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19 Ways Grooms From Real Weddings Personalized Their Wedding Looks

Jazz up your attire with some personality!

There’s a reason why the classic black tux is the quintessential wedding look for grooms. A crisp white shirt, a polished jacket, and sharp dress pants look so dashing and sophisticated. For an occasion as momentous as a wedding, it makes sense to bring your A-game and dress to the nines.

Sometimes, however, the formal getup can feel a bit stuffy and predictable, especially for modern grooms eager to eschew tradition. That’s why personalized attire for grooms has become such a popular wedding fashion trend. Instead of following the crowd, why not stand out? 

Personalizing your wedding wardrobe gives you the opportunity to infuse your own personal touch and serve up an unexpected look. You can use your garb to showcase your style, preferences, interests, and personality, which will make dressing up for your big day that much more meaningful. 

The bride isn’t the only one who gets to steal the show! It’s your special day, so you can likewise play around with your ensemble and add something sentimental that will make a huge impact. Whether it’s infusing your personality into an accessory, such as your cufflinks or socks, or going all out with a completely custom suit, the choice is yours.

There are so many different ways to personalize your clothing items. Have a favorite sports team? Wear a tie that displays the logo. Want to capture the love you have for your significant other? Engrave your joint initials on your jacket lining. Interested in complementing your wedding theme? Try matching your suit color with the venue. Experiment with shapes, patterns, colors, or textures to channel a look that speaks to you and makes you look and feel your best.

To help you get started, here are 19 fresh ways grooms can personalize their wedding day look, with a little inspiration from our real weddings. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how or what you personalize, as long as it has a deeper meaning to you.

personalized wedding look

 Ashlyn Cathey Photography and Molly Peach/Design by Tiana Crispino

Wear a Meaningful Message

Take your outfit to the next level by engraving a sweet note from your significant other. Imprint a quote from a past love letter that your spouse gave you, or ask your partner to stitch on a surprise message. You’ll be reminded of the love you have for your special someone, and reconnecting to that beautiful bond will fuel your big day.

Honor Family Members

If you’re looking to commemorate deceased loved ones on your wedding day, wear an heirloom that once belonged to them. This groom’s father passed away a few years before his wedding, so he wore his father’s cufflinks and gold watch. You’ll add something meaningful to your apparel and carry a piece of them with you throughout your big day.

Rethink Your Boutonniere

Instead of playing it safe and sticking with a floral boutonniere, try sporting something unexpected! Select pampas grass to embrace a textured look and match your wedding décor, like this groom did. We also love how the white hue pops against a black tuxedo jacket.

Design Your Own Suit

With so many options out there, shopping for your getup can be an overwhelming process. Why not get exactly what you want by designing your very own look from scratch? Customizing your suit or tux is a fun, rewarding, and hands-on process that will make your dream fit come to life. You can get as detailed as possible and have the opportunity to express your individual style.

Carve Your Initials

There are so many different ways to put your monogram on display, from your invitations to your cocktail napkins. A less flashy and more intimate way to feature your joint initials is through your cufflinks. Customize the accessory by combining your partner’s initials with your own initials for an extraordinary look that cherishes your union.

Hint at Your Wedding Date

Your wedding date is one of the most notable days of your life, so you’ll always remember and celebrate it for years to come. One way to recognize that iconic day is by stitching it on the inside of your collar. Up the ante with a unique font and cool designs that have personal significance to you.

Upcycle Your Attire

You know what they say: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So, revamp the meaning of “something old” by upcycling your clothes. Transform discarded materials into a high-quality look that no one else will be able to recreate. As a bonus, you’ll produce something sustainable and environmentally friendly!

Incorporate Some Color

Who says you have to follow tradition? Rather than playing it safe with a black tux, capture the rainbow! Flaunt your all-time favorite hue or try coordinating with your wedding color palette. If a minimalist approach is more up your alley, add a hint of color with your bow tie, suspenders, socks, or pocket square.

Play with Texture

Whether it’s silk, wool, linen, or cashmere, the fabric you choose sets the tone of your wedding look. This velvet jacket and bow tie combination generates an elevated, upscale, and swanky feel that’s perfect for a formal event. Not to mention the soft texture will keep you warm and comfortable, making it a great option for cold-weather weddings. 

 Get Creative with Wording

Another fun way to jazz up the classic cufflink is by sketching on a sentimental phrase. In addition to your monogram or wedding date, consider writing the words “I do” on your cufflinks. The words might be small, but they deliver a powerful promise to your spouse, so it’s guaranteed to make a big impact. 

Try a Fun Pattern

For a modern look that reflects your unique style, experiment with bold patterns. Plaid is an excellent way to elevate a classic suit. It’s particularly a great option for grooms who want to make a statement without calling too much attention. Match your plaid jacket with black pants and a black bow tie for a coordinated look.

Boast Some Bling

Accessorizing isn’t just for the bride! Grooms can also sport some shiny jewels to give their outfit a boost. This groom donned custom beaded bracelets with healing properties and balancing attributes to feel more grounded on his wedding day. Silver or gold jewelry will also add some opulence to an otherwise standard suit. 

Sign Your Name

Another creative alternative to a joint monogram is writing your very own name. Labeling the lining of your jacket with your first and last name is the best way to make it your own (literally!). Although no one else will likely see your suit lining, the special detail will make your fit feel one-of-a-kind. You can even choose a fun font style or eye-catching color for an ultra-personalized display.

personalized your groom's look

Laurken Kendall and Abby Jiu Photography/Design by Tiana Crispino

Switch Up Your Tie

Need to pull your look together? A stylish tie with a playful print will do the trick. This bright red tie with blue floral details is a fantastic choice for magical garden fêtes or warm-weather weddings. The vibrant colors will break up dark shades like black or navy, and the lush blooms will freshen up any outfit. 

Decorate Your Shoes

Unleash your creativity by painting your wedding shoes with words that represent your relationship. Not only will a hand-painted design make a big impression, but it will also send a message about who you are as a couple. As an additional perk, coating your sneakers in paint could also be a bonding experience for you and your significant other.

Match Your Theme

Since this duo got married in San Francisco, they incorporated the Golden Gate Bridge into many of their designs. To coordinate with the theme and location, the groom personalized his navy blue tux with an illustration of this iconic bridge. He even took the customization a step further by incorporating nods to his wedding date and couple name on his jacket lining.

Sport Funky Socks

Not only will a quirky pair of socks reflect your personality and interests, but it’ll also become a wardrobe staple that you’ll wear long after the wedding is over. These dazzling pink socks with cacti drawings are ideal for summer or desert weddings. In addition to complementing your venue, you can also use your socks to pay homage to your favorite sports team or a beloved hobby

Don a Special Pin

If you just can’t get enough of your significant other, take them with you wherever you go by wearing a pin of your partner’s face. Switch things up by replacing the traditional boutonniere with an enamel pin of your loved one. Innovative pins also make a great personalized wedding favor for your guests!

Snap Some Photos

Personalizing your look gives you the opportunity to tell a touching story. There’s nothing more special than photographs of your favorite memories, so why not use your suit as a blank canvas to make a collage? Select telling photos from your childhood or ones that capture the best moments spent with your spouse.

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