

Planning a soiree by the sea? Or simply hoping to just keep things simple? Even a macaron tower made up of neutral-colored treats can make a statement.

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Opt for Handpainted Designs

colorful macaron tower

Photo by Moni Lynn Images; Cake by Savor Patisserie

Don’t be afraid to mix things up with a macaron wedding cake. Incorporate multiple bold colors paired with abstract painted designs for a truly unique sweet.

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Be Bold With Gold

Gold macaron cake with flowers

Courtesy of Kimberlys Kupcakes

Ready to truly make a statement with your wedding desserts? Incorporate plenty of gold with both macarons and painted meringues and add colorful flowers to top it all off.

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Add a Ribbon

Macaron tower wedding cake

Photo by We Are // The Clarkes; Cake by Scrumptious Bakes by Emma; Florals by Eden Blooms; Ribbon by Ribbon & Thyme

A macaron wedding cake is as charming as can be, especially in a pastel color palette. But our favorite part of this display? A lovely pink ribbon to tie it all together.

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Pair With a Sign

Macaron tower with acrylic sign

Photo by Emily Roebuck Photography; Cake by The Modern Bakery; Florals and Signage by Lavish Haus Design and Event Co.

Dress up a dainty tower of macarons with simple roses and pair it with a lovely sign. We love the look of this acrylic sign to match the décor, all while sharing each of the delicious flavors offered.

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Decorate for Spring

Simple macaron cake

Courtesy of Posh Little Designs

Because of their charm, macarons are perfect for springtime celebrations. Pair subtle colored macarons with dainty blooms for a garden-party wedding.

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Create Dramatic Contrast

Dramatic macaron wedding cake


It’s hard to imagine putting a two-tiered cake on top of a tower of macarons, but it can be done! Plus, with a bold color palette, this confection definitely commands attention.

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Pair With a Pretty Cake

Macaron wedding cake


A single-tiered cake is sweet on its own, but adding macarons on top will make it that much better. We adore this lovely color palette, tied together with beautiful blooms.

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Mix Multiple Sweets

Wedding sweets tower


Switch up the concept of macaron wedding cakes and incorporate all of your favorite treats. With a single-tier cake for cutting, a tier of macarons, and cupcakes to match, this display has something every guest will love.

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Make It Monochromatic

blue macaron tower


There’s no shame in choosing a single flavor and color of macarons. With a charming blue hue, this tower still makes a statement set amongst lovely floral arrangements.

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Decorate With Romantic Blooms

macaron tower with flowers


Macaron wedding cakes have the ability to be just as decorative as traditional wedding cakes, and this sweet certainly proves that. Displayed on a lovely stand, paired with a gauzy ribbon and fresh flowers, this decorated treat is beaming with romance.

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Go for Glam

gray macaron wedding cake

Courtesy of We The Birds Macarons

Putting together a display of macarons can truly be a creative process. With a glamorous gray and white color palette, and dotted with tiny flowers, this tower is truly show-stopping.

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Opt for Ombre

Ombre macaron tower

Photo by Nora Photography; Design by Janelle Manning

Creating an ombre display is one of the most beautiful options for showcasing these bite-sized desserts. We love this palette of light pink and tan, finished with a camel-colored flower.

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Adorn a Cake

Fall macaron wedding cake


Looking for a whimsical look? Macarons make for the perfect addition to a cake. Use them to decorate each tier, paired with a few florals to tie the look together.

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Display on a Dessert Table

Wedding dessert table


Macarons are the ideal fit for any sweet table. Put together a display full of mini cheesecakes, doughnuts, and candy. Then, create height and interest with a traditional wedding cake and two small macaron towers to match.

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Commission a Masterpiece

handpainted macarons

Photo by Alissa Noelle Photography

This tower is as charming as can be! Check with your baker to see if they can add handpainted designs to your macarons. Flowers? Ferns? Even a monogram? What a beautiful touch!

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Go for Giant

macaron cake

Courtesy of Posh Little Designs

Macarons are typically the perfect bite-sized treat, but they can also be turned into a full-sized sweet. Ask your baker to make a fun, layered look for a unique twist.

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Surround It With Greenery

peach macaron tower

Photo by Amanda and Chad Photography

Part of displaying a macaron tower is creating a stunning setting along the way. We love the idea of surrounding a romantic tower with plenty of greenery for a celebratory spring setup.

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Incorporate Multiple Tiers

Pastel pink and green macaron wedding cake

Courtesy of Baking Chick

If you want to have it all, don’t settle! This incredible display brings together the beauty of a two-tiered cake with plenty of macarons to match.

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Go for Gold Detailing

Pink macaron wedding cake

Courtesy of Cupcakes and Counting

One of the loveliest ways to dress up simple macarons? Incorporate a few splashes of gold detailing for added interest.

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Make a Tall Statement

Macaron wedding cake with gold

Photo by Mallory Sparkles; Cake by Chocolate 2 Chilli

This color palette of light pink, baby blue, and gold is nothing short of stunning, but it’s the height of this confection that truly makes a statement. Build a tall display on top of a pretty cake to really create a wow factor.

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Pair White and Pink

Pink and white macaron tower

Photo by Tiffany Sangster Photography

For a sophisticated wedding, keep the color palette delightfully simple. This display, incorporating white and pink linens, a white cake stand, and plenty of pretty macarons, is so sweet.

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Embrace Plenty of Color

Colorful macaron tower

Photo by Sally T Photography

For those who love color, a macaron wedding cake can be the ideal fit. Incorporate a huge variety of flavors, colors, and designs paired with whimsical blooms for a vibrant display.

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