This Is Kate Middleton's Favorite Photo From Her Royal Wedding

It's a moment that almost didn't happen!

kate middleton and prince william wedding

It's a moment that almost didn't happen!

For us, there are too many picture-perfect moments from Kate Middleton and Prince William's Royal Wedding in 2011 to choose a favorite (we'll never forget the bride's grand entrance and the newlyweds' two balcony kisses!). But for Middleton, there is one candid moment from her April 29th nuptials that turned into her most cherished memory from the day.

According to royal photographer Samir Hussein, the coveted photo was captured as the bride entered Westminister Abbey with her father, Michael Middleton. "It just came about really quickly," Hussein told Us Weekly. "I think there was some quite big crowds outside, outside the abbey. A lot of people being camping out for days and days. And I think she just wanted to acknowledge the crowds, but also with it being such an enormous event, the cameras and stuff."

As Middleton soaked in the crowds and celebratory cheers around her, "she turned straight in my direction and waved sort of straight down the barrel of my lens, and I gave a big smile," recalled Hussein.

kate middleton and father
Samir Hussein 

"I’ve been told that that’s one of her favorites," he continued. "It was actually used by the Royal collection when the dress went on display at Buckingham Palace for all our advertising. That picture was on the Underground, on big posters and billboards all around London. I think she had a big hand [in that].”

Between walking hand-and-hand with her father and spontaneously smiling at the camera, we can definitely see why this particular photograph brings the Duchess so much joy nine years after she said "I do!"

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