A Hot Pink Nightclub-Inspired Wedding in Miami With Celebrity Guests

Planned by Blumberg Events.

On their first official date, Clark Bacon was prepared to propose to actress, writer, and comedian Sabrina Rudolph—sort of. After connecting at a mutual friend’s party, he’d asked Sabrina out. "In order to get a better table at the restaurant we were eating at, he told the hostess he was going to propose!” Sabrina remembers. (The duo had actually first met a year earlier at a Halloween party, where Clark was dressed as Zack Morris and Sabrina donned a full shark costume onesie.)

Two years after their first date, Clark actually did propose, this time in grander fashion. It was October 2020, and the LA-based couple was back in Sabrina’s hometown of Miami to celebrate her mom’s 60th birthday. “I literally had no idea anything was going to happen other than her birthday,” Sabrina says. “That night, before meeting my parents for dinner, Clark said we had to meet clients of his at the Four Seasons Surfside in their penthouse suite for drinks. When we got up to the room, Clark took me to the balcony and got on one knee.” The surprises continued. “Then, he wanted to show me around our suite for the night, and told me to open the door to one of the rooms. Out popped all of our closest friends, and I was the most surprised ever! Of course, everyone was tested for Covid before!”

They began planning a sort-of destination wedding: It would take place in Miami Beach, near where the bride is from, but the majority of their 235 guests would be traveling in from afar. Sabrina and Clark would also be working out the details from the other side of the country. So, they enlisted Teresa Blumberg of Blumberg Events for help. “She is so wonderful to work with, super organized, and totally understood our vision,” Sabrina says. The couple also hired production company JGroup to handle the florals, decor, signage, cake, and more. “I like working with one group who can do it all; it kept everything super concise and organized," notes the bride.

But, there was one additional helper who deserves major credit, Sabrina adds. “My mom really did so much and went so above and beyond throughout the entire year and a half of planning. I think she was a professional party planner in her past life,” the bride says. “She would listen to all of my ideas and knew how to execute them perfectly, and worked so hard with our planner and designers to make my vision come to life.”

They decided on the venue first: the private country club Indian Creek. “My grandma has been a member of Indian Creek ever since my mom was a little girl, so it’s always held such a special place in my heart,” Sabrina says. “It’s also one of the most gorgeous venues, as it overlooks the wide bay. It’s such a classic, timeless spot, and it meant so much knowing of my family’s legacy there.” 

Sabrina and Clark's pink floral invitations

Photo by PS Photography + Films

The challenge, however, was molding the space to fit Sabrina’s bright, bold, nightclub-inspired vision. “I never thought I would ever get married at a country club, as I always wanted a bit of a non-traditional wedding,” she says. “Since we were doing it at such a classic spot, we decided to have a more traditional looking ceremony, and a more funky, less traditional reception.” 

They did so through color. “I wanted lots and lots of color, since that is very my style. My favorite color is hot pink, so I wanted to incorporate as many shades of pink into the ceremony as possible, while also keeping it a bit masculine and contemporary. Since it was spring in Miami and the ceremony was around sunset, we incorporated some burnt oranges and reds into the color scheme as well.” The vibe shifted for the reception: “It had a blast of all bright colors and feathers; it felt like you were transported to a different place! LED screens behind the stage made the atmosphere feel very clubby, which is exactly what we wanted.”

Scroll on to see all the bold details of Sabrina and Clark’s A-List April wedding—cousin Maya Rudolph officiated!—planned by Teresa Blumberg of Blumberg Events and photographed by Patty Gonzales of PS Photography + Films.

Clark wearing a black tuxedo and bow tie on a balcony overlooking Miami's beach

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Clark's groomsmen wearing black tuxedos and bow ties

Photo by PS Photography + Films

The groom donned a classic Zegna suit—his groomsmen in matching black—and got ready at Faena Hotel Miami Beach, the uber-chic spot where most of their guests also stayed for the weekend.

Sarbina in hot pink feather pajamas with her bridesmaids wearing silk pajama sets

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Sabrina, of course, got ready in her favorite hue: hot pink pajamas with feathered trim. “I usually don’t really wear makeup and keep it pretty natural, so I wanted my wedding day look to reflect that—but, obviously, with makeup,” she says. “We went for more natural tones, with some light pinks and golds on the eyes.” She kept her hair down, with soft curls at the bottom. “Because my dress had pearls, I wanted to add some pearls to my hair on the side for a great accent that tied everything together. I am obsessed with how they came out—and they lasted all night!”

Sabrina in hot pink feather pajamas with loose waves and a sparkly hair pin

Photo by PS Photography + Films

”I am definitely a fun nail design girl,” she adds. She hit up Vanity Projects for wedding-day tips. “I wanted them to be classic, but with a fun twist. We did a French ombre but added small crystals along the cuticle lines for some sparkle. They went perfectly with the crystals in my dress.” 

Sabrina's long-sleeve beaded wedding dress with a deep V-neck and sheer sleeves

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Sabrine putting on her grandmother's diamond earrings

Photo by PS Photography + Films

“I wore my late grandma’s diamond earrings with a hanging pearl, and it truly felt like she was there with me.”

Sabrina dancing with the mother of the bride wearing a gold sparkly dress

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Sabrina’s Berta fit-and-flare gown was fully embellished with scattered crystals and flowers. It also featured cutouts with illusion panels on each side. “It had long sleeves with a puff detail at the top, making it both modern and eclectic,” she says.

Surprisingly, she’d only tried it on a whim. “I had tried on a bunch of other dresses, and I was leaning toward one of the first dresses I ever tried on,” she remembers. “My mom and I were going back to try it on and saw that there was a Berta trunk show at Chic Parisien in Miami. So, I said why not at least try a Berta on for fun. I pulled my dress because I had seen it on Instagram; I never thought I would’ve wanted it because I never was thinking about long sleeves. The minute I put it on, my mom and I were speechless and started to tear up. We instantly knew. It was just perfect. The sparkles, the way it was young and sexy, but still classic. It was everything!”

But, there was just one more gown she had to try. “I had to try on a huge poofy dress and send a picture to Maya in honor of her role in Bridesmaids,” Sabrina says. “We were exhausted and needed a good laugh!"

Sabrina's white heels and her dog wearing a floral collar

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Sabrina paired her gown with kitten heels by Stuart Weitzman. “I’m tall and wanted something simple, as my dress was such a statement,” she says.

Sabrina and Clark's first look on an outdoor patio

Photo by PS Photography + Films

I loved seeing Clark’s face when he turned around to see me in my dress for the first time—it was so emotional!

Sabrina showing Clark her wedding dress for the first time

Photo by PS Photography + Films

The couple knew from the start of planning they’d want to do a first look. “We knew it would be a really special, intimate moment,” Sabrina says. “We know how chaotic and crazy it can be right after you get married, so to have a longer moment just the two of us was so special.”

Sabrina and Clark kissing during their first look

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Sabrina and Clark holding hands after their first look

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Sabrina and Clark taking photos in front of banyan trees

Photo by PS Photography + Films

“I loved seeing Clark’s face when he turned around to see me in my dress for the first time—it was so emotional!” Sabrina says. As they posed for portraits, “We had so much fun just being able to talk, play around, and make each other laugh. We both feel as though it kept us so at ease leading up to the ceremony.”

Sabrina's bridesmaids wearing mismatched dresses in shades of pink and champagne

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Sabrina and Clark's wedding party taking photos

Photo by PS Photography + Films

“Clark’s brother was his best man, and my two best friends were my maids of honor,” Sabrina says. She let her bridesmaids select their own silk gown in any pink or sunset shade they desired. “It came out so beautifully and everyone was so happy since they chose their own dresses.” Bouquets matched the palette with peonies and roses in pink, cream, and pops of purple. 

Sabrina and her officiant wearing a long-sleeve pink floral dress

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Sabrina and Maya Rudolph in a pink floral dress

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Sabrina had one additional matron of honor: her cousin, comedian and actress Maya Rudolph. Maya also served as officiant (and looked chic in a floral pink dress!). “Having Maya—who knows us both so well—marry us truly made it so personalized and amazing,” shares Sabrina.

Sabrina and Clark's pink floral ceremony arch, grass aisle, and ghost chairs

Photo by PS Photography + Films

“We went for a more contemporary look for the altar,” recounts Sabrina. “The aisle was fake grass that matched the actual grass in that area, and was lined with gorgeous flowers that matched the arches of the altar. The chairs were lucite, which continued the contemporary theme. The stage was gold, beneath two giant floral arches: one hot pink and one light pink.” From a distance, the arches looked stacked on top of each other, but were actually spaced a few feet apart. “We were engulfed in these gorgeous flowers when standing on the platform.”

The setup was a dream—but it almost didn’t happen. “We were going back and forth on the ceremony structure until the week before the wedding,” the bride remembers. “Jassi Lekach Antebi of JGroup said, ‘Trust me. I’ve got this.’ She most certainly did!”

Clark walking down the aisle with both of his parents

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Sabrina walking down the aisle by herself

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Sabrina added an oval-shaped veil with hand-embellished crystals and blusher for her grand entrance. “Both of my parents walked me down the aisle, and I absolutely loved it,” she says. “I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life.” 

The song was also a special choice. “I walked down the aisle to ‘Ocean Eyes’ by Billie Eilish, which was the song playing when we had our first kiss,” the bride remembers. “We had a track playing in the background, and then a live musician played electric violin on top of it. It made for a super cool, but beautiful, moment.”

Sabrina and Clark standing at the altar during their ceremony

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Maya Rudolph officiating Sabrina and Clark's wedding

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Clark laughing during the ceremony

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Of course, the funny duo wrote their own vows—but still, Clark’s took Sabrina by surprise. “As an actress, I thought I was the performer of the group, but man was I wrong,” she says. “Clark’s vows were incredible. They were funny, sweet, meaningful, and beautiful. He did promise he would most likely not keep the wedding weight off, which everyone hysterically laughed at. Since we are just a fun, playful couple at heart, both of our vows were filled with sentimental, wonderful moments, and a lot of jokes and fun digs into each other. I think it was one of the highlights for our guests.”

Sabrina and Clark kissing after their ceremony

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Sabrina and Clark holding hands as they begin to recess

Photo by PS Photography + Films

The best feeling is during the ceremony when all of your closest people are watching you marry the love of your life.

Sabrina and Clark rejoicing as they recess down the aisle and their guests throw flower petals

Photo by PS Photography + Films

“Stay present and take it all in,” Sabrina advises other couples. “The best feeling is during the ceremony when all of your closest people are watching you marry the love of your life. It feels like hundreds of warm rays of light and love are hitting you. You’ll never forget it!” And speaking of light: After their kiss, the newlyweds recessed out to “Light It Up” by Major Lazer, ready to get the party going. 

Sabrina and Clark's cocktail hour in a courtyard underneath string lights

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Guests moved into cocktail hour—but it was about more than just the drinks. “The food at our wedding was incredible, and so many people still talk about it today,” Sabrina says. “Since my family is in the restaurant business and is obsessed with food, it was important for us to nail it. We had a huge cocktail hour, with eight different passed hors d’oeuvres, including guava-filled croquettes, mini lobster rolls, and tuna tartare tacos. We also had four different food stations, which ranged from a sushi bar to seafood to a pizza oven.”

Sabrina and Clark's moody reception with tall, feathery floral centerpieces

Photo by PS Photography + Films

The reception space was where Sabrina’s vision truly came to life. “I definitely knew what I wanted, so having that design down was one of the easier parts of planning,” she says. Round and rectangular tables were mixed and matched, and set with black-and-white-striped chargers that mirrored the striped dance floor.

Sabrina and Clark's purple table linens with tall, colorful, feathery centerpieces

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Sabrina and Clark's purple menu cards on floral chargers

Photo by PS Photography + Films

“The centerpieces were these amazing floral arrangements placed on lucite pieces to make them look like they were floating right above the table,” the bride describes. “Those same flowers were also painted on the stage, so it felt super cohesive. The longer tables had multicolored feathers as overhead pieces on lucite, so they too looked like they were floating above your head. The linens were black to offset all of the color in the room, and purple lighting lit the black drapes along the entire room. We had LED panels behind the band that changed colors and videos constantly. It really felt like a Miami club!”

Sabrina and Clark making their entrance into the reception

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Sabrina and Clark kissing at their reception

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Carrying cocktails from a custom martini bar outside, the newlyweds got a peek at the incredible space before the rest of their guests entered. 

Clark twirling Sabrina around during their first dance

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Sabrina and Clark performing their choreographed dance

Photo by PS Photography + Films

“Clark and I love to have fun and both love comedy and movies, so our first dance was a surprise choreographed medley,” Sabrina says. “We started with ‘Sweet Melodies’ by Lizzy Land (Schier remix), and broke into the dance from Pulp Fiction—our favorite movie—to “You Never Can Tell” by Chuck Berry. It ended on “Do You Wanna Funk” by Patrick Cowley featuring Sylvester, from Trading Places.

The father-daughter dance was equally as special, albeit more emotional than funny. “My dad wrote and sang a song for my mom when they first started dating, and he worked tirelessly on recording it and producing it properly in order for us to dance to it together on my wedding day,” the bride shares. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.”

Sabrina and Clark sharing a speech with their guests on their black-and-white floral dance floor

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Clark danced with his mom to Paul’s Simon’s “Learn How to Fall,” then changed into a dapper white dinner jacket, also by Zegna. “For dinner, we served a grilled peach, burrata, and prosciutto salad, followed by a filet and salmon with truffle risotto and baby carrots,” Sabrina says. “For dessert, we had creme brûlée and chocolate soufflé, my two favorites!”

Sabrina and Clark's hora dance

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Sabrina's mother being hoisted in the air on a chair

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Sabina dancing with Josh Duhamel on the dance floor

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Then, the party was on. Family and friends—and fellow actors and celebs like Josh Duhamel—hit the dance floor. “We used Rock With U as our entertainment, and they were amazing,” Sabrina says. “Ross DJ’d while the band played over the songs, so it was a fusion band. At one point, the sax player and bongo player got on to the middle of the dance floor with everyone!” 

Sabrina's sparkly metallic after-party dress while they cut their white floral cake

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Sabrina had changed immediately into a pair of Miu Miu sneakers to hit the reception. But later, it was time for an outfit change, as well. “Late night, I changed into an amazing black and silver sequined long-sleeve mini with hanging tassels—the Jazmine Spin Drift dress by AGGI,” she says. “It was the perfect look for the afterparty, which got even clubbier than the reception had been. Aussie DJ Thomas Jack played a set, and cartoon bacon danced across the LED panels as a nod to the duo’s newly shared last name. 

On that note, there was one more outfit change in store. “We whipped out some bacon costumes, and everyone was passing them around and wearing them,” Sabrina recounts. “There was a room filled with dozens of dancing bacons—and it was the best thing ever.”

Wedding Team

Venue Indian Creek Country Club

Planner Blumberg Events 

Bridal Gown Designer Berta

Veil Stravinsky Couture

Bridal Salon Chic Parisien

Bride’s Shoes Stuart Weitzman; Miu Miu

Bride’s Hair Rachel

Bride’s Makeup Tatjana Terzic

Bride’s Second Dress AGGI via Wolf & Badger

Dressers Brides & Bow Ties

Mother of the Bride’s Dress Jenny Packham 

Groom’s Attire Zegna 

Floral Design JGroup; Jassi & Co. Creative

Invitations Paper Gals 

Other Paper Products JGroup

Music Rock With U

Cake JGroup

Photo Booth Capture Pod 

Transportation Key Transportation

Accommodations Faena Hotel Miami Beach 

Photography PS Photography + Films

Videography PS Photography + Films

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