13 Beautiful Wedding Cakes Decorated with Lavender

Showcase this summer bloom in the sweetest way possible.

A lavender wedding cake with fresh lavender herbs and lavender cookies.

Photo by Emma Mullins Photography

Lavender is one of the most fragrant stars of summer. Typically blooming from mid-June through August, it’s a stunning, aromatic plant with thin green stems and vibrant purple blossoms. If you’re planning a late spring, summer, or even early fall wedding, lavender is a beautiful addition to bouquets, centerpieces, cocktails, and more. It's also the ideal bloom to add to your wedding cake design.

Not only is lavender edible, but it will also add a lovely pop of color and interesting texture to any look. Whether you choose to add just a few sprigs or theme your cake around this plant entirely, it’s the perfect fit for multiple wedding aesthetics, from rustic or boho to elegant or vintage.

Ahead, find 13 beautiful lavender wedding cake ideas to inspire your own.

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Use Pressed Blooms

wedding cake with pressed flowers

Photo by Carrie Patterson; Cake by Lady in the Wild West

Nothing says outdoor summer weddings quite like a multi-tiered sweet with plenty of flowers. This white wedding cake provided the perfect backdrop to make pressed florals shine. Sprigs of lavender popped amongst other blooms and dried grasses.

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Embrace Pastel Hues

small pink cake with lavender


Pair the purple hue of dried lavender with another sweet color. We love this charming display featuring a pastel pink cake with a lavender topper, plus a variety of cupcakes to round out a beautiful dessert spread.

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Paint a Garden Scene

wedding cake with painted lavender

Courtesy of Soul Cake

This fine art-inspired cake design is truly a masterpiece. Elegance meets garden vibes, with handpainted buttercream lavender plants in multiple hues. Not to mention, just a touch of shimmer to complete this stylish look.

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Pair With Plenty of Greenery

wedding cake with greenery and lavender

Photo by Meg Perotti

A classic white wedding cake is the ideal fit for any theme, especially when it's dressed up with plenty of lovely greenery. Tie the look into the season with a summer touch of lavender.

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Tell a Romantic Story

tall wedding cake with lavender on one tier

Photo by Sanaz Photography; cake by Sweet Novelette

Multiple tiers on a cake offer plenty of opportunities for storytelling. This tall cake was on display at a romantic garden-inspired wedding, and it fit the theme perfectly. Each tier told a story, with the gorgeous addition of painted lavender on the middle tier creating a beautiful focal point.

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Choose a Single-Tier

single tiered cake with fresh lavender

Photo by Emily Melissa Photo

Create a bold look, but stick to a small cake. A single-tier cake is an ideal size for a micro wedding or elopement, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring! This small sweet was dressed up with fresh sprigs of lavender and other textured blooms for a whimsical look.

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Commission a Masterpiece

wedding cake with painted flowers

PHOTO BY Sasithon Photography; CAKE BY By The Way Bakery  

Combine light and bright with a touch of garden romance for your cake design. This three-tiered wedding cake mimicked the same floral illustration on the couple's invitations. Sprawling sprigs of greenery, lavender, and a few colorful blooms were handpainted with buttercream for a darling look.

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Create a Focal Point

wedding cake with olive leaves and lavender

Photo by Lilli Kad; Planning and design by The Event Company

Immediately embrace a European vibe with the combination of lavender and olive branches. We love the way this cake design featured a focal point on the center tier, created by a border of fresh and fragrant lavender.

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Choose a Naked Cake

naked wedding cake with pressed flowers

Courtesy of Blushing Cook

A naked cake is made by stacking layers of cake and frosting, without frosting the outside. And while it's certainly possible to leave the exterior plain, you might also consider dressing it up with pressed blooms. Add sprigs of lavender to the mix, paired with poppies or sunflowers, or simply use plenty of lavender all on its own.

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Go for Savory

wedding cheesecake with lavender


Looking for a wedding cake alternative? Cheese lovers are using wheels of their favorites to create stunning cakes. And because the flavors of lavender and rosemary pair so well with savory cheeses, they're the perfect additions for dressing up this type of cake!

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Keep It Simple

wedding cake with lavender and greenery

Photo by One Love Photography

Planning an outdoor wedding? Stick with a traditional three-tiered white wedding cake, but add just a few simple additions to spruce it up. This cake combined sprigs of lavender, rosemary, and just a touch of other greenery to complete the look.

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Embrace Watercolor

tall wedding cake with sprawling lavender

Photo by Wilde Company

Work with your baker to create a gorgeous, garden-inspired scene. This cake featured multiple tiers of watercolor painting, plus buttercream detailing. The design made it look like fresh lavender was growing out of the cake.

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Go Bold

wedding cake with sprigs of lavender

Photo by Emma Mullins Photography

Use lavender to make a statement! This stunning two-tiered sweet featured a touch of textured buttercream in a lavender hue, plus a collection of bold sprigs to command attention.

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