Lizzo Helped a Fan Propose to His Boyfriend During Her Glasgow Concert

With Lizzo’s help, a fan FaceTimed his partner and popped the question during the performance.


Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

When Lizzo took the stage at her sold-out concert in Glasgow, Scotland, on March 8, 2023, fans expected a show filled with the Grammy Award-winning artist’s catchy hits. What they likely didn't expect to see at the OVO Hydro arena, however, was Lizzo taking part in a concert-goer's proposal. During the “About Damn Time” singer’s production, she helped Grant, a fan in the crowd, propose to his boyfriend, Ryan, who tuned into the show via FaceTime, The Independent reports. After the musician had finished performing one of her tracks, she spotted a message on someone’s phone in the stadium that read, “Ask my brother’s boyfriend to marry him.” Lizzo was handed another phone, where Ryan appeared on the screen through FaceTime. Ryan expressed to the artist that the show had been “amazing” so far, and Lizzo responded by calling him “the chillest person in the world.”

After exchanging a few remarks, Lizzo told Ryan that his boyfriend, Grant, had a question for him. She handed the microphone to Grant who said, “Ryan, for the purposes that Lizzo is in front of us, will you marry me?” While the audience cheered, Lizzo couldn’t wait to hear the answer. “What do you say?” she asked. Ryan, who appeared to be speechless, gave a nod. The stadium erupted into applause and shouts, but Lizzo said she needed verbal confirmation. Since it was too loud in the arena to hear Ryan’s response, Lizzo declared him “too stunned to speak.” The “Truth Hurts” singer shared her congratulations and returned the phone to Grant, who was crying tears of joy.

Many fans in the audience recorded the moment and posted the video on social media. One concert attendee, Laura Boyd, who is an entertainment reporter for STV News and What’s on Scotland, uploaded a snippet of the proposal along with the caption, “Waaaah congratulations Grant! The most amazing moment with @lizzo helping him get engaged live @OVOHydro.” A friend of the newly engaged couple’s who also attended the show took to social media to document the proposal. “When you get Lizzo to help you with your proposal!” the fan exclaimed. “Congratulations Grant and Ryan.” Another concertgoer shared, “A marriage proposal at Lizzo’s concert was not on my bingo card but I’m so here for it. Congrats to Ryan and Grant wherever they may be.”

This isn’t the first time a celebrity has stopped their concert to facilitate a proposal. Last month, Harry Styles performed in Brisbane for his “Love on Tour,” and the “Watermelon Sugar” singer helped a man named Stevan Filiposki ask his girlfriend, Connie Morrison, to take his hand in marriage, according to Daily Mail. The couple told Sunrise that they held up a sign to get the musician’s attention. Styles pushed pause on his performance to tell fans, “Stevan sounds like the nicest guy ever. This sign says, ‘Make my boyfriend propose.’ How do you feel, Stevan?” He then handed the microphone over to Filiposki, who said, “I just want to say how good Harry Styles is, but there’s somebody I love more. Will you marry me?” After Filiposki popped the question, Styles dedicated “Cinema” to the two of them.

TikTok user @hhhaannaahh.h posted a video of the proposal on the streaming site, which has since gone viral. The clip has 1.7 million views, 273,8000 likes, 1,410 comments, and 3,940 shares. Many other users infiltrated the comments section and shared uplifting words. The top comment says, “He had a ring and everything!! How wonderful that this was filmed for them.” Others were moved that Styles played such a big role in the life-changing moment. “The fact that he read off a phone sign…Anything is possible,” another user wrote. Many commented on the security guards’ reaction, who was front and center throughout the video. “Security guys best shift ever,” someone said. “He even got paid to see that.”

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