Kristen Stewart Wears Princess Diana's Iconic Engagement Ring In the Latest Still From "Spencer"

Kristen Stewart is spot-on as the "people's princess."

Princess Diana

Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

Yet another photo has emerged of Kristen Stewart in character as the "people's princess" for Pablo Larraín's highly anticipated biopic Spencer. Each photo released offers us a glimpse into Stewart as Princess Diana, and every time we are equally as shocked that it's Twilight alum. She looks identical to Princess Di down to the hair, clothes, and even jewelry.

Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana


The latest picture shows Stewart in a plaid blazer and off-white blouse looking directly at the camera with a soft smile. Her blonde hair is done in Princess Diana's signature style, as she rests her left hand, which boasts a replica of Princess Diana's sapphire engagement ring, against her face.

And while the beloved piece of jewelry is today seen as iconic, the royal family initially wasn't pleased with her choice. The ring, made by jeweler Garrard and chosen by Diana, was also available in the jeweler's catalog for purchase to the public at the time. This, of course, was frowned upon by the royal family, even though the ring was valued at £47,000 ($60,000).

Princess Di ring

Tim Graham/Getty Images

The oval-cut ring now belongs to Kate Middleton, though it initially belonged to Prince Harry. According to InStyle, when it was time for Prince William to propose, the brothers swapped heirlooms — Harry had chosen to keep his mother's ring after her death and William kept a Cartier watch. Now Prince Harry's wife Meghan Markle possesses the watch.

The upcoming biopic will follow a three-day period over Christmas 1991 when Princess Diana and Prince Charles' marriage hits its breaking point, and is set to premiere later this year. All of these photos of Stewart as Princess Di have caused quite a stir, and the movie isn't even out yet. We are counting down the days to Fall 2021.

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