What to Do If a Wedding Crasher Comes to Your Wedding

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A lot of times, we envision our wedding will look and feel like something straight out of our favorite romantic comedy movie. The cascading flowers and the memorable moments between you and the person you’re committing to living your life with will feel like they were stolen right out of a scene from the big screen. One wedding movie scenario that you might be crossing your fingers doesn’t happen is having a wedding crasher pop into your reception, steal some booze, and cause a scene on the dance floor. While it went off (mostly without a hitch?) in Wedding Crashers, it might not go over so well in real life.

Here are five ways to deal with wedding crashers without ruining your wedding experience.

Assign Someone to Handle It First

Instead of taking the reins yourself after spotting a wedding crasher at your wedding, ask someone else to handle the situation. Let them know there’s a person at your reception who wasn’t invited and that you’d like them to speak to that person and ask them to promptly leave. Pass the duties off to someone you trust so that this doesn’t get in the way of you enjoying your time at the wedding.

Have the Conversation with Them Yourself

If you want to have the conversation with that wedding crasher yourself, go ahead and handle it, but don’t do it alone. Bring someone else with you so that after you question them and ask them to leave, another person can deal with making sure that happens. Keep the drama at your wedding to a minimum, which means remove yourself from situations that can be tense and delegate someone else to dealing with them on your behalf.

Look for Security

Before the wedding begins, ask the venue who you should contact if any security issues come up. That way, if there’s a problem with a guest or if you have a wedding crasher, you have a point of contact for someone who can come and take care of the situation for you so that you don’t have to get directly involved.

Figure Out if You Should Call Authorities

If there’s no security present at the wedding and you notice that the wedding crasher refuses to leave, you might want to call authorities. If this is case, try to assign a team of people to handle this situation as discreetly as possible so that other guests don’t become alarmed when the police show up.

Keep Someone on Watch Duty

Once you have successfully had the wedding crasher leave, assign someone at the wedding to keep an eye out to make sure that they don’t suddenly come back or sneak back and hang out casually again at the open bar. That way, you have someone on duty to deal with the situation so that you don’t need to keep looking over your shoulder wondering if the wedding crasher came back to your wedding or not.

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