Jennifer Lawrence's Rumored Wedding Venue Has A Spooky History

Are ghosts considered wedding crashers?

Jennifer Lawrence

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Rumor has it Jennifer Lawrence and fiancé Cooke Maroney are tying the knot in Rhode Island this weekend. And while the mid-October nuptials will most likely bring a hoard of A-listers to the seaside town, we expect a few wedding crashers, particularly of the supernatural state.

Lawrence and Maroney have reportedly chosen Belcourt of Newport as their wedding venue, a historic mansion with a haunted past. In 1891, Oliver Belmont commissioned renowned architect Richard Morris Hunt to build a summer cottage a.k.a., a mansion for him and his many horses. The ground floor was built around a carriage room and stables and only featured one bedroom. The one-of-a-kind bachelor pad served Belmont well until he fell in love with his neighbor, Alva Vanderbilt in 1896. Wanting to host elegant parties and elite gatherings, Vanderbilt transformed the 40,000 square foot into a space more suitable for humans rather than horses.

In 1956, however, Belcourt fell into the hands of the Tinney Family. According to People, the family added "Castle" to Belcourt's name, a decision other town residents were not thrilled with. But it wasn't until Ruth Tinney's husband died that things began to take a dark turn for the mansion. In her 80s, she found herself in an unusual relationship with the property's 30-year-old plumber, whom she later adopted. And when she passed away, the plumber moved into the third floor of the house as the mansion started to decay.

Since no one was taking care of the once prestigious home for decades, it became known for its ghost and murder mystery tours. Even the home's current owner, Alex and Ani founder Carolyn Rafaelian, admitted to feeling a haunting sensation when she purchased the home in 2012. “There were energies and entities, some not pleasant," she told the New York Times in 2013. "I had a shaman perform ceremonies. We did a major cleansing, energy-wise. There was a lot of heaviness, but we took care of that. Now the house has a different vibration.”

After dropping "Castle" from its name, Rafaelian has now restored the mansion to its former glory, making it the perfect wedding venue—especially for an October "I do." With the venue's spooky history and Halloween nearly a week away, we hope Lawrence is planning a festive bash complete with a moody color pallette, candelabras and a lot of candy!

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