Lil Nas X Crashed a Wedding in Disney World

I'm gonna take my horse to...Main Street U.S.A.?

lil nas x

Getty Images

We've seen our fair share of celebrity wedding crashers over the years (remember The "Rock" and Danny Devito in Mexico?), but what you're about to read definitely takes the cake. Rapper Lil Nas X, known for his hit song "Old Town Road," surprised guests at a Disney World wedding over the weekend and the video is pure gold.

The 20-year-old rapper shared the moment on Twitter, tweeting, "Just crashed a wedding in disney world." The video shows Lil Nas X dressed in an all-white sweatsuit and matching cowboy hat escorting the bride into the reception venue. Of course, his popular song "Old Town Road," which scored Lil Nas X two Grammys this year, was blaring in the background upon his grand entrance.

When the bride and Lil Nas X hit the dancefloor, guests couldn't believe what was going on. One woman even turned to the camera to express her disbelief as everyone in the room got up to party with the unexpected visitor.

Getting married at Disney World is already magical, but getting a surprise visit from a Grammy award-winning artist? Nothing could top that. These newlyweds, however, now rest on a shortlist of couples who were lucky enough to see an A-lister on their wedding day. In 2016, Justin Timberlake photobombed a New Hampshire couple while taking wedding photos and in 2018, Adam Sandler joined a wedding party in Montreal.

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