16 In-Season June Flowers for Your Wedding

Peonies, poppies, and more—find your perfect summer bloom!

Bride and groom kissing while bride holds sunflower bouquet with fresh eucalyptus

Photo by Alex Tome; Floral Design by Vows Portugal

If you’re planning a June wedding, you’re in for a treat. As spring turns to summer, you’ll have gorgeous, temperate weather in June. Not to mention, it’s a prime time for great, seasonal ingredients to complement your wedding menu, along with a wonderful time for stunning, fresh blooms.

"Choosing in-season florals allows you to get creative with incorporating flowers that are in their prime bloom stage and flowers that are locally grown and sourced," says Andrea Ancel, FTD's director of design and lead floral designer. In-season flowers will be easier to source for your big day, and often, they can help you save on your floral budget. Plus, if you already have a favorite seasonal flower, you may even choose to plan your wedding date around it. "By selecting seasonal blooms, you have the ability to bring back happy memories and incorporate flowers that are sentimental," adds Ancel.

Meet the Expert

Andrea Ancel is the director of design and lead floral designer for FTD, a floral-gifting company in business for more than 110 years.

Ready to find in-season June flowers to incorporate into your wedding? Read on for 16 fresh blooms.

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Lily of the Valley

Bride in white wedding dress holding lily of the valley bouquet

photo by The Day Collective

Lily of the valley is certainly one of the most popular wedding blooms, and royal weddings have continued to help with its popularity. Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, and many others have kept the tradition of incorporating this dainty bloom in their bouquets. With classic white flowers and green stems, it's the ideal showcase for a romantic, traditional, or elegant wedding.  

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Bride holding bouquet of peonies


According to Ancel, peonies are a great in-season choice for June. "At the top of the list would be peonies. Who doesn’t swoon over peonies?" she says. With big, fluffy petals, a myriad of color options, and an incredible scent, it’s hard not to fall for this lush flower, making it the ideal fit for a garden-inspired or romantic wedding.

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altar made of delphinium

photo by Roey Yohai

Delphinium is a unique flower with long stems and bold blooms. It can be utilized in bouquets, added to centerpieces for a wildflower vibe, or even used to line the aisle or create a statement at the altar. With color options like pink, white, and cobalt blue, it's perfect for a romantic, garden, or whimsical wedding.

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bouquet of white roses


Roses are an entirely timeless, classic choice. You can find them in a huge variety of hues to match any color palette, and their shape truly makes a statement. Utilize them for bouquets or centerpieces for a traditional or glamorous wedding.

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wedding hydrangea centerpiece

photo by KT Merry

Hydrangeas are flowering plants that command attention when they bloom in early summer. With big flowerheads, it’s hard to ignore their appeal, and you can find them in a variety of colors, including white, blue, purple, and pink. With so many dainty blooms per stem, they add unique texture and color to centerpieces and bouquets for romantic and garden-inspired weddings.

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Lisianthus bouquet

photo by Keli Photo and Video

Lisianthus is a popular choice for summer weddings thanks to its rose-like qualities. But it’s so much more interesting than a rose, with intricate, fluffy petals and a bold center. You can choose pink or purple lisianthus for a romantic look or opt for a bouquet of white blooms for an entirely elegant choice, making this bloom incredibly versatile for any wedding style.

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Bridesmaids holding ranunculus bouquets


Ancel suggests looking for beautiful ranunculus when selecting in-season June flowers. They’re similar to roses because of their thin petals, but this bloom brings an elevated, textured look to the mix. Choose from vast color options, including white, pink, purple, maroon, and orange, to find the ideal fit for bouquets and centerpieces for a romantic, traditional, or even vintage wedding.

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Bride in white wedding dress holding dahlia bouquet

Photo by Christina McNeill

Dahlias are one of the most statement-making blooms during early summer. It’s hard to ignore their fascinating shape and intricate texture. Dahlias can be found in stunning pastel hues, bold hot pinks, vibrant coral, or even moody maroon. They’re incredibly versatile; they can command attention in a bouquet or dress up as a centerpiece.

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Bride kissing groom while holding sunflower bouquet


Channel your love for a whimsical, wildflower vibe with sunflowers. These big, bold flowers are at their prime as they start blooming in June. Incorporate their happy, sunny color into a bouquet or trim their stems for single-bloom centerpieces for a magical look.

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Calla Lillies

calla lilies centerpiece

photo by Dragonfly Photography

Calla lilies have an interesting trumpet-like shape. They’re undeniably elegant with their wispy appearance and thick petals. Most often, white calla lilies are used in bouquets or centerpieces, but you can also find shades of purple or even orange to incorporate in other unique ways. No matter the color, they’ll be the ideal fit for a classic or elegant wedding.

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wedding centerpiece with poppies


Ancel suggests adding a pop of color with charming poppies. They’re stunning flowers with such a playful vibe thanks to their delicate, floppy petals and bold centers. Add texture and interest to centerpieces or bouquets for a variety of wedding styles.

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Bride walking down the aisle with orchid bouquet

photo by Jenny Quicksall Photography

Orchids are fragrant, hearty flowers that exude elegance. They can be found in a variety of hues, from white and pink to deep purple. Incorporate orchids into a stunning, full bouquet, or add a few to centerpieces for glamorous, modern, elegant, or even boho-style weddings.

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anthurium escort cards

photo by Rebecca Yale

Anthurium is an entirely tropical plant, and it certainly exudes that vibe, boasting a unique shape with vibrant hues of pink and red. Utilize stems in bouquets, centerpieces, or even a unique escort card display for a modern, tropical, or nautical wedding.

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potted chamomile at guest table

photo by Trent Bailey Studio

Looking for something entirely charming? Ancel suggests turning to chamomile as a popular choice for this early-summer month. Part of the daisy family, this bloom features white petals with yellow centers for contrast. 

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zinnia floral centerpiece on guest table at tented wedding reception

photo by Justin Lee Photography

Zinnias give off such a charming garden vibe with their vibrant color. They’re a small bloom with incredible texture thanks to layered petals, making them ideal for adding a pop of interest to centerpieces or bouquets for a summer wedding. Choose from white, yellow, purple, pink, or even green.

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Groom and bride in white wedding dress holding pink bougainvillea bouquet

photo by Erich Mcvey

Need something entirely bold for June? Look no further than bougainvillea. This flowering plant produces incredibly vibrant flowers, which are shaped similarly to delicate leaves. They’re a native tropical plant, giving off ideal destination wedding vibes even if you’re planning a stateside soirée.

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