31 Lantern Centerpieces to Light Up Your Wedding Reception

The shapes, sizes, and color options are endless!

lantern centerpieces

Photo by Tell Chronicles Photo; Design by A. Griffin Events

Hoping for the dreamiest tablescape on display at your reception? The options for decorating an awe-inspiring table are absolutely endless, from incorporating long, lush arrangements of blooms to adding tapered candles, bud vases, fruit, and even personal trinkets. Another great way to add a beautiful touch to your décor? Featuring lanterns in your centerpieces.

Lanterns come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors so you can choose the best option to fit your aesthetic. Allow lanterns to speak for themselves or add small pops of color amongst lovely greenery.

Think incorporating lantern centerpieces is the perfect fit for you? Read on for 31 ideas you're sure to love.

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Top Lanterns With Pretty Posies

lantern with colorful flowers

Photo by Allison Jeffers Wedding Photography; Floral Design by The Petal Artist

Want to incorporate lanterns but afraid they'll look too dull? No way! Have your florist put together small bouquets to adorn the tops for a splash of color.

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Opt for All-White

white table with white lantern centerpiece

Photo by Adriana Rivera

Keeping your color palette simple or matching an island vibe? Go for all-white as one micro wedding couple did. High-top cocktail tables were decorated with white lanterns and little vases of blooms for a light and airy look.

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Pair Gold With Simple Greenery

simple lantern with greenery

Photo by Asya Photography; Design by Love 'n Fresh Flowers

Stick to a simple, natural design by adding intrigue with a rustic gold lantern. We love the way dainty sprigs of greenery are paired with it.

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Fill Lanterns With Flowers

rose gold lantern with flowers

Photo by Bon Photage Film; Floral Design by Life in Bloom

While lanterns typically include a candle in the middle, we love the idea of switching it up. Open the doors and stuff it with flowers for a gorgeous, overflowing design.

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Play With Color and Texture

vintage white lantern

Photo by Anna Jaye Photography

Planning a farm or barn wedding? From burlap to lace, there are so many textures to play with. Set the scene with a vintage-inspired lantern plus multiple fabrics and a pop of color from flowers.

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Incorporate Wood for Fall

Wooden lanterns

Photo by Hailey Ayson; Planning by Joyeux Events

When it comes to fall, it's all about warm color palettes. Spruce up your tables by incorporating a few simple wooden lanterns paired with leaves and greenery.

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Celebrate With Plenty of Pine

black lantern with pine needles

Photo by CTG Photography

Think you can't pull off a woodsy-meets-elegant look? Think again. This display pulls it off flawlessly with plenty of pine boughs, baby's breath, and sleek black lanterns.

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Scatter Eucalyptus

Lantern with eucalyptus


In some cases, you can never have too much greenery. Add sprawling eucalyptus down the length of the table and bring in vintage lanterns to tie it all together.

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Make It Romantic With Roses

romantic lantern centerpiece

Photo by Haley George Photography

There's no need to add a huge candle to every lantern. This look pulls off a romantic vibe flawlessly with a unique geometric shape surrounded by lush roses.

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Refresh Rustic With Blooms

rustic lantern with flowers

Photo by Hannah Leigh Photography; Design by A. Griffin Events

If you love the look of a rustic lantern but don't want it to look too old, refresh the look with flowers. Adding lush blooms with pops of bold color can enhance any design.

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Keep It Simple

Gold lantern with greenery

Photo by Jordan Keenan Photography

There's no shame in keeping it simple! Use a sleek gold lantern as your centerpiece and add a bit of surrounding greenery to finish off the look.

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Revel in Rose Gold

rose gold lantern with greenery and flowers

Photo by Jennifer Stuart Photography; Floral design by Urban Petals

Obsessed with rose gold? Yes please! Incorporate rose gold lanterns and small rose gold candle holders with roses and succulents to put together a dreamy centerpiece.

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Make It Pretty for Spring

lantern with spring flowers

Photo by Leigh Elizabeth Photography

Hosting a garden-inspired party? Channel spring with brightly-hued lanterns, plus plenty of sunny colored blooms for a pretty touch.

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Embrace a Nautical Vibe

white lantern with nautical tablecloth

Photo by Leslee Mitchell

While it's easy to go overboard with a nautical aesthetic, it can also be as pretty as can be. Pair a lantern that's not too over-the-top with a beautiful striped blue linen to celebrate your love of the sea.

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Play With White and Purple

white lantern with purple tablecloth

Photo by Mallori Ma Photography

Want a dramatic tablescape? Play with contrast. We love the look of this green and white setup with a pop of purple.

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Light It Up

lighted lantern

Photo by Love Life Images

While candles are a classic option for lanterns, you certainly have the option to switch it up. Instead, make your centerpieces even more magical by displaying lanterns filled with fairy lights.

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Balance Rustic Meets Refined

rose gold lantern with flowers

Photo by Olegs Samsonovs Photography

Lanterns can be entirely rustic from the get-go, but they have the potential to be dressed up. Use a slab of wood as a base, add a lantern, and then fill it with lush blooms to add a bit of refinement.

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Embrace Plenty of Color

Colorful flowers and lantern


Want to truly make a colorful statement with your centerpieces? One couple paired a bounty of bright peonies and roses with lanterns and colorful candlesticks.

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Celebrate the Sea

nautical lantern with sand


Setting up for a nautical inspired reception? Choose sea-inspired lanterns with thick ropes, add a candle, and fill the bottoms with sand.

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Match Tall Tapered Candles and Lanterns

tall skinny lanterns


Hoping to add just a hint of a vintage vibe with lanterns without incorporating too many? Ditch the classic short and stout shape and opt for something tall. These slender lanterns work beautifully with tapered candles.

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Frame Flowing Florals

lanterns framing floral centerpiece


There's no reason you can't stick with a lush floral centerpiece running down the middle of the table. Take your look to a whole new level by framing the florals with simple lanterns.

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Create a Hanging Stand

hanging lantern

Photo by Eli Turner; Design by Sarah Khan Event Styling

Want something entirely unique? It is possible to incorporate a hanging lantern look into your reception. Deck out the arm of your display in greenery to make it that much more special.

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Mix Shades of Wood

wooden lanterns


Celebrate the outdoors with a refined rustic vibe. Add lanterns in multiple shades of wood for an interesting display. We love the juxtaposition of the two different sizes on this stunning table.

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Add Greenery Inside

black lantern with greenery

Photo by Michelle Lippert Photo

Don't love the simple candle look? Switch it up! We love the modern design of this black lantern with a few green leaves inside, plus a modern table number sign to match.

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Channel a Camp Vibe

camp inspired lantern


Hosting an outdoor wedding in the forest or even at a summer camp? Embrace a camp vibe with old-time kerosene lanterns with a few simple vases of flowers.

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Wrap Lanterns in Leaves

gold lanterns with greenery

Photo by Kelsey Stevens Photography; Planning and design by Pearl Weddings & Events

Add a bold splash of greenery to your table with this look. Use gold lanterns as your focal point, and then surround them in greenery for added interest.

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Choose a Modern Display

modern lanterns

Photo by Tell Chronicles Photo; Design by A. Griffin Events

These lanterns with sleek, black lines offer such a beautiful modern touch to this table. Surrounded by plenty of greenery with a few blooms, it's as pretty as can be.

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Celebrate the Wild West

rustic brown lantern


Celebrating your nuptials on a ranch? Embrace the setting to the fullest with old-time western lanterns paired with pretty blooms.

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Create a Hanging Centerpiece

hanging lanterns with greenery

Photo by Shea Christine

While these aren't necessarily on the table, they certainly command attention. Hang lanterns down the middle of the table with plenty of greenery for a unique floating centerpiece option.

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Tie a Ribbon

gold lantern with ribbon

Photo by Rustic White Photography

Want to add a chic pop of color? Set up beautiful lanterns with florals, and then add a ribbon on top to tie it all together.

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Play With Metallics

gold geometric lanterns

PHOTO BY Photo by Julieta

Incorporating lanterns is such a great way to add a splash of gold. Play with metallics by lining a table with gold lanterns, and then consider upping the fun with shiny silver disco balls.

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