How to Celebrate Your Engagement Without a Party

11 ideas on how to celebrate your engagement during COVID


If you’re wondering how to celebrate your engagement during these uncertain times, you’re not the only one. Engagements are certainly something to commemorate, especially during times like these that make everyone evaluate what’s really important. So even if you can’t get together in person, there are plenty of creative ways to celebrate. 

Ahead, we’ve rounded up 10 ideas for how to celebrate your engagement without throwing a huge party.

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Have a Virtual Celebration

Everything has gone virtual recently, and that includes parties. In lieu of an in-person celebration, host a Zoom get-together for your closest family and friends to shower the happy couple with best wishes and toast to your upcoming wedding, whenever it’s safe to get together again. Keep it short and sweet—under an hour—and make sure everyone gets a chance to communicate their congratulations. 

If you really want to make a Zoom party special, send a gift to your guests' home before or after the virtual event. Champagne is always a good idea, but you can also send chocolate, tea, or your favorite dessert.

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Take Engagement Photos

Many photographers have adapted by offering socially distanced photoshoots for couples and families. Engagement photos are a great way to share the news with your family and friends without throwing a huge party. Engagement photos are also a great trial run for a wedding photographer, and as an added bonus, you’re helping to support a vendor during what is likely the hardest year of their career.

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Host a Drive-By Celebration

Instead of throwing a party, let the party come to you. Host a drive-by celebration by asking all your loved ones to swing by your house to offer their best wishes. Car decorations, posters, and balloons are all encouraged to add to the festivities. This way, you get a chance to see and talk to everyone you would’ve wanted to celebrate in person with—masked and from a safe distance, of course. 

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Donate to an Important Cause

If you want to skip the champagne toasts altogether but your friends and family insist on some type of celebration, consider hosting a fundraiser for a charity, local hospital, or another relief organization. In times like these, people coming together to raise money for a worthy cause can feel more gratifying than a party. 

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Take a Staycation

Keep your celebration small by hosting a staycation with your significant other. Stay home but enjoy your time together as if you’re on a vacation by doing things you wouldn’t normally do, like cooking a fancy meal or learning something new together. Use this time together to start planning your wedding or talk about your future goals as a married couple. 

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Plan a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to get people out of the house while also enjoying a festive (and safe) event. Put together a scavenger hunt with clues that correlate to your relationship. The scavenger hunt should take place all over town with clues hidden in safe, outdoor locations. The couple gets to host a fun event with their closest family and friends, the guests get to get out of the house, and the winner gets a prize (like a gift card to your favorite restaurant or local small business).

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Plan a Special Delivery

Bring the party to your loved ones with a special delivery of drinks, food, dessert, and a small, thoughtful gift to thank them for their support. You can curate a box of goodies yourself, or order takeout from a local restaurant and send it to their house. They’ll appreciate the kindness and your excellent taste in food, wine, and gifts will get them even more excited to celebrate in person one day.

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Recreate Your Love Story

Two is definitely a party, so if you want to keep your engagement celebration small, commemorate the occasion by recreating your first date or another romantic memory with your significant other. Make it special by wearing the same outfit or dancing to the same songs. It’ll bring back all those precious memories and remind the two of you why you got engaged in the first place. 

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Treat Yourself

Skip the celebration altogether and spend what you would’ve spent on an engagement party on a fancy new appliance or home improvement project. If you don't want to splurge now, save that money and spend it on the wedding and/or honeymoon.

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Celebrate With Your Parents

Toast to your engagement with the people that love you the most: your parents. If they haven’t met, or have only met a few times, an intimate dinner is a great way to get to know each other better before the wedding. Invite both sets of parents over for a special, home-cooked meal. The two of you wouldn’t be here without your parents, and their love stories most certainly influenced yours. An intimate celebration like this will certainly mean a lot to your parents and remind you as newlyweds what you’re looking for in your own marriage. 

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