Honeymoon Registry Etiquette 101: Everything You Need to Know

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If your heart's set on an epic honeymoon and you don't want to drain your savings to get there, a honeymoon fund is a great idea! The idea of asking for money is a genius, though relatively modern take, on the traditional wedding registry.

What Is a Honeymoon Registry?

A honeymoon registry is when the couple decides to ask guests to gift money to be used towards the couple's honeymoon. This is in lieu of a traditional registry where guests purchase physical gifts.

If you're worried about how to ask for honeymoon money and other honeymoon registry etiquette particulars, we're here to help. From what to put on your website to how to spread the news, here are eight tips to help you create, share, and use your honeymoon fund.

Share Your Travel Plans

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Most registry websites have a space for you and your soon-to-be husband to tell a bit about your story, and your upcoming travels. Be descriptive and honest, and outline your exciting itinerary. Paint a crystal clear picture for everyone of what you will be doing, seeing, experiencing, eating, etc. The more details the better! This space is also where we recommend acknowledging why you've chosen a honeymoon registry over traditional registries, and how much your guests' gifts can impact your experience.

Break It Down Into Specific Items

One of the great things about a honeymoon fund (aside from getting extra cash for your epic vacation!) is that you can break it down into specific items and experiences to make your guests' gifting experience a little more personal. From a couple's massage to upgraded plane tickets to a cooking class all about local cuisine, it gives a fun insight into the adventure you have planned and helps your guests feel like they're buying you something specific instead of just writing a check.

Provide a Traditional Registry, Too

While you really may not want anything else to clutter your already existing shelves, countertops, and linen closets, understand that some guests (specifically those stuck on tradition) would rather give you something tangible that you can have in your home for quite some time. Because of this, we recommend still registering for some items—and don't feel like you have to register for housewares. With today's registries, you can register for literally anything. Seriously. On sites like My Registry or Zola, you can register for everything under the sun, including Soulcycle passes, fine art, Target gift cards, an espresso machine, etc. You can even add items from Etsy to your registry. With so many options, you'll be able to find 10 to 20 items to add for your guests that prefer giving physical gifts.

Pick Up the Tab on Any Fees Charged

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Wedding registry website services such as Wanderable offer the option of having the registered couple "pick up" the fees associated with their service, rather than the guest having to pay. This way, your guests are truly gifting you the amount they desire to, and you will be charged the small percentage/fee when you "cash out." Honeyfund is another popular honeymoon registry that never charges any fee to the gift giver. There's also no fee for the recipient if they choose to get the money via a digital gift card rather than a bank transfer.

Feel Free to Be Flexible

While you should definitely use any money contributed via a honeymoon registry for your honeymoon, there's no rule saying that SCUBA lesson your aunt purchased actually has to be a SCUBA lesson. You might decide that you'd much rather upgrade your standard room to a suite or an over-water bungalow, or arrive at your destination and realize that a helicopter tour would be more your speed. Or maybe you'd rather spend a few hours in a smaller seat on the airplane, then reward yourself with a luxurious day for two at the spa instead. It's your trip, after all! And if you land and are way too tired for that sunrise hike up a volcano, there's always a sunset cruise or a private dinner on the beach.

As we mentioned, though, you really should still put the money you receive as part of your honeymoon fund toward your honeymoon. Your guests are hoping to make that experience as memorable and exciting as possible for you, so put their generosity to good use. And if you come home with a little extra money in your pocket (perfect for that home improvement project you were thinking about!), we won't tell!

Include a Memory in Your Thank-You Card

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Honeymoon registries make for unique thank-you card opportunities! Let's say your cousin gifted you a ziplining adventure—how fun would it be to include a picture of your and your honey zipping through a canopy of trees? Adding in a photo of the gift's intended use will really take your thank-you card to the next level. Including a photo is the perfect way to not only show the impact of their gift but to give them a glimpse into your once-in-a-lifetime trip, as well! As with all thank-you cards, make sure you send them out within three months of receiving the honeymoon funds.

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