Watch Jennifer Lopez in an Exclusive "Marry Me" Clip

“We pick the guy, we keep our name, and let him earn the right to stay.”

Jennifer Lopez wearing a wedding dress in Marry Me

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Jennifer Lopez has been teasing her upcoming film Marry Me for months—and we couldn't be more excited for the rom-com. From behind-the-scenes clips to brand new songs to gorgeous bridal-inspired costume pieces, the actress and singer has pretty much flooded our feeds with teasers from the movie (not that we're complaining!). Most recently, she shared a mashup of the soundtrack with original music by her and Latin music superstar Maluma, who stars alongside J.Lo in the film.

"Get out and go to the theaters to see @MarryMeMovie this Valentine’s Day weekend. I know I am! It’s the film and music event of the year…and who knows, maybe I’ll see some of you there! 😍🤍," she captioned the post. Finally, after a year-long delay, the film's premiere date (February 11) is just around the corner. But luckily for fans of the multi-hyphenate, we have an exclusive sneak peek of J.Lo's highly-anticipated return to the rom-com space. Keep reading for all the details on Marry Me, and watch Lopez's character take on outdated marriage norms in our exclusive clip.

In the movie, Lopez plays Kat Valdez, a pop star in a high-profile relationship with singer Bastian (Maluma). The two are set to wed in a highly publicized concert in front of a live audience, however, minutes before the ceremony, Kat learns that Bastian has been cheating on her with her own assistant.

In the audience is divorced high school math teacher Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson), dragged to the event by his daughter Lou (Chloe Coleman) and his best friend (Sarah Silverman). In a panicked haze, Kat steps onto the stage in the midst of a breakdown, questioning love and life. In a fated second, she locks eyes with a stranger in the crowd: Charlie. She rashly decides to marry him instead.

Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson in Marry Me

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Throughout the movie, the duo faces media scrutiny about their impulsive decision (which also quickly turns into something more than just a publicity stunt). As is par for the course with any rom-com, the unlikely pair also faces obstacles that threaten to pull them apart, but in order to make their new relationship work, they try to find a way to merge their very different universes.

After a whirlwind year of calling off her own engagement before rekindling a relationship with former flame Ben Affleck, the statement "art imitates life" definitely rings true for Lopez. And in our exclusive sneak peek, we see J.Lo's character deal with the same media probing that she faces in real life when it comes to her relationships.

After their onstage wedding, Kat and Charlie are thrown into a press conference with a room full of relentless journalists, questioning them about the quick and spontaneous union.

"You just saw each other and said 'yes?'" one reporter asks. Kat and Charlie exchange a glance before answering, "Yes." Not satisfied by their response, another journalist chimes in. "And that doesn't seem frivolous?"

After a moment of thought, Charlie responds matter-of-factly. "Historically marriage was transactional," he says to the room. "It was about expanding your empire, and it wasn't designed to be about love. And maybe that's where people kind of get tripped up now."

More jump in on the interrogation, "This is your second marriage right, Charlie?" someone asks. Another inserts, "You wouldn't want to fail again." Obviously new to the spotlight, Charlie appears to be at a loss for words. Thankfully, a much more media-trained Kat jumps in to defend her new husband.

"Well you haven't lived unless you've failed, Bill. You should know that from your time at CNBC," she digs as the room chuckles. "Listen, what we did is crazy, we know that. But it was just truly a leap of faith. The rules as they exist, pretty much suck for women. I mean why do we have to wait for men to propose? Why is everything on his terms?"

She concludes her speech with a pointed thought on women's empowerment followed by applause and cheers from the audience. "No, I think it is time to shake things up. How about this: we pick the guy, we keep our name, and let him earn the right to stay." You're speaking our language, J.Lo!

Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson

Barry Wetcher / Universal Pictures

So if you're a hopeless romantic, a rom-com movie buff, or just a part of the loyal J.Lo standom, Marry Me will warm your heart and make you believe in the meaning of love again. The film will be in theaters and available exclusively on Peacock starting this Valentine's Day weekend.

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