10/10/2020 Is Not as Lucky of a Wedding Day as You Think, According to a Numerologist

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10/10/2020: It's a date that just sounds satisfying, and consequently is one of the most sought-after wedding dates of the year. But is it really as lucky as everyone thinks? Turns out, not so much. That's why we caught up with numerologist Ann Perry to get the scoop on this popular date—and we promise future brides and grooms need to hear this.

To put it plainly, if Perry was a 2020 bride, she wouldn't be rushing to the altar on October 10. "I wouldn’t be jumping on the bandwagon to get married on 10/10/2020," she shares. In numerology, which is the study of the spiritual significance of numbers, the date in question adds up to a Six Universal Day (1+0+1+0+2+0+2+0=6). "The universal day is going to create a theme that will affect everybody," explains Perry. And the six energy is not conducive to marriage.

Meet the Expert

Ann Perry is a Canadian numerologist with 19 years of experience. She conducts readings, teaches numerology courses and actively runs a YouTube channel with over 19,000 subscribers.

"The number six is related to responsibility. I typically say when I’m looking at the number 6 it's a little bit of domestic drama," she reveals. "October 10th of 2020 has a huge need for perfection. So talk about creating a bit of stress around an already stressful day!"

Instead, Perry suggests choosing a Two Universal Day to tie the knot. "Personally, if I was looking to get married I would be looking for a day that adds up to a two, rather than a six. Two is about partnerships, it's about relationships, it's about being very patient with one another and it’s about unions."

However, there is one exception to getting married on a Six Universal Day and that's if you are blending two families together. "When you look at the number six, you’ll see the six has this round belly associated with it which always reminds us of a nurturer. It reminds us of the home, the family, the pregnant Mom, all that sort of thing," which the six energy lends itself to.

[2020] is about starting a new foundation or just at least expanding on the foundation that maybe you’ve already started.

But before you panic about the save the dates you just put in the mail, know this: 2020 is actually a great year to get married in general! Since it is a Four Universal Year (2+0+2+0=4), 2020 gives off a very stable energy. Perry adds, "[2020] is about starting a new foundation or just at least expanding on the foundation that maybe you’ve already started. It's four posts in the ground so this is good energy to get married in."

So if you couldn't secure a venue for October 10, 2020 (because the date booked up fast) you're actually in luck. And, if you already locked in your vendors for this fall Saturday in October, you're not doomed. But, it just goes to show you that consulting a numerologist ahead of picking your date could guarantee the best energy possible to say "I do!"

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