This Is the Ring Lady Gaga Proposed to Herself With

She's sending an empowering message on Valentine's Day.

Lady Gaga

Getty Images / Karwai Tang

Lady Gaga is spreading the message of love and inclusivity this Valentine's Day—and proposing to herself with a stunning new ring.

"It’s 2020, and any person of any gender identity can propose to anyone, anytime," the pop star wrote on Instagram. "So as we all celebrate love today, I put this ring on my own finger as a sign of my love for myself and for my fans."

The ring she's sporting is from a new partnership between Klarna, the shopping service making it easier to buy online, and celebrity stylist Bea Åkerlund. Åkerlund has worked with Gaga and other A-listers including Madonna and Beyoncé.

Klarna Rings

This year is a leap year, and tradition dictates that February 29 is the only day a woman can propose to a man. The limited-edition engagement rings give “the finger” to this tradition and serve as an empowering reminder that we are all free to propose to whoever we love, whenever and however we want. "The idea that a woman can only propose to a man one day every four years is so completely ridiculous," Gaga said in a press release.

The rings are available for pre-order now, and all proceeds will go to Dress for Success, an international not-for-profit organization that empowers women to achieve economic independence.

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