How Many Flower Girls Can You Have in Your Wedding Party?

These young attendants play an important (and adorable!) role in the day.

Two flower girls walking down aisle in pink and white dresses

Photo by Jenny Fu Studio

Flower girls are timeless and adorable members of a wedding party. A young family member or friend's daughter often takes on this role to shower the ceremony aisle with petals and bring smiles to all the wedding guests' faces. While flower girls are not an essential part of a wedding party, they are a welcomed addition. Couples can choose to have none at their wedding or could have more than 10. It truly comes down to a their vision for their day.

"I personally think lots of children in a wedding ceremony can be very charming," shares wedding planner Beth Helmstetter. She shares the average number of flower girls at the weddings she plans is around two to three, but the size of the group can vary. "No matter whether a child cries, runs, or refuses to go down the aisle, it's always cute and makes for an endearing moment at the ceremony."

However, a number of factors can help you decide what the right number of flower girls is for your own wedding celebration. Ahead, see a few factors that can contribute to making your decision.

Things to Consider

If you plan to have a flower girl at your ceremony, be prepared to account for some extra costs in your budget. "Logistically, there is more to think about including the cost for flower crowns, baskets, petals, gifts and attire if the couple is hosting that element," notes Helmstetter. You should also factor in the planning that will go into acquiring those items.

Flower girls require accounting for some logistics, too. First, you must decide how involved they will be in the morning of your wedding as you and the rest of your wedding party get ready. "Many flower girls love to be a small part of the hair and makeup process, even if it's just a touch of lip gloss and blush, which can add to the expense," says the planner. They also should be factored into the day's timeline. "Since children often do not have as long of attention span, photography that involves the flower girls needs to be captured in a very quick window," she adds.

Once the ceremony is complete, it's important to determine whether or not your flower girl will attend the reception as well. "If the couple doesn't want children at the wedding the entire night, planning needs to go into who will take care of the children after the ceremony or how they will leave the event without impacting their parent's experience as a guest," Helmstetter explains. "We recommend hiring a nanny to watch the children in a separate space or to even take the children back to the hotel after the ceremony is over."

Her final word of advice? "Never forget the snacks. A single hungry flower girl can wreak havoc on the entire experience."

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