Lauren Hashian Dedicates Her New Music Video to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and COVID Couples

It's compiled of real footage from quarantine proposals, weddings and more.

dwayne johnson and lauren hashian

Jon Brandon Cruz, Liam Underwood

After singer Lauren Hashian released the love song she wrote for husband Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on their first wedding anniversary in August, we couldn't turn the track off repeat (that is still the case!). But now we're obsessed with "Step Into A Love Like This" for another reason: the music video!

The 7-minute video, which debuted today, Oct. 9, is a montage of emotional, fan-submitted proposal and wedding moments from quarantine. Think adorable at-home engagement moments, tear-jerking vow exchanges, and more—all of which prove that not even 2020 could cancel love.

"After releasing 'Step Into a Love Like This' and sharing our wedding video with the world, Dwayne and I received a lot of messages from people who had their own wedding plans derailed," revealed Hashian in a press release. "This year has presented so many hurdles so we wanted to do something to honor these couples. What it turned into way more than we ever expected. It became a celebration of love from all over the entire world, honoring all kinds of people, families, and couples."

She continued, "It has been one of the most touching, special experiences we’ve ever had to watch hundreds of people’s most intimate, emotional and heartfelt weddings, engagements, and vows to one another! You can feel the love and we felt very connected to each person who sent their moments in. The hope is that everyone watching feels that love too. What I learned from this whole incredible experience is that loving somebody is a true privilege, as is to be loved by someone. And no matter what is happening in the world, love is like a transformative superpower, and it will always make the ride here worthwhile."

While Hashian didn't make the track public until this summer, she first shared the song with husband John on their August 18, 2019 wedding. In fact, "Step Into A Love Like This" was a wedding gift to Johnson and she surprised him with a performance during their secret Hawaiian wedding.

"This has been the most personal and rewarding song I’ve ever written," revealed Hashian on Instagram. "Personal because every word is from the heart, and rewarding because one year ago today on our wedding day August 18, 2019, I was able to share this song with my man I now call my husband in front of our little girls and our family & friends."

The Rock also shared news of the song, along with intimate footage from their wedding day, in a heartfelt anniversary post on Instagram. "One year ago today, on August 18, 2019 - I had the honor of marrying @laurenhashianofficial. Later that night she surprised me with this beautiful song, “Step Into A Love Like This” that she wrote and sang herself in honor of our marriage," he said, adding, "From the moment I heard the song’s opening line, of '...every angel in heaven is singing for us today...' as a tribute to our loved ones who’ve passed away and no longer with us - I got very emotional. As I still get emotional today when I hear those words and watch this wedding footage."

The wedding film gives fans a rare look into the couple's summer nuptials last year. From their picturesque ceremony venue to their heartfelt vows, their Hawaiian "I do" was even better than we imagined. We also saw glimpses of The Rock's loving moments as a father—when his young daughter adorably tripped down the aisle he was quick to leave the altar and help her finish her flower girl duties!

dwayne johnson, lauren hashian and family
Jon Brandon Cruz, Liam Underwood

If Johnson and Hashian's relationship is what love looks like, we'll gladly step into it! In the meantime, we're making "Step Into A Love Like This" our WFH soundtrack. Listen on repeat below!

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