Lin-Manuel Miranda and Vanessa Nadal's Relationship Timeline

The two have known each other since high school.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Vanessa Nadal at 2022 Met Gala

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Lin-Manuel Miranda and Vanessa Nadal have one of the sweetest and most low-key marriages in Hollywood, and it's hard not to feel invested in their love story. The couple met back in high school but didn't start dating until a few years later. Today, they are the proud parents of two young sons and have their own successful careers. We all know Lin-Manuel as the actor and singer-songwriter behind hits like Hamilton and Disney's Encanto, and his wife's work is just as impressive: she is an MIT grad, chemical engineer, attorney, and adjunct professor, and, among other things, has worked to bring transparency into the beauty world.

This powerhouse couple makes marriage look easy. Here's a look at the details of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Vanessa Nadal's relationship.

  • After meeting in high school, Lin-Manuel and Vanessa started dating in 2005.
  • They got married in 2010.
  • They have two sons, one born in 2014 and one born in 2018.
  • In 2020, they celebrated 10 years of marriage together.

The 1990s: First Meeting

Lin-Manuel and Vanessa first met sometime in the 1990s, when they both attended Hunter College High School in New York City. It may have been the very beginning of their love story, but the two actually never even spoke while in school. Lin-Manuel later told the New York Times that he had a crush on Vanessa, but was too shy to talk to her. "She was gorgeous and I'm famously bad at talking to women I find attractive," he said. "I have a total lack of game."

2005: Facebook Reunion

It took a few more years before the couple would start talking. According to the New York Times, Lin-Manuel came across Vanessa's Facebook profile in 2005 when catching up with some Hunter graduates. He invited her to his next Freestyle Love Supreme show (a popular hip-hop improv troupe), and she went. "It was a huge group so he didn't talk to me the whole night," Vanessa said. "I didn't think he was interested in me." Lin-Manuel said that he was so shy, he had a friend get her phone number for him.

A few weeks later, Lin-Manuel invited Vanessa to another show, and she remembered being impressed by how smart and talented he was on stage. Afterward, they went out with friends and Lin-Manuel loved how she fit in. "She knows she's dope," he said. "She's beautiful but not vain. She's smart but not arrogant. It's like, all killer, no filler." He invited her back to his house, and from that moment on, they were a couple. Only two months later, they exchanged "I love yous."

"He gets me in a way that no one else does," Vanessa said. "I’m a scientist at heart. I try very hard not to let my emotions cloud my judgments and he’ll see through that and see what I’m really feeling."

October 2009: Engagement

After about four years of dating, the couple got engaged while in Madrid. In 2017, Lin-Manuel tweeted a throwback photo of the night he proposed, which showed Vanessa covering his face with her hand (engagement ring included). In the caption, he wrote, "The missus & I got engaged in Madrid the day before Halloween 2009, I took this on Photobooth while she called her parents."

September 5, 2010: Fairytale Wedding

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After a year-long engagement, Lin-Manuel and Vanessa got married at the Belvedere Mansion in Staatsburg, New York. Vanessa wore an Oscar de la Renta strapless ballgown, a chorus of Broadway singers sang during the ceremony, and the reception featured a 22-piece orchestra. Lin-Manuel surprised Vanessa with a musical production of "To Life" from Fiddler on the Roof, which he dedicated to her.

He later shared a video of the performance on YouTube and wrote, "All of Vanessa's close friends and family rehearsed for a month in secret, leading up to the reception. What we lack in polish, we hopefully make up for in joy and love. In any event, everyone in this video has one thing in common: We'd do anything to show Vanessa how much we love her."

November 2014: They Welcomed Their First Son

In early November, Lin-Manuel and Vanessa welcomed their first child into the world: a son named Sebastian Miranda. In a tweet that featured a photo of the baby, Lin-Manuel wrote, "[The screams reach a frenzied pitch. SEBASTIAN MIRANDA enters. He is 7 pounds 10 ounces.] End Of Act One."

June 2016: Public Thanks

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Vanessa Nadal at 70th Annual Tony Awards red carpet

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Lin-Manuel won Best Original Score for Hamilton at the 2016 Tony Awards and famously rapped his acceptance speech. He started out with some public gratitude for Vanessa, singing, "My wife’s the reason anything gets done. She nudges me towards promise by degrees. She is a perfect symphony of one. Our son is her most beautiful reprise."

May 2017: Inked

In the spring of 2017, Lin-Manuel showed off his love for his wife in a new way: with a tattoo. He posted a photo on Twitter that showed his new ink, a small letter "V" on his ring finger. He wrote, "In other news, I got a permanent parking spot for V over the weekend."

February 2018: Second Child Is Born

In December 2017, fans noticed that Vanessa seemed to be sporting a baby bump when the two walked the red carpet at the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards. When Lin-Manuel was asked if she was expecting, he replied, "Oh hell yeah."

Two months later, their second son, Francisco Miranda, was born. In keeping with tradition, Lin-Manuel tweeted a photo of his newborn son and wrote, "Int. Hospital Room. Night. [The screams reach a delirious crescendo. FRANCISCO MIRANDA enters. He is 7 pounds and 13 ounces.] Intermission."

September 5, 2020: 10-Year Anniversary

In September 2020, Lin-Manuel and Vanessa celebrated a milestone together: 10 years of being married. In a tweet, Vanessa wrote, "Happy 10 year wedding anniversary (almost 15 total!) to my one and only @Lin_Manuel. I love you more and in new and different ways with every moment and milestone, good or bad."

Lin-Manuel tweeted his own message, saying, "Happy 10th anniversary, @VAMNit. Every day with you is the best day."

March 2022: Skipping the Oscars

In 2022, Lin-Manuel was nominated for Best Original Song for Encanto's "Dos Oruguitas." Unfortunately, he had to skip out on the ceremony when Vanessa caught COVID. Lin-Manuel shared the news on Twitter, writing, "Made it to Hollywood ... This weekend, my wife tested [positive] for COVID. She's doing fine. Kids & I have tested [negative], but out of caution, I won't be going to the Oscars tomorrow night."

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