20 Love Locks Bridges Around the World

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Love locks bridges are a fun display of affection and a sweet symbol of everlasting love. And, there happen to be plenty of locations around the world where you can place a love lock with your sweetheart.

What Is a Love Lock?

A love lock is a padlock couples place on a bridge, fence, statue, or installation to commemorate their indestructible bond. Often the padlocks are engraved with the couple’s name and the date while others go further with ribbons and stickers.

The love lock tradition purportedly dates back to a Serbian World War One romance tale. Its popularity in recent years can, however, be traced to the 2006 best-selling Italian novel-turned-film, Ho Voglia di Te  (“I Want You”) by Federico Moccia. In the book, a couple affixes a love lock to Rome’s Ponte Milvio bridge to declare their love unbreakable. Since then, enamored sweethearts have been doing the same around the world.

Whether in Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, or Curaçao, seal your love with a kiss then lock it to a bridge at one of these romantic locations.

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Most Ljubavi, Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia

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Courtesy of Torben Lonne at Divein.com

Most Ljubavi is the love locks bridge that reportedly started it all over a century ago. After a Serbian couple named Nada and Relja were separated during the First World War, Nada died of a broken heart after Relja fell for another woman. Upon hearing the story, women in Vrnjačka Banja starting inscribing their names and that of their partners on padlocks and sticking them to the railings of the bridge where Nada and Relja used to meet, thus starting a tradition that would last until today. 

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Punda Love Heart, Willemstad, Curaçao

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Courtesy of Curaçao Tourist Board

Curaçao is a dushi (meaning “sweet" in Papiamento) destination, loved by couples all around the world and its colorful capital Willemstad feels like a slice of Europe in the Caribbean. Against the backdrop of the Queen Emma Bridge and the island’s iconic Handelskade Street, couples can lock in their love at the Punda Love Heart installation. Created by Carlos Blaaker in February 2017, this statue in the heart of the city reminds couples to live in the moment and soak up the best of the island.

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Pont des Artes, Paris, France

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Photo by Richard Cohen on Unsplash

Indisputably the most famous love locks bridge, Pont des Arts draws in lovers from far and wide. Its sheer popularity and thousands of locks caused the bridge to buckle under the pressure resulting in a ban on locks being placed altogether. You might not be able to add yours, but the pedestrian-only Pont des Arts Bridge over the River Seine is still a scenic spot for a stroll.

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Father Bernatek Footbridge, Krakow, Poland

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Courtesy of Polish Foodies

The Father Bernatek Footbridge (Kładka Bernatka) in Krakow links the districts of Kazimierz and Podgórze and is one of the most famous lovers bridges in Poland. According to the legend, if you and your partner hang a padlock on this bridge and throw the key into the Wisła River, your lover’s flame will never die out.

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St. Maarten Causeway Bridge, Phillipsburg, Sint Maarten

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Courtesy of St. Maarten Tourism Bureau

The Dutch Caribbean territory of Sint Maarten has its own “love zone” right on the St. Maarten Causeway Bridge, where three giant heart-shaped installations are covered with locks adoringly placed by tourists and locals alike. Spanning the full width of the Simpson Bay Lagoon, couples enjoy a lovely stroll over one of the island's many serene lagoons before placing their locks.

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Magere Brug, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Courtesy of Renate van Dijk

Magere Brug goes by many names including Kerkstraatbrug (its original moniker), “the skinny bridge,” and “the kissing bridge”.  At night, the ever-romantic drawbridge is lit by 1,200 lamps, and it is believed that sealing your love with a kiss while sailing underneath guarantees a never-ending partnership. With this historic love connection, it’s clear why this became Amsterdam’s most popular bridge for interlocked lovers.

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Napa Valley Wine Train Love Lock Bridge, Napa, California

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Courtesy of Downtown Napa

Napa is one of the world’s most romantic destinations. In downtown Napa, there is a small pedestrian love locks bridge connecting the Napa Valley Wine Train station and the boarding platform where couples can declare their commitment. Your lock will be in good company, too; there’s a commemorative padlock in honor of The Big Bang Theory’s Amy and Sheldon’s kiss on the famous Napa train.

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Makartsteg Bridge, Salzburg, Austria

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Marketsteg Bridge in Salzburg is so synonymous with couples that it’s called the “Love Locks Bridge.” Crossing the Salzach River, it was built in 2001 and named after the Austrian painter Hans Makart. It’s as romantic a backdrop as any to profess your unending love with panoramic views of the city including the Cathedral and the hillside Hohensalzburg Fortress and it’s a stone’s throw from Mozart’s old residence.

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Mount Huangshan, China

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There are many stories about how Mount Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) came to be China’s most romantic mountain and home to a sizeable collection of love locks. One tale involves doomed forbidden lovers while others claim a connection to Yue-Lao, a patron saint of love in Chinese folklore. Climbing Mount Huangshan promises glimpses of ancient pine trees, dramatic scenery, and a chance to place a lover’s padlock onto the fences and throw the key into the limitless valley below.

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N Seoul Tower, Seoul, South Korea

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Photo by Josip I. on Unsplash

The railings at Seoul’s iconic N Seoul Tower are burgeoning with locks (engraved and otherwise) from couples dreaming of enduring love. There are even artificial love trees set up for additional locks and a special container for all the keys. Good luck finding yours, though.

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Butcher’s Bridge, Ljubjana, Slovenia

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Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

The name might not instantly conjure images of serenity and affection, but Ljubjana’s Butcher’s Bridge over the Ljubljanica River is the go-to destination for lovers to place locks in Slovenia’s capital. The irony continues with the eerie statues of deformed creatures, a disemboweled Prometheus, and a shamed Adam and Eve having been banished from paradise.

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The Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne, Germany

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The city of Cologne is known for its Romanesque churches, being the place where eau de Cologne was invented, and for the Hohenzollern Bridge (Hohenzollerbrücke). Crossing the River Rhine, the bridge is decorated with countless padlocks that prove that love is alive and well.

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Luzhkov Bridge, Moscow, Russia

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Moscow’s Luzhkov Bridge is actually a padlock tree park where one can expect to see a sea of locks (many are red) and even couples in their wedding attire. Luzhkov Bridge spans the Moscow River and is conveniently close to the Kremlin and Red Square, Moscow’s most notable landmarks.

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Čertovka Pedestran Bridge, Kampa, Prague, Czech Republic

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Courtesy of Matej Halouska

Affectionately called “Prague Venice,” the area around Čertovka is a popular tourist spot. Couples love to leave locks on the Čertovka pedestrian bridge which is on the main walking route between the famous Charles Bridge and Lennon Wall at Lesser Town.

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Augusta Love Lock Bridge, Augusta, Georgia

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Courtesy of Augusta Convention & Visitors Bureau

Promise everlasting love at the Love Lock Bridge in the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area (one of only three national heritage areas in Georgia). From lions to camels, take pleasure in spotting the unique locks lovingly signed and fastened to the bridge – and then add yours.

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Staalmeesterbrug, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Courtesy of Dymphe

Amsterdam’s Staalmeesterbrug in the historic center boasts a spectacular view of the Zuiderkerk (the South Church of Amsterdam). This view has been painted by several famous artists including French impressionist Claude Monet of Water Lilies fame. It’s on the bridge’s guy wires that couples lay their symbolic padlocks.

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Niagara Falls Love Locks Bridge, Ontario, Canada

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Courtesy of Michelle Moyer

From time immemorial, Niagara Falls has welcomed those in search of romance; it’s the seventh most popular landmark in the world to propose. Many are none the wiser that there’s a love locks bridge located behind the Embassy Suites hotel, which conveniently also sells locks.

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Schenley Park Bridge, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Courtesy of Jin Wu at Visit Pittsburgh

Popular with University of Pittsburgh students, colorful padlocks started appearing on the Schenley Park Bridge in the early 2000s. The bridge connects Schenley Plaza and Schenley Park in the beating heart of Oakland.

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Wedding Lock Bridge, Riga, Latvia

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Courtesy of The Boutique Adventurer

Overlooking Riga’s Freedom Monument in Bastejkalns Park is a small pedestrian bridge that crosses over the city canal. It’s called Padlock Bridge or the Wedding Lock Bridge and tradition dictates that hopeful couples should place locks there on their wedding day just after getting married in order to immortalize their love.

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Love Locks Sculptures, Loveland, Colorado

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Courtesy of Visit Loveland

With a name like Loveland, the nation’s sweetheart city unsurprisingly has various love locks sculptures dotted around. When each sculpture gets filled, new ones are added, so your padlock will never be removed and your love truly can last forever.

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