The Fun Way Kate Middleton and Prince William Keep Their Marriage Fresh

The royal couple challenged each other to a cocktail-making competition.

Kate Middleton making cocktails

Pool / Getty Images

A little competition never hurt anyone—not even the royals. Kate Middleton and Prince William are known to have quite the competitive edge, and the royal couple keeps their marriage exciting by regularly challenging one another. In the latest match of Kate vs. William, the duo put their cocktail-making skills to the test. 

During a trip to Northern Ireland on Thursday, October 6, 2022, the prince and princess stopped by Trademarket, a new outdoor street food and retail market in Belfast, to see which one of them could make a faster cocktail, according to Entertainment Tonight. From separate stations, the duo raced to the finish line, pouring and shaking the pink drinks as quickly as possible. They finished off the competition by toasting and sipping on the mint-garnished cocktail

The Prince and Princess of Wales’s official Twitter account posted a video of the pair engaging in their bartending battle. “Who did it better?” the caption said. 

This isn’t the first time Kate and Will put their game faces on. In July of 2017, the two had it out in a rowing race during a visit to southern Germany, Entertainment Tonight reports. Although the prince came out on top, the royal pair kept it friendly and even celebrated over beer after.

Friendly competition might just be the secret to a long-lasting marriage!

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