Honeymoon Trends for 2020: Couples Look Forward to Simpler, More Relaxing Travel

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Couples planning a honeymoon have faced significant challenges this year. In addition to canceled or postponed trips, many have decided to simplify their honeymoons to make them safer and more feasible.

Despite these challenges, our recent survey of more than 1,000 honeymooners found that couples are excited about future travel, and they continue to value both luxury and relaxation. The one key difference to their pre-pandemic outlook: they’re increasingly interested in keeping things simple. 

To gauge honeymooners’ attitudes toward travel and their appetite for spending, we asked couples when they’re planning to travel again and what those trips will look like when they do. What we found is that most couples are optimistic about their travel prospects, and they look forward to embarking on their honeymoons in the near future. 

2020 Has Been A Rough Year for Honeymoon Travelers

Couples planning a honeymoon this year never imagined they would have to contend with a global pandemic, but that’s exactly the challenge many have found themselves facing. Our survey found that 56 percent of couples have had to modify their plans, while 15 percent have had to cancel them completely. In spite of this, honeymooners are still planning to travel, and most are embracing some form of escapism.

Couples Want to Get Away and Keep Things Simple

It’s no surprise that after a year of considerable upheaval, many couples are planning honeymoons that are relaxing, luxurious and in warm-weather locations. In fact, 72 percent of the couples we surveyed say that they’re looking forward to a relaxing experience and nearly half are exploring warm-weather destinations. 

Simplicity is also a big goal for couples, many of whom say their current plans are less ambitious than they were before, especially when it comes to the number of locations they’re hoping to visit. So, just how many destinations are currently on the list? Fifty-two percent of honeymooners say they’re planning to travel to just one location while 82 percent say they’re planning to travel to three or fewer locations. 

By and large, however, most honeymooners are sticking with their original destinations and many are looking forward to some fun in the sun. Among those surveyed, 11 percent say they’re planning to go Hawaii, 8 percent say they’re hoping to visit Florida, 5 percent have their sights set on Nevada and 3 percent say they are headed to California.

Looking to the Near Future: Honeymooners Are Optimistic About Travel

Couple walking on the beach in Hawaii

While the couples we surveyed have different goals about the locations they’re hoping to visit, the majority have one thing in common: they’re optimistic about traveling in the near future. Forty percent of couples expect to be able to embark on their honeymoon within the next six months and an additional 34 percent plan to go within the next six to 12 months. Nearly all the couples we surveyed believe they’ll be able to take their honeymoon trips within the next two years, a sign of just how hopeful most travelers are about things getting back to normal in the not-so-distant future. 

Although there is still a fair amount of uncertainty around travel, honeymooners seem excited about the prospect of making their dreams a reality. Most couples are also confident that they’ll be able to stick with their original plans—or at least something very closely resembling them. While our survey did find signs of uncertainty when it comes to the current state of travel, what stood out most was the optimism of the travelers we surveyed and their strong desire to find workable solutions to the challenges they’ve faced this year. 

As we look to the future of travel, it’s safe to say that the ‘new normal’ may look different than what we’re used to, but that doesn’t mean our appetites for travel have changed. As the airline and hospitality industries find innovative ways to continue making travel safer and more manageable for everyone, honeymoon travelers are eager to make their honeymoon plans a reality.

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