20 of the Best Instagram Captions for Your Honeymoon Photos

We love a little wordplay.

A couple in black bathing suits jumps off of a yacht into blue water near an island.

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If you're planning your honeymoon, leaving for the big trip soon, or already experiencing the vacation of a lifetime with your new spouse, you're probably snapping dozens of photos together—and maybe you want to share a few with your Instagram followers as you travel the world. So why not get a little cheeky and have some fun with the photo captions while you're at it?

Maybe you're on a remote island in the tropics, or you've traveled to a stunning ski destination for a cold weather getaway. No matter the destination, near or far, we've got a caption to help capture the mood—and, of course, your love for one another. Below, have a scroll and read our ideas for the best honeymoon captions for Instagram—from silly puns to famous romantic quotes and everything in between.

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Islanded in your arms.

If you're on an island vacation, this is the perfect caption.

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You're my favorite view.

No matter how good the view from your honeymoon suite is, we have a feeling your new spouse is the best view you've seen so far.

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"We were together. I forget the rest." — Walt Whitman

You can't go wrong by using a romantic quotation from a famous writer (like Walt Whitman).

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Good times and tan lines.

For those newlyweds who are kicking back on the beach together, this caption is all about good vibes.

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This must be the place.

Fans of the Talking Heads will recognize this sweet lyric from "This Must Be the Place," one of the band's more famous love songs.

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“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Another quote perfect for those having the romantic beach vacation of a lifetime.

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Work hard. Honeymoon harder.

If you and your bae are the work hard play hard type, this caption is perfect for you.

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The adventure begins!

Most people will probably agree that marriage is just as much an adventure as traveling the world is!

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And they sailed off, into the sunset.

This your very own love story, so why not make it sound like a book?

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If you like piña coladas...

This caption is a classic for a tropical vacation—especially if you both have a penchant for tropical cocktails.

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All you need is love (and a passport).

We love this little riff on the famous Beatles song.

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Now we can hang out forever!

If you're looking to get a laugh with your honeymoon photo caption, this is sure to be a winner.

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Time to eat, drink, and be married.

For the newlyweds who love a good pun, this caption should fit the bill.

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Toi et moi.

Are you honeymooning in Paris? If so, then voila—this is the perfect caption!

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Our sweet escape.

Keep things short and sweet with this three-word caption that epitomizes your romantic vacation.

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Let's sea the world together.

If you're spending a lot of time on boats or in the ocean on your honeymoon, this little pun caption will be fitting.

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Marry someone who always lets you have the window seat.

There's nothing better than a loved one who lets you choose which seat on the plane you'll get—window or aisle?

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You have the passport to my heart.

If there is any time to use a travel pun, this is it!

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Get it? Like vacation?

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You are my greatest adventure yet.

Marriage is the adventure of a lifetime, so it's only fitting you bring out this caption as you set out on your first big trip together.

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