24 Lemon-Themed Bridal Shower Ideas Perfect for Your Celebration

A lemon-centric event is bound to be fun and colorful.

lemon tarts

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Planning a bridal shower? Once you have an idea of the date, location, and guest list, you'll want to focus your attention on choosing a theme. Bridal shower themes can be as unique as the woman they're thrown in honor of—summer pool parties, elegant tea parties, luau-themed events, and wine tasting luncheons are just some of the many options. Ultimately, the theme will be dictated by the person planning the shower and the bride-to-be's own preferences.

If you’re searching for a theme that is sure to delight both the bride and her guests, you can't go wrong with a lemon-themed event. This aesthetic can be interpreted in so many gorgeous ways, and it's an especially appropriate bridal shower theme during the warm-weather months. And whether you want to subtly nod at the theme with a punchy yellow color palette and a festive signature drink or go all-out by including lemons in the food, drinks, and décor, there are so many clever ways to make this citrus fruit part of the celebration.

Here, we're sharing 24 of our favorite ideas for a lemon-themed bridal shower the bride-to-be will love.

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Serve Lemonade With Edible Flowers

Tall Glasses of Lemonade with Fresh Flowers

Photo by Betsi Ewing

No lemon-themed bridal shower would be complete without freshly-squeezed lemonade. Whether you choose to turn it into the event's signature cocktail or serve it as is, consider upgrading each glass with colorful edible flowers—it's an easy way

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Make Lemon Centerpieces

lemon and flower centerpiece

Photo by koby brown

Flowers are must-haves on your bridal shower tables, but that doesn't mean you can't work lemons into your floral displays, too. Spruce up your floral centerpieces with lemons and even fresh herbs for a lovely, full look.

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Use Lemons as Place Cards

lemon place card

photo by Bottega 53

If you're planning a sit-down lunch or brunch, look to lemons to help set the table. Use a pin to attach pieces of paper with each attendee's name to lemons as a clever place card option.

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Dress Up a Brunch Table

wedding table setting

Photo by Dear Lovers

Planning a sit-down bridal shower brunch? Add a burst of punchy color to each place setting by including a lemon at each seat. When paired with blue glassware and plates, lemons help create the loveliest color palette and tablescape for an outdoor event.

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Adorn Tables With Vibrant Centerpieces

bright yellow and orange flower arrangement

photo by Bottega 53

It's important to remember that planning a lemon-themed bridal shower doesn't mean you have to use actual lemons in each part of the celebration. Let these bold citrus fruits inspire the color palette by choosing vibrant yellow flowers for centerpieces, then pair them with pretty orange hues to round out the look.

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Serve Lemon Shortbread

shortbread cookie with flower


Who doesn't look forward to indulging in sweet treats at a bridal shower? Shortbread cookies are the perfect light bite to serve after a meal, and we love that these simple treats can be lightly flavored with lemon to hint at your theme. Adorned with edible flowers, they're bound to be an absolutely irresistible offering.

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Put an Aperol Spritz on the Menu

aperol spritz cocktails

photo by Bottega 53

While a traditional Aperol Spritz is flavored with orange, there's no reason why you can't put your own twist on it for a bridal shower. Keep guests cool by serving up these pretty sips to match the vibrant color palette of a lemon-themed shower, and feel free to include a slice of lemon in each glass.

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Set Your Tables With Lemon-Themed Menus

table setting with lemon napkin

Photo by Cassandra Castaneda

It's all about the details! Theme the bridal shower's paper goods to match the event's overall aesthetic—it's a simple way to make your event feel that much more cohesive and elevated. For a formal lunch, menus featuring a lemon design tie everything together.

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Serve a Lemon Cake

lemon wedding cake

Photo by josh & dana fernandez

It's not a party without cake! Choose a lemon-flavored cake with classic vanilla buttercream for your thematic event. You can even ask your baker to decorate the cake with a drizzle of fresh lemon curd and to finish the confection with lemon slices and greenery.

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Decorate With Lemon Trees

lemon tree in a pot

Photo by Cassandra Castaneda

A lemon-themed bridal shower offers the option for simple, natural décor. Bring potted lemon trees into the space to instantly fit the theme. We love that they can be planted later to commemorate the occasion.

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Open a Lemonade Stand

lemonade stand

Photo by chi chi ari

Interactive stations are extremely popular at weddings, so why not bring one in for the bridal shower? Hire a vendor to serve frozen lemonade, straight from a cart, for shower guests. Set it up at the end of the celebration so guests can grab their frozen treats as a favor on the way out.

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Choose Yellow Cupcakes

yellow floral cupcakes

Courtesy of sugar and frost

If the bride-to-be doesn't love the taste of lemon, get inspired by the colors instead. Cupcakes decorated with sunny yellow frosting still hint at the theme without bringing in the tangy flavor.

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Create a Lounge

wedding picnic set up

Photo by david bastianoni

Create a lounge area where guests can sit back and relax at your outdoor event. A sunny yellow umbrella will keep guests cool while still fitting with your day's overall lemon theme.

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Give Out Limoncello

mini limoncello favors

Photo by Hanri Human

Limoncello is a liqueur made from vodka and lemons, and we think it serves as the perfect bridal shower favor. Put together little bottles with a sweet note to thank each guest for attending.

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Use Yellow Candles

yellow table candles on a reception table

Photo by jose villa

If you plan to incorporate candles on a table, stick to a lemon-themed color palette. Choose vibrant yellow taper candles or large yellow pillar candles for a bold pop of color.

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Create Centerpieces With Lemons

lemon table decor

Photo by Hanri Human

The easiest way to set up a table for a lemon-themed shower? Add real lemons! Line a lunch or brunch table with plenty of fresh lemons and green leaves for a simple, decorative touch.

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Serve Cucumber-Lemon Water

cucumber lemon water in a dispenser

Photo by Amber Gress

Everyone loves fruit-infused water, and there's nothing more refreshing than cucumber-lemon water on a hot day. Set up an infused water dispenser where shower guests can serve themselves. The display will look great, tie in with your theme, and keep everyone hydrated between flutes of Champagne.

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Theme a Gift Bag

lemon themed wedding welcome bags


If you're planning a bridal shower with a smaller group of attendees, there's nothing more throughout than sending everyone home with a lovely, curated gift bag. Create bags or baskets for each guest and include lemon-themed items to enjoy after the bridal shower is over.

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Pair Lemons and Fresh Herbs

fresh potted herbs and lemons on a table


Lemon and fresh herbs work so well together in food, but they are also a beautiful match when it comes to table décor. Display whole lemons next to lemon thyme and rosemary for unique centerpieces.

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Serve a Fresh Salad

Arugula salad on a table

Photo by karen hill

If you're planning to serve lunch at the bridal shower, choose fresh, flavorful food. An arugula salad with a lovely lemon vinaigrette will fit the theme while also appealing to guests.

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Theme the Invitations

lemon themed invitations


In the event that you want guests to dress for the theme or bring gifts that fit the aesthetic, it's important to spell it all out on the invites. Choose bridal shower invitations with a stunning lemon-themed illustration to set the tone.

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Enjoy Lemon Tarts

lemon tarts

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

Want to serve a light, refreshing treat in addition to bridal shower cake? Look to lemon tarts. These dainty desserts are sure to impress with their pretty yellow hue. Serve them on a platter with fresh herbs to dress them up even further.

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Decorate With Citrus

citrus table decor

Photo by Jenn Emerling

If you don't love an all-yellow color palette, incorporate other colors in the mix. Utilize Earth tones, such as terra-cotta and green, and pair lemons with other fruits, such as kiwi and dragon fruit, to add other pops of color.

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Offer Lemon Gelato

woman scooping gelato from a cart

photo by lisa poggi

Planning a warm-weather shower? Serve gelato! Dish up lemon gelato or set up a station for guests to scoop their own. It's sure to serve as the ideal way to cool down on a hot day.

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