Why a Honeymoon Can Benefit Your Relationship

Experts reveal how this post-wedding trip can strengthen your marriage.

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There’s no doubt that saying “I do” to your favorite person is a life-changing moment. After vowing to love one another for eternity, jetting off to a tropical island or European city is the perfect way to jumpstart this new chapter together as newlyweds. Not to mention, you’ll be itching for some rest and relaxation after months and months of booking vendors, finalizing your guest list, and navigating family dynamics

While honeymoons are part of a long-standing tradition, they offer more than picture-perfect scenery, Instagram-worthy photo ops, and exciting experiences. These post-wedding trips are also filled with opportunities that can help deepen your relationship. “It’s time that the newly married couple gets all to themselves—in an intimate setting away from all distractions—that is relaxing, nourishing, and rejuvenating,” Figs O’Sullivan of Empathi explains. “The honeymoon is a meaningful and important ritual to strengthen the bond between newlyweds, where they can create lasting memories together.”

It doesn’t matter whether you plan an escape to the Maldives or arrange a visit to London; every honeymoon benefits your marriage. “A beach honeymoon allows newlyweds to relax and unwind after the stress of wedding planning, while a city-centric honeymoon gives the couple an opportunity to explore, be active, and discover a vibrant and social atmosphere together,” Allison Kobasky of Over the Moon Vacations notes. “In all scenarios, couples get to know each other on a deeper level, so there are really endless chances to make your relationship stronger.” Keep reading to learn more about how a honeymoon enhances your relationship, plus tips to maximize the benefits and common mistakes that could reduce the advantages.

Meet the Expert

  • Figs O’Sullivan is a relationship expert and the chief empathy officer at Empathi, an online therapy hub for couples and individuals. He has been working in the counseling field for 20 years.
  • Allison Kobasky is the co-owner of Over the Moon Vacations, which offers services that help couples plan their honeymoon or vacation. She has 10 years of experience and is based in Delray, Florida.
  • Dr. Chaka McAlpin is a licensed marriage and family therapist with 14 years of experience. She provides counseling and therapy services to those in the Los Angeles area.

The Benefits of a Honeymoon for Your Relationship

From sharing uninterrupted alone time to trying new experiences together, here are some of the reasons why booking a honeymoon is important for your relationship. 

Setting the Tone of Your Marriage

After trading vows, your honeymoon is the first shared experience you’ll have as newlyweds, which means it lays the groundwork for your future together. Since getting married is a huge life change—albeit a positive one—it requires time to fully adjust. Planning a getaway helps ease your way into this new life together while giving you the chance to figure out the habits you’ll form and the activities you’ll pursue. 

Since your marriage is still fresh on your honeymoon, the trip provides an excellent opportunity to affirm your commitment to one another. “A honeymoon is a great way to solidify the renewed focus on love and intimacy,” therapist Dr. Chaka McAlpin says.

Spending Quality Time Together

From your engagement party to your wedding, you probably just spent the past several months surrounded by friends and family. Booking a vacation with just your spouse means plenty of uninterrupted alone time to concentrate on your bond. “Weddings tend to distract the couple from the relationship,” McAlpin notes. “A honeymoon can refocus the couple’s attention.” On your honeymoon, you’ll have plenty of hours to explore your connection, build intimacy, and enjoy one another’s company, whether it’s taking a stroll along the beach or discussing your values over fine dining. 

Creating Lasting Memories

Visiting a new place means you’ll form memories that you’ll both continue to reflect back on for years to come. Recalling shared experiences from your trip will help you relive those blissful times together, serving as a constant reminder of your love. “Whatever happens on your honeymoon, you will have those shared memories to laugh about, cry about, or talk about for the rest of your lives,” Kobasky states. 

Digging Deeper

A week or two of one-on-one time in an enchanting place without any responsibilities competing for your attention means you’ll have the space to really get to know each other on a deeper level. “Travel takes people out of their comfort zones, so you’ll learn more about your partner than you ever thought you could while away from home,” Kobasky says. Outside of your normal routine, you’ll have the ability to ask deep questions you wouldn’t normally ask. By exploring new territory, you also might learn something new about your partner—maybe you discover they’re afraid of sharks or have never tried mango. 

Getting Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Honeymoons expose you to different cultures and ways of life, which helps you gain perspective. Not only is this an important skill in your personal life, but it will also help you create empathy for one another and learn how to navigate challenges as a team. 

From snorkeling with exotic fish to hiking an arduous trail, you’ll probably try new things on your couples' getaway. You might find that you and your partner love exploring wildlife, so you decide to plan a safari trip every year as a new tradition. Challenging yourself on your post-wedding vacation will introduce excitement into your union, which will facilitate growth and prevent your partnership from feeling monotonous. “A first-time experience helps you set the tone for your married life as an adventure,” O’Sullivan expresses. “You two are brave souls developing a growth mindset together and committing to having a beginner's mind for adventures in your life ahead.”

Reducing Stress

By making the trek to a new locale, you’ll take a much-needed break from the demands of work and everyday obligations. “The honeymoon is time for deep rest,” O’Sullivan shares. “It’s an escape from the stresses of everyday life.” Without having to attend to your usual responsibilities, you’ll actually be able to unwind and focus on your relationship. After days of this, you’ll return to your normal life feeling more refreshed and in love, so the benefits will carry over.

Strengthening Your Emotional Connection

Spending some alone time with your partner creates the perfect conditions to connect on an emotional level. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or grabbing drinks at the bar, you’re given the time and space to share your feelings and express your vulnerabilities. “As newlyweds, you explore the profound questions about what it is like to live both as a couple and individuals,” O’Sullivan states. “You use your honeymoon to prioritize getting to know and care for each other’s vulnerable selves.” This emotional intimacy increases feelings of happiness and trust, which leads to long-term satisfaction in your relationship.

Responding to One Another’s Needs

During the constant hustle and bustle of daily life, you have many other obligations to attend to outside of your relationship, from a flooded inbox at work to dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. Blocking off several days in a new place gives you the ability to be attentive to one another without any of the usual distractions. On this special vacation, you’ll be more available to communicate your needs and satisfy your partner’s needs. “The couple must address mutual needs of companionship, intimacy, adventure, shared positive experiences, passion, and play,” McAlpin suggests.

How to Maximize the Benefits of a Honeymoon

Although your post-wedding trip is brimming with opportunities to strengthen your union, there are certain things you can do to increase the positive impact it has. Here are six ways to boost the benefits that a honeymoon has on your new marriage. 

Plan a Trip That Captures Your Relationship

Instead of blindly choosing a place on the map, be intentional about the spot you decide to visit. O’Sullivan advises asking your partner a few questions to help you nail down a locale that speaks to both of your interests, hobbies, and preferences. Consider the following: “What are your goals for your honeymoon? What experiences would you like to have for yourself and both of us? Is there any must-have experience? Is there a must-not experience?” Using this prompt can help you and your significant other decide whether a trip full of bungee jumping or boutique browsing will better suit you. 

Practice Mindfulness

Whether you’re eating breakfast or exploring a world-renowned museum, don’t just go through the motions. It’s so easy to get lost in thought, trying to plan your next activity or worrying about all the work that’s piling up on your desk while you’re out of the office. Whenever your mind wanders, acknowledge those thoughts. Then, redirect your focus back to the present moment, resting your awareness on the activity you’re doing, the environment around you, and your partner. By being mindful, you’ll be able to enjoy the trip much more and form a deeper appreciation for your partner.

Try Something New

You and your partner won’t grow without getting outside of your comfort zone. Rather than sticking to the typical routine you follow back at home, do something different on your honeymoon. It could be as simple as trying a new food or as adventurous as kayaking through waterfalls. “On one trip with my husband, we met another couple who convinced him to go zip lining,” McAlpin shares. “I agreed to go and watch. Well, I quickly learned that I needed to be all in. It was fun and scary. The surprising reward was that the activity required me to trust him, to rely on his encouragement to get me through it. When it was over, we shared a sense of invigoration.”

Surprise Your Partner

You probably have some sort of an itinerary for your honeymoon that includes dinner reservations and tour bookings. Kobasky recommends straying from that schedule at some point during your vacation to surprise your partner with something unexpected. Maybe you plan a private cooking class, a romantic boat ride, or a couples’ massage. “Incorporating thoughtful and unique experiences into the honeymoon on top of the standard activity highlights of each destination introduces a new level of love and appreciation for your person,” Kobasky remarks.

Develop a Daily Ritual

Although switching up your usual routine on your honeymoon is loaded with benefits, having a ritual that you and your partner do every day together will also bring you two closer. Consider hitting a workout class first thing in the morning or reflecting on your day before you fall asleep. Developing a consistent practice on your trip will provide a sense of security and stability and will most likely transfer over to your post-honeymoon life.

Disconnect from Technology

Try your best to unplug from social media, emails, and texts that can distract you from being present with your partner. Of course, checking in with loved ones every now and then is important, but don’t let it consume your trip. “Your honeymoon is an opportunity to invest precious time in each other—the most valuable currency that exists,” Kobasky notes. “I promise you’ll come home with a deeper understanding of each other and hopefully will have fallen even more in love than you were before you left [if you take a break from technology].”

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