One Husband Proposed to His Wife Again After Losing His Memory in a Motorcycle Accident

He credits his wife as the source of his recovery.

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Kristy and Andrew Mackenzie were happily married for 37 years until, one day, they almost lost one another. In June of 2022, the couple was involved in a motorcycle accident that nearly cost them their lives. And though the event was painful and challenging to endure, their time together in the hospital proves how love is truly the best cure.

As recounted to Good Morning America, in a video interview that was published on January 30, 2023, Andrew woke up in the hospital without his memory following the accident. He initially thought the year was 1993 and he didn’t even recognize his own daughters. The one thing he did recall? Being married. Kristy shared that Andrew's immediate reaction was "Where’s my wife? Where’s my wife?” as he believed that she was working in the hospital. In reality, the two were initially placed in different hospital rooms, and when separated from Kristy, Andrew couldn’t retain any information.

Once Kristy convinced the hospital staff to put them in the same room, though, Andrew started showing signs of improvement. “The first thing I remember is Kristy in a wheelchair beside [me], trying to worry about me taking care of myself,” Andrew reflects. With Kristy by his side, his memory miraculously returned. “He started coming around, asking me things, and I was amazed,” Kristy says. “There were happy tears, and within 24 hours, he was a new person.”

The couple spent 11 days in the hospital, and after receiving attentive care and extensive rehab, they started walking again. What's more, a few months after they were discharged from the hospital, Andrew felt called to demonstrate how much Kristy means to him. In a romantic gesture fit for a romance novel, Andrew got down on one knee (after already being married for decades) and popped the question a second time. Of course, Kristy said ‘yes.’

Andrew says he still doesn’t remember anything about the accident, but he is sure of one thing: the presence of his wife was enough to jumpstart his recovery process. “We’re trying to take all the positive things from this, maybe even joking a little bit now,” Andrew says. Kristy agrees that finding the silver lining has helped them put everything into perspective. “It was a nightmare, but I want to live in gratitude,” she concludes. “We have each other and that’s all that matters.”

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