How to Celebrate Your Anniversary in a Long-Distance Relationship

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It would seem that in recent years long-distance relationships are becoming the rule, not the exception. Technology gives would-be lovers an easy assist to find each other, and geography precludes nothing. But, long-distance relationships can be tough even on a good day—especially when it comes to celebrating anniversaries and other relationship milestones.

If you can’t be with the one you love for your special day, there are plenty of great long-distance anniversary ideas you can try. While you may not be in the same room, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time and celebrate your love in a meaningful way. Just remember that long-distance anniversary celebrations are not impossible, they just require a bit more creativity and advanced planning. When you’re separated from your significant other, it’s only natural to miss them. When you finally spend time with your sweetheart, either on the phone or video chat, bring your focus and be in the moment with them. Don’t spend your time lamenting that you’re not together. Keep it light, keep it positive, and enjoy the precious little time you have together.  

So, whether your long-distance relationship is the result of your partner living on the other side of the world, military service, or quarantine, here are a few great long-distance anniversary ideas.

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Dinner With a Long-Distance Twist


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Food has a long history of being associated with comfort and love, so when you and your sweetheart are separated by time and space, think about sending them a delicious meal. While the number one way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, we'd venture to guess that taking dishes and meal prep out of the equation runs a close second. To take this idea to the next level, order a dinner for yourself and eat your meal together. When your appointed meeting time rolls around, fire up Zoom, Facetime, Skype, or Google and enjoy the evening as if you are physically together. 

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Have Virtual Drinks

If dinner is too much of a spend, opt for drinks instead. You and your love should make arrangements to “meet for drinks”—take the conversation online and enjoy the company. You may not be able to sit on the couch next to your S.O., but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast anyway.

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Netflix and Chill

Much like a virtual dinner date, “Netflix and Chill” is another oldy but goody. Log in to a video call and instead of dinner and drinks, grab the popcorn and candy. You may want to decide on your movie ahead of time. Oh, and don’t forget to hit play at the same time! 

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Write a Good Old-Fashioned Love Letter

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While the world has moved on to doing everything lightning fast, it’s still nice to receive personal letters and cards in the mail from time to time. So when you’re looking for great long-distance anniversary ideas, try an old-fashioned love letter. In your letter, tell your partner why you love them, share your favorite memory with them, your plans for the future, and some of the thoughts that cross your mind when you’re not together. In comparison to an email or text, love letters are more intentional; no doubt this one will make them feel incredibly special.  

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Create "Open When" Letters

If you like the idea of writing letters, you could kick things up a notch by writing “open when” letters to your beloved. While these letters will require a bit of advanced planning, your S.O. will be overwhelmed by such an outpouring of love. Just as it sounds, you’ll write special notes or short letters, seal them in separate envelopes and label them appropriately. Your sweetheart can only open the letters based on the title like, "Open when it’s our anniversary;" "Open when you’re feeling lonely;" or "Open when you want a laugh."

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Wear Bond Touch Bracelets

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When the miles separate you and your love, technology once again steps in to bridge the gap. These Bond Touch Bracelets are an excellent way to keep you and your S.O. on the same wavelength—literally. Just touch your bracelet whenever you’re thinking of your sweetheart and theirs will light up and vibrate. How’s that for connectivity? 

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Record a Video Message

When it comes to long-distance anniversary ideas, a recorded video message will always hit the mark. This one is as easy as it sounds: just turn on your camera and hit record. Tell your partner how much you miss them and how much you love them. Plus, this is an anniversary gift that lasts for they can see your smiling face and hear your lovely voice whenever the mood strikes. 

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Play a Game

Whether near or far, game night is always a great idea. Nothing like a little friendly competition and smack talk to remind you why you love someone, right? Albeit played virtually, consider classics like Cards Against Humanity, Yahtzee, Boggle, and Pictionary.

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Send a Care Package

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When you can’t be together, nothing says “I love you” like a care package filled with your S.O.’s favorite everyday things. Be sure to include the toiletries and accessories she or he uses daily, and don’t forget that little trinket they were eyeing but never got around to buying for themselves. 

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Engage In Deeper Discussions

When there’s nothing to really do but talk, your long-distance anniversary celebration could be used to, well, talk! With the help of some thought-provoking questions, this may be a good opportunity to hear your partner’s opinions on heavier matters and deepen your relationship. For a few great conversation starters, try Gottman Card Decks App or The Ultimate Game For Couples.

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