20 Gorgeous Hydrangea Wedding Bouquets to Inspire Your Own

A forever favorite when it comes to wedding flowers.

blue hydrangea wedding bouquet

Photo by Jaine Kershner Photography; Floral design by Designs By Ahn

Hydrangeas are, and always will be, a forever favorite when it comes to wedding flowers. They’re lush and gorgeous, and a perfect option for almost any wedding style, from romantic to formal, whimsical to modern, and even rustic. In season through the summer months, hydrangeas also come in a variety of colors—including white, blue, green, pink, red, and even purple petals—and shapes.

Sophie Felts Floral Design, a DC-based floral design studio led by Sophie Felts, has a long history with hydrangeas. “When I was first getting started years ago, I bought 40 limelight hydrangea plants from a farmer who was selling them, and planted them in my backyard,” says Felts. “They've grown to be quite massive, and we cut from those plants for almost all of our summer weddings.”

Meet the Expert

Sophie Felts is a DC-based floral designer and owner of the eponymous design studio, Sophie Felts Floral Design.

While historically known for their more preppy look, recent design trends of all sorts have embraced the round statement-makers for any type of celebration. So, if you're currently looking for inspiration for your own nuptials, read on for the best hydrangea wedding bouquet ideas for every style of wedding.

Typically best suited for centerpieces, Felts explains that hydrangeas can be tricky in bouquets since they need a lot of water and will wilt if they're out of water for more than a few hours. However, there are a few particular varieties, such as Dutch Hydrangeas, that will never fail to impress due to their large hardy stems.

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Use Different Textures

hydrangea bouquet

Photo by Almond Leaf Studios; Floral Design by Philosophy Flowers

“A delicate lace cap hydrangea really adds beautiful texture to any bouquet,” shares Felts. Perfect for a garden party wedding, like this one at the Biltmore, mix soft blooms such as garden roses and hydrangea with zinnias and pink snowberry.

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Embrace White

all white bouquet

Photo by Miguel Cunha; Floral Design by Bloom Flores e Eventos 

“When we use hydrangeas in bouquets, we typically incorporate them in low and allow other flowers to float above!” says Felts. Crisp, clean, and exceedingly traditional, this bouquet by Bloom Flores e Eventos is gorgeous with hydrangeas, roses, peonies, and lisianthus, all in the perfect shade of white. 

“Keep them in water as long as possible and, if you can, give the stems a fresh snip whenever you return them to water,” advises Felts.

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Choose a Soft Color Palette

hydrangea bouquet

Photo by Dani Toscano Photography; Floral Design by Janna Brown Design

Elegant and ethereal—and a perfect match for a wedding style just the same—limelight hydrangeas create a sort of otherworldly opulence for bouquets. A light color palette embodies a gentle, delicate vision, perfect for a spring wedding.

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Choose Complementary Florals

hydrangea bouquet

Photo by KT Merry; Floral Design by Design Works

Change it up and let the hydrangeas supplement your other bold blooms. “Hydrangeas work great in European style designs, so other flowers that lend themselves to that gathered and full aesthetic work well,” shares Felts. Design Works crafted a beautiful bouquet full of southern hydrangea, jasmine vine, and scabiosa for these romantic nuptials in Vail, Colorado.

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Opt for a Cascading Look

hydrangea bouquet

Photo by Stetten Wilson; Floral Design by Wildflowers Bahamas

Follow this bride's lead and opt for a cascading bouquet of flowers and greenery. This arrangement of classic white hydrangeas, with eucalyptus and ivy, created a chic floral design for this wedding on Harbour Island

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Make It Whimsical

hydrangea bouquet

Photo by Corbin Gurkin; Floral Design by Gathering Events 

The roundness of a hydrangea bloom generally lends itself to a more structured silhouette. But, paired with the right complementary blooms, it can exude a touch of whimsy!

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Add in Roses

hydrangea bouquet

Photo by Alan Leong Production; Floral Design by Blush Wedding and Bouquet

While hydrangeas make a statement alone, accenting a bridal bouquet with another statement-maker, like roses, will create more of a gorgeous floral moment. Regardless of the season, the combination of the two will be perfect for any wedding style.

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Mix in Some Blue

bouquet of hydrangeas, dahlias, garden roses, ranunculus, lisianthus, and sweet pea

Photo by Jaine Kershner Photography; Floral design by Designs By Ahn

Blue petals, woven together with a spring color palette of pastels, creams, and greens, will make any bouquet the perfect complement to a modern, summer wedding. While not exactly a filler floral in all arrangements that bear them, hydrangeas offer great support to other bold blooms, like dahlias, garden roses, ranunculus, lisianthus, and sweet peas.

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Keep It Classic

hydrangea bouquet

Photo by Cameron Clark Photography

“Blue hydrangeas are breathtaking and a hydrangea bouquet is perfect for the Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket vibe,” says Felts. Thus, blue and white hydrangea-only arrangements make for a classic combination most brides will love.

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Add a Pop of Pink

pink hydrangea bouquet

Photo by Corbin Gurkin; Floral Design by Sadia Fleurs

“Dyed flowers have been super popular lately so you can also find tinted hydrangeas!” notes Felts. Equal parts romantic and playful, this pink bouquet full of hydrangea and garden roses left an impression, all thanks to florist Sadia Fleurs

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Bring the Drama

hydrangea bouquet

Photo by Waldorf Photographic Art; Floral Design by Fiddlehead Designs 

We will always vote for a dramatic bouquet! Cone hydrangeas are the scene stealer in this bouquet, woven throughout an arrangement of lilies, orchids, and tulips in shades of white and cream.

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Go Green

hydrangea bouquet

Photo by Liz Fogarty Photography; Floral Design by Pop the Cork Designs 

Just as striking as the more popular brightly colored varieties, small, soft green hydrangeas provide a unique alternative to their larger counterparts. A gathered handful, such as this arrangement by Pop the Cork Designs, creates a design teeming with life and freshness.

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Make It Mono-Floral

hydrangea bouquet

Photo by Nic Stephens Photography; Floral Design by Flowerqueen

A simple concept with a big impact, a hydrangea-only bouquet is a statement-making style! Opting for an effortless yet elegant arrangement, this bridal bouquet, created by Flowerqueen, was the right choice to highlight the naturally stunning setting of the venue.

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Consider Purple

colorful hydrangea bouquet

Photo by Juliet McKee Photography; Floral Design by Bloomingayles 

Contemplating a summer wedding? Opt for a touch of purple in your bouquet, like this arrangement by Bloomingayles, for a cozy, outdoor wedding.

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Use Antique Hydrangeas

antique hydrangea bouquet

Photo by We Romantics; Floral Design by Revel Petals 

Known for their pink and green blooms, antique hydrangeas can create a softening effect. Pro tip: Gathering the large florals together for one giant bouquet is the perfect contrast to a more minimalistic wedding dress style.

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Use Unique Color Combinations

hydrangea bouquet

Photo by Kate Headley

A charming color palette, like the one shown above, is a great complement to the comforts of spring. This bride opted for light blue hydrangeas, mixed in with peachy-pink blooms, for an unexpected but memorable combination.

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Keep It Small

hydrangea bouquet

Photo by 6 of Four Photography; Floral Design by Glenn Certain Floral + Event Design


Perfect for spring, this green hydrangea bouquet by Glenn Certain Floral + Event Design was accented perfectly with blush pink peonies. As shown by this arrangement, less is sometimes more, even for a large bloom like hydrangeas.

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Play With Greenery

hydrangea bouquet

Photo by Joseph Rogero; Floral Design by Forage Botanical


Accenting a bundle of hydrangea with greenery adds layers and texture to any arrangement. Anything from eucalyptus to olive branches, smilax, or even assorted fern leaves can take a bouquet from mono-floral to multidimensional no matter the season.

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Pick Your Own Blooms

Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Photo by Meredith Perdue; Floral Design by Michelle Peele

We can’t think of something much more sentimental when it comes to florals than something hand-picked. This bride opted for a completely custom arrangement: a bouquet picked straight from her venue’s flower fields! Hydrangeas, lavender, garden roses, and sprigs of greenery kept things lush and fresh.

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Make It Tropical

hydrangea bouquet

Photo by Corina V Photography; Floral Design by Jodi Leigh Designs

A unique and modern pairing, hydrangeas are a wonderful accent to tropical flowers like protea. Bursting with tropical inspiration, the antique variety of hydrangea, a late-summer favorite, is perfect for an oceanside destination wedding.

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