Lauren Thomann

Lauren Thomann

Lives In

Buffalo, New York


  • University at Buffalo


  • Antique Jewelry


Lauren's penchant for antiques shaped her career buying and selling antique jewelry. Along with loving old things with a story, Lauren has a knack for crafting. She makes jewelry using reclaimed pieces and enjoys painting and other creative endeavors. Currently, she is renovating a 1916 bungalow and is tackling many home-related DIY projects. Lauren launched Heirlooms at Home as an extension of Ageless Heirlooms in 2018. 


Lauren earned a dual Bachelor's degree in English and linguistics from the University at Buffalo in 2007.

Lauren is also self-taught and taught through many apprentice-like relationships. Similarly, she completed several diamond and gemstone courses at the Gemological Institute of America in NYC.

To Lauren, learning is a never-ending process. She further develops her skills through various workshops, online courses, and reading. She enjoys a challenge and finding new ways to express herself through the written word.

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