Love Looks Like This: I'm Getting Married Where I Almost Lost My Life

"I decided if I ever got married, it would be at the top of the mountain."

Jamie MoCrazy love looks like this

Courtesy of Jamie MoCrazy; Art by Tiana Crispino

Brides is committed to guiding ALL couples through not only their wedding planning journey but through relationship milestones and ups and downs. Every love story is beautiful, has its own distinct history, and its own trials—there's no relationship that looks the same. To celebrate that uniqueness, we're asking couples to open up about their love story, for our latest column, "Love Looks Like This." Below, former Olympian skier Jamie MoCrazy tells her story.

If you asked my fiancé, Reggie how we met, he would say “at a bar.” We met through a mutual friend from Westminster College in Salt Lake City. It’s actually an odd coincidence that Reggie and I met in Utah. We are both from Connecticut and even both attended the same college at different times. I went to Reggie’s house on campus multiple times while he was living there, however neither of us remember meeting! After we met, I quickly invited myself to a camping trip Reggie and his roommate were going on for the Fourth of July in 2017. Right away, I knew I wanted to be friends with Reggie. I trusted friends more than having a relationship. I didn’t really know how to have a relationship, so I friend-zoned him immediately.

As a professional skier, I had met many boys who loved the idea of Jamie. However, at that time, I had never found one to keep up with all sides of me: my sports, intellect, and sobbing fests. What followed with Reggie was a year of hiking, mountain biking, skiing, touring, camping trips, and even traveling out of the state together to watch the solar eclipse. One evening, on the closing day of a ski mountain, I asked Reggie if he ever thought about kissing me, he responded with a kiss (and a mouth full of cereal)! After we kissed, since we were already best friends, our relationship quickly transpired.

On April 11th, 2015, I crashed at freestyle skiing world tour finals and my fatality report was written on my flight to the airport. Many people think the biggest challenge recovering from my coma was relearning basic gross motor skills—relearning to walk, talk, swallow water, and ski. Because of the fundamental mindset I had been raised with (thanks mama MoCrazy!), I understood how to push my body beyond its capabilities. My physical recovery was visible, dramatic, and I excelled in that recovery.

What was the most challenging was finding my new identity. Finding new dreams and goals. Truly believing in myself and what I have to offer. Being brave enough to dream again. April 11th was made my "Alive to Thrive Day," which coincidentally is Reggie’s birthday. April 11th, is also the date that Reggie proposed to me on our ski tour at the summit. We had a photographer with us as we ski toured up a mountain peak in Utah. At the top, we posed for a few pictures, then Reggie dropped to his knees and said “Jamie, I will love you forever…” with his split board still on and proposed. I burst into tears. I knew I wanted to become engaged at the top of a mountain and the fact it was actually happening was too much! A few minutes later with my crying and telling Reggie I loved him, he asked with a smile if that meant yes–the words I had not said! 

couple kiss

Courtesy of Jamie MoCrazy

Meeting Reggie and developing a relationship was fortunate because Reggie believes in me. Reggie believes in the power of my nonprofit MoCrazy Strong and that we will positively change millions of lives and TBI protocol. He believes I have more power than I know. The fact Reggie and I support each other to be the best version of ourselves is very powerful. I am most grateful for how strong Reggie and my love and trust is. We are both very ambitious, and always have a million career things to do. We have made a pact to value our relationship as much as any career plan we have. Sometimes we forget how important our relationship is, however we both know we need to value each other for our relationship to last. I’m excited to keep watching our dog Luna get more confident, brave, and happy, and I’m excited to have kids with Reggie. He will be the BEST dad. 

I feel both our life experiences have taught us that everyone is climbing up the mountain of life, and the climb is not always beautiful and fun. Sometimes you walk down paths that lead to dead ends. Sometimes you get caught in metaphorical avalanches, unexpected traumas, and slide to the base of the mountain. You always have the opportunity and the choice to climb alternative peaks or take another path. The secret is to commit to taking the first step.

I have had so many struggles and worked to create MoCrazy Strong to be the nonprofit it is today. I still hear from people about how my story is simple and lucky. They don’t understand how much work went into creating that luck. Same as my relationship with Reggie. I believe he adds to my life. We hardly ever argue and make each other happy. Yet, there was a strategy and many talks from before we even started dating that created our lucky relationship. I feel confident Reggie and my relationship will continue to last because we are both ready to keep climbing alternative peaks and enjoy the views along the way.

Our upcoming wedding will be very symbolic. When I returned to Whistler for my one-year anniversary [of my accident], my sister Jeanee and I decided if I ever got married, it would be at the top of the mountain that almost took my life. At the time, I had never had a boyfriend over three months, and I wasn’t sure I would ever meet someone who actually strengthened my life and I wanted to marry. I never wanted to settle into a relationship, and I don’t think I did ever settle. We fly together. So I met Reggie, a boy who thinks the best thing in life is to be at the top of a mountain on a snowboard, and fell in love with him. Now, we will start the next chapter of life at the top of the mountain that almost ended my life.

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