10 Lab-Grown Diamond Tennis Necklaces for Every Bridal Style

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Wedding day jewelry is about so much more than accessorizing—it’s about finding a unique piece with the potential to become a family heirloom. There is perhaps no wedding necklace style more fitting for the title of an heirloom than the tennis necklace. Dubbed after the iconic bracelet style with the same moniker, the tennis bracelet makes a statement and is the perfect piece to accompany the most important aspect of a wedding wardrobe: The dress. 

Tennis necklaces have long been a staple in wedding day accessories and a favorite amongst celebrity nuptials (Paris Hilton recently wore a stunning tennis necklace with one of her bridal looks), making them a timeless wedding trend. “The Tennis necklace is a classic staple and signature piece,” says expert Kathryn Money. “Whether it’s a family heirloom or a gift to self, tennis necklaces are a jewelry wardrobe staple, perfect for everyday wear and occasions [such as your big day],” she adds. 

The only downside to tennis necklaces is, because of the number of diamonds required for the design, they can be expensive. But, there are ways around the skyrocketing price tags with lab-grown diamonds. Because these diamonds are sourced from a lab and touchless hands through their creation, lab-grown diamonds tend to be more affordable compared to Earth-mined diamonds. Additionally, without the mining aspect, they’re more eco-friendly, too.

Considering a tennis necklace for your big day? Read on for the best lab-grown diamond tennis necklaces.

Most Glamorous

Brilliant Earth Dita Lab Created Diamond Necklace

Dita Lab Created Diamond Necklace

Brilliant Earth

For a graduated diamond tennis necklace that boasts extra glitz, this Brilliant Earth design is where it’s at. For those who are drawn to the magic and meaning of numbers, the necklace is made up of 111 round cut diamonds, adding an extra-lucky vibe for your big day.

Price at time of publish: $18,500

Metal Type: 14K White gold | Carat Weight: 17, 22 | Necklace Size: 17 inches | Clarity: SI

Best Gold

Clean Origin 14K Yellow Gold Tennis Necklace

Clean Origin Tennis Necklace in 14K Yellow Gold

Clean Origin

Go for the gold with this warm and bright yellow gold tennis necklace. Also available in white gold, the 18-inch chain features 121 round-cut lab-grown diamonds that sparkle along the neckline.

Price at time of publish: $16,250

Metal Type: Yellow gold, white gold | Carat Weight: 17 | Necklace Size: 18 inches | Clarity: VS-SI

Best Vintage-Inspired

Gage Diamonds 14K Yellow Gold Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Necklace

Gage Diamonds 14K Yellow Gold Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Necklace

Gage Diamonds

Yellow gold makes for a unique spin on the timeless tennis necklace design, adding warmth to the neckline. That, combined with the sleek row of round diamonds, gives this wedding day necklace a vintage or heirloom feel, perfect for the big day.

Price at time of publish: $12,000

Metal Type: Yellow gold | Carat Weight: 10.5 | Clarity: VS/SI

Best Chunky Style

Grown Brilliance Marquise Lab-Grown Diamond Floral Tennis Necklace

Marquise Lab Grown Diamond Floral Tennis Necklace

Grown Brilliance

For a more chunky tennis necklace, we swoon over this 20-carat dazzler set in 14K white gold from Grown Brilliance. The necklace features 16 inches of marquise-cut lab diamonds and is the perfect piece to mark a night you’ll never forget.

Price at time of publish: $36,040

Metal Type: 14K white, yellow, and rose gold | Carat Weight: 20 | Necklace Size: 16 inches | Clarity: SI1+

Most Eye-Catching

VRAI Celestial Double Strand Tennis Necklace

VRAI Celestial Double Strand Tennis Necklace


Tennis necklaces make a statement on their own, but a double tennis necklace gives even more wow factor. We can’t take our eyes off of this dazzling design from VRAI, which is made up of one strand of round cut diamonds and one strand of emerald cut diamonds, giving it a luxurious yet unique feel.

Price at time of publish: $67,000

Metal Type: White gold | Carat Weight: 42.36 | Necklace Size: 15-17.8 inches | Clarity: VS2+

Best Rose Gold

12FIFTEEN 14K Rose Gold Tennis Necklace

14K Rose Gold Tennis Necklace


With a choice among white, yellow, and rose gold jewelry, this lab-grown diamond tennis necklace can be matched beautifully to other metals for added style. Whether you’re looking to layer necklaces or tie the metal of your ring and other jewelry pieces together, this necklace gives you the flexibility to do so. 

Price at time of publish: $6,950

Metal Type: White gold, yellow gold, rose gold | Carat Weight: 6.75 | Necklace Size: 16 inches | Clarity: SI2

Most Customizable

James Allen 14K Yellow Gold Straight Lab Created Diamond Tennis Necklace

James Allen Straight Lab Created Diamond Tennis Necklace

James Allen

If you’re looking for more customization, this lab-grown diamond tennis necklace from James Allen is an excellent choice, as it’s available in both 14K white and yellow gold with five-carat weight options to choose from.

Price at time of publish: $5,410

Metal Type: White gold, yellow gold | Carat Weight: 5, 7, 10, 12, 15 | Necklace Size: 16 inches | Clarity: VS2-SI1

Best Graduated Style

Grown Brilliance Emerald Lab-Grown Diamond Graduated Tennis Necklace

Emerald-Cut Lab-Grown Diamond Tennis Necklace

Grown Brilliance

While there isn’t a ton of wiggle room with the tennis necklace design, one way to add more uniqueness to its design is to go for a graduated diamond style. This one from Grown Brilliance boasts over 20 carats of sparkling emerald-cut lab-grown diamonds that gradually grow in size toward the center of the strand.

Price at time of publish: $15,600

Metal Type: 14K white, yellow, rose gold | Carat Weight: 22 | Necklace Size: 18 inches | Clarity: SI+

Most Dainty

Noémie Lab-Grown 5 Carat Tennis Necklace

Tennis Necklace


We love this option from Noémie because it boasts a more dainty design (albeit still an eye-catching statement piece), making it the perfect match for the minimalist bride—or the bride who is looking for a piece that will become an everyday staple in their wardrobe.

Price at time of publish: $5,880

Metal Type: 18K White gold | Carat Weight: 5 | Necklace Size: 16 inches | Clarity: VS

Most Classic

Charles & Colvard Round Caydia Lab-Grown Diamond 14K White Gold Tennis Necklace

Tennis Necklace

Charles & Colvard

It doesn't get more classic than this tennis necklace from Charles & Colvard. Featuring over 130 dazzling round lab-grown iamonds, it sits elegantly on the collarbone for a timeless look. This style also comes with the choice of white or yellow gold and is available in a variety of lengths.

Price at time of publish: $4,999

Metal Type: White gold, yellow gold | Carat Weight: 4 1/5 | Necklace Size: call to inquire | Clarity: VS1

Meet the Expert

Kathryn Money is the SVP of Merchandising and Retail at Brilliant Earth.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Lab-Grown Diamond Tennis Necklace 

Color Grade and Cut  

“Although the clarity of the diamonds in a tennis necklace is important, the color, grade, and cut quality are more important to get a dazzling necklace,” says Money. “As each diamond is small in size and carat weight, it will not be easy to tell the difference between an internally flawless diamond without expert training and equipment,” she adds. Money recommends finding a necklace that is considered “eye clean,” which means that “any blemishes or imperfections affecting the clarity will not be noticeable to the naked eye.” Doing so “can help when working with a budget and without affecting the visible beauty of the necklace.”


“The color of the metal is the most important regarding design,” says Money. “Yellow gold options are unique and non-traditional diamond necklaces,” she adds, noting how yellow gold complements warm skin tones while “rose gold goes well with any skin tone.” As far as a necklace for everyday wear, “platinum is ideal,” says Money. “Platinum offers more strength and is perfect for someone who wants to wear their necklace every day without worrying about it breaking,” she adds, noting how the trade-off is that platinum “is much more expensive than gold.” For the best of both worlds, Money recommends white gold as it offers a “mix of metal durability and price.” White gold is “more durable than yellow gold but not as expensive as platinum.”

  • What Are Tennis Necklaces?

    “Similar to the well-known tennis bracelet, a tennis necklace refers to an uninterrupted diamond strand,” Money explains. “It looks like a tennis bracelet, but it’s longer and can encircle the neck,” she adds, noting how the style is “timeless” and considered a “statement piece.” 

  • What's the Difference between Lab-Grown vs. Natural Diamonds?

    Lab diamonds are “grown in highly controlled laboratory environments” and “display the same characteristics as natural diamonds,” says Money. The only real difference is their origin, as one is created in a lab, and the other is made by Mother Earth. Lab diamonds “exhibit the same spark and scintillation as natural diamonds” and “are a great alternative to natural diamonds as they provide good value and a responsible choice, given they do not require any diamond mining,” Money adds. 

  • Can You Wear Tennis Necklaces with a Wedding Dress?

    As far as wearing a tennis necklace with a wedding dress goes, Money says you “absolutely” can. “The versatility of the smaller diamonds found within tennis necklaces provides wearers with various styling options,” she adds, noting how a wedding necklace is all about something that is lasting and has personal meaning, making it “the perfect wedding day accessory” with its “timeless style that can even be worn often and effortlessly beyond the wedding day.” 

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