16 Jewelry Pieces to Wear Based on Your Bridal Style

From boho-inspired to timeless diamond accessories.

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No bridal ensemble is complete without the perfect set of wedding day jewelry. Of course, your engagement ring and wedding band are a given, but the other accessories you choose to wear—like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings—will ultimately help pull an outfit together as you make your way down the aisle.

According to Sandrine de Laage, luxury jewelry expert and creative director at Oscar Massin, "jewelry is a deeply personal way of expressing your personal style." So, when searching for the right accessories, you want to wear something that's truly special to you, and pieces that will complement (not overshadow) your entire look.

Meet the Expert

Sandrine de Laage is the creative director for Oscar Massin, a sustainable luxury jewelry brand. Before Oscar Massin, de Laage spent 25 years leading the art direction for brands such as Cartier, Harry Winston, and DeBeers.

Ahead, with the continued help of de Laage, we put together a list of the best wedding day jewelry for every bride-to-be. Read on to find pieces that will best match your dress, location, and bridal style.

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Engraved With Love 

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"If you have a romantic bridal style, a great way to incorporate your jewelry is by including pieces that tell a story, whether in their design or because they are engraved," says de Laage. You can make most jewelry pieces extra special by engraving them with your name, initials, or the date of your wedding. This instantly gives your look a nostalgic quality, and your accessory can ultimately become a family heirloom.

Whimsical Florals

romantic wedding jewelry

Photo by Liz Banfield

For the modern romantic bride, floral earrings make a sophisticated and striking statement. Opt for pieces that match the metal of your engagement ring and wedding band, especially if curating a cohesive ensemble. Be sure to also keep the rest of your accessories simple to avoid looking overdone.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Necklace

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A drop necklace perfectly accents the dip in a sweetheart, square, or V-neck dress. Always elegant, these accessories are often minimalist by design and can easily pair well with other pieces—or make for a sweet and simple statement on their own.

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Dressed Up in Pearls

bride wearing pearl earrings and necklace

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If your bridal style icons include Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy, wearing pearls on your wedding day is a no-brainer. A pair of perfectly round pearl earrings have the ability to frame your face beautifully, for a classic and elegant look.

Comb On Over

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A bridal comb is a classic accessory to complement your wedding day look, especially if you choose to not wear a veil. When deciding on which style to sport, traditional brides may want to stick with designs that feature simple pearls or a delicate display of dazzling rhinestones.

Studded in Diamonds

diamond stud earrings

Photo by Rafal Ostrowski and Brooke Singer

"For the classic bride, you can never go wrong with a beautiful diamond stud earring," says de Laage. "A diamond stud is a timeless classic that you can then wear for many occasions after your wedding day as well." For brides on a budget, lab-created diamonds are an affordable option that shine just as brilliantly as natural diamonds.

Timeless Tennis Bracelet

tennis bracelet

Photo by Christine Flower

For a subtle hint of sparkle that doesn't feel over the top, rock a tennis bracelet on your wrist. This timeless style feels special enough for your big day, but is something you can wear again in the years ahead.

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Floral Headpiece

bride wearing a floral headpiece

Photo by Terri Baskin

"Boho brides love an artistic touch and to express their style in unique ways," says de Laage. "This is often expressed with florals, whether that’s incorporated into the lace of their dress, their hair, or their jewelry." While real floral headpieces were popular in the early 2010s, these accessories now come in metal styles for a modern yet soft look.

Mixed Metals

bracelet bangles


Don't be afraid to mix metals if you have bohemian sensibilities. The different layers of yellow gold, silver, and rose gold feel perfectly in line with bohemian and ethereal styles.

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Must-Have Hoops

bridal hoop earrings

Photo by Katie Ruther

"For the modern bride, an elegant hoop is a beautiful way to elevate your look with jewelry," says de Laage. "In the last few years, we’ve seen hoops of all shapes and sizes come into the forefront of jewelry trends." Smaller diamond hoops feel very traditional, while hoops with large pendants add a contemporary twist.

Beautiful Baroque Pearls

Santana in a backless silk wool gown with a cowl neck and lace gloves

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Baroque pearls are typically freshwater pearls that are non-spherical and irregular in shape. These styles feel fresh and organic for the modern bride, and are perfect if you're searching for something completely unique.

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Chandelier Dreams

bride and mother of the bride

Photo by Thanasis Kaiafas

Sparkle and shine from every angle in a pair of statement chandelier earrings. These pieces will drape down from your ear to shoulder, adding a dramatic flair to any bridal look.

Diamonds and Pearls

gloria govan and derek fisher

Photo by Jenny Quicksall

Why choose between diamonds and pearls when you can have both? This accessory combination isn't subtle, but for brides with sumptuous style, this will bring all the glamorous vibes to the party.

Princess Tiaras

bridal tiara

Photo by Christine Flower

If you want to wear a tiara on your wedding day, this is your sign that you should absolutely go for it! A bridal tiara is a perfect piece for those who always dreamed of feeling (and looking) like a princess on their wedding day.

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Statement Cocktail Ring

green engagement and cocktail ring


"If you’re looking for something outside the box that’s non-traditional, we love pairing a cocktail ring with a bridal look," says de Laage. Though many brides don't typically opt for this statement piece, it's the perfect way to make your hands (and engagement ring) stand out.

Chic Choker

Priya Krishna wedding sari

Photo by Lev Kuperman

If your ensemble has a lower neckline, try pairing it with an edgy and statement-making choker. This bridal accessory will show off your collarbone, bring attention to your face, and effortlessly balance against any trendy look.

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