Kate Middleton's Marriage Pet Peeve Is Surprisingly Relatable

The Princess of Wales reveals Prince William's least desirable habit.

Kate Middleton and Prince William looking at each other at King Charles III's coronation garden party 2023

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Kate Middleton and Prince William have been married for 12 years, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get on each other’s nerves every now and then. In fact, the Princess of Wales says that her husband has one bad habit that she finds particularly annoying—and it's surprisingly relatable. According to The Mirror, Kate’s biggest marriage pet peeve is when William eats pizza on the couch. Kate first mentioned the pet peeve while visiting a Royal Air Force base in Cyprus, Greece, in 2018, but the exchange, in which she calls Will a “nightmare” for the way he eats the meal, has recently resurfaced. After the base opened a new recreational area, William spotted the bright yellow couches and joked, “Keep the pizza off the sofas,” to which Kate responded, “You’re a nightmare with that.” 

Kate's not opposed to her husband eating pizza, though—just as long as it's not on their couch. During a recent visit to Wales in April of 2023, Kate and William took part in training activities, like rappelling, medical support exercises, and a search dog rescue demonstration. After working up an appetite, the duo headed to Dowlais Rugby Club to meet members of the community, and they ordered 22 pizzas from the Little Dragon Pizza Van, People reported. The pies included pepperoni, Margherita, barbecue chicken, and goat cheese. Kate and William probably would have polished off the slices themselves, but they shared the meal with the rescue team. 

Kate Middleton, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, and Prince William holding hands and walking

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While ordering the pizzas last month, Peter Morris, owner of Little Dragon Pizza Van, said Kate inquired about the ingredients. “The princess asked if we make our own dough,” he recalled. Kate also shared with the owner that making pizza has become a fun family activity. She said she loves preparing the dish with her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

In 2014, reports from Us Weekly resurfaced that pizza was one of Kate’s cravings when she was pregnant with Princess Charlotte. According to the outlet, the royal mom ordered three “very specific” pies from Serafina while staying at the Carlyle Hotel on the Upper East Side. Her choices? Spicy sausage without mushrooms and prosciutto without sliced tomatoes, the publication reported.

A source close to the couple revealed to the outlet that William requested two pizzas from Pizza Express to be delivered to the hospital on the day Kate gave birth to Prince George on July 22, 2013. "They both really love their pizza," the insider told the publication. Kate doesn’t just order takeout, though. According to the source, she’s been buying frozen pizzas at the supermarket for years.

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