25 Hidden Halo Engagement Rings That Add Unexpected Sparkle

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hidden halo engagement ring

Courtesy of Bayou

Hidden halo engagement rings are becoming more popular, and it's not hard to see why. The tiny band of diamonds that sit beneath the center stone and can typically only be seen in profile is a fun way to add a little extra sparkle to your ring. It's also a great way to give your center stone a bit of a lift, and it's more subtle than a traditional halo setting.

"If you want to customize your ring but not distract from the center stone, a hidden halo is a lovely way to achieve just that," private jeweler Hannah Florman tells Brides. "And if you want to elevate the look without a massive bump in cost, these small diamonds can do the trick."

Meet the Expert

Hannah Florman is a private jeweler in Boston who specializes in one-of-a-kind diamond engagement rings and fine jewelry.

While there are plenty of great things about hidden halo rings, there are also some things to keep in mind before purchasing one. Some engagement rings featuring a hidden halo require a higher and bulkier setting, which can make finding a matching wedding band a little difficult—although, of course, not every hidden halo ring is like that. Because of the small diamonds and the possible higher setting, these can be a bit more fragile than other types of rings. Still, for many, it's worth it for that unexpected sparkle coming from underneath the stone.

Here are some of the best hidden halo engagement rings you can buy now.

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Private Label Round Ultra Thin Solitaire Hidden Halo Ring

hidden halo engagement ring with gold band
Courtesy of J.R. Dunn.

This classic solitaire ring on a very thin gold band is given a bit of an upgrade with a hidden halo. Sitting underneath the center diamond is a dainty band of small diamonds that elevate the center stone.

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Brilliant Earth Demi Diamond Engagement Ring

platinum hidden halo ring
Courtesy of Brilliant Earth.

The small glittering halo underneath the center stone on this ring is barely visible from the top. Added sparkle comes from the thin band.

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Sylvie Spiral Engagement Ring With Hidden Halo

spiral engagement ring with hidden halo
Courtesy of Sylvie.

You can get a glimpse of the hidden halo underneath the center stone on this ring from certain angles. The spiral band makes it more unique and eye-catching.

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DeBebians Dainty Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring

hidden halo diamond ring
Courtesy of deBebians.

The emerald-cut center stone on this ring almost completely hides the halo of tiny diamonds underneath when looking at the ring from the top. The sparkling diamond band makes this one extra glittery.

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Brilliant Earth Secret Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

small hidden halo engagement ring
Courtesy of Brilliant Earth.

This Brilliant Earth ring features a slightly different look with a very small hidden halo underneath the center stone. It almost looks like a little ring wrapped around a regular-sized ring and is very dainty.

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Clean Origin Secret Sapphire Hidden Halo Ring

hidden sapphire halo ring
Courtesy of Clean Origin.

Add something different to your engagement ring with this beautiful option. It features a classic solitaire engagement ring, but the hidden halo underneath is made of glittering sapphires.

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Blue Nile Petite Micropavé and Hidden Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

hidden halo diamond engagement ring
Courtesy of Blue Nile.

The hidden halo on this ring isn't quite as hidden as some other options: you can see it peeking through just a bit from the top. The halo is meant to look like a band of tiny sparkling flowers and offers a unique shape.

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Verragio Round Diamond Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

round diamond hidden halo engagement ring
Courtesy of J.R. Dunn.

From the top, this looks like a simple round solitaire ring on a white gold band. From the side, you can see the hidden halo just underneath the stone and the delicate French beading that makes it look extra special.

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L. Priori Andrea Ring

gold hidden halo engagement ring
Courtesy of L. Priori.

This unique engagement ring features a gold band with a round center diamond. Underneath, a small hidden halo is only visible from the side, where it creates a beautiful crown shape.

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Tacori Royal T Emerald Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring

hidden halo emerald cut engagement ring
Courtesy of J.R. Dunn.

This elegant ring features pavé diamonds around a thick band for plenty of sparkle with an emerald-cut center stone. Just underneath the stone sits a halo of tiny diamonds.

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No. 3 Hexagon Secret Garden Ring

gold hidden halo engagement ring
Courtesy of No. 3.

If you're looking for something that stands out, this stunning geometric shape certainly fits the bill. A hexagon-shaped center diamond is interesting enough, even without the tiny diamond halo hiding underneath the gold setting.

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Ashley Zhang Aurora Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

gold band and cushion cut engagement ring
Courtesy of Ashley Zhang.

This antique-inspired bezel-set ring features a cushion-cut diamond on a thin gold band for a look that is both classic and vintage. You'll find tiny hidden pavé diamonds as a little surprise.

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Tacori Royal T Round Pavé Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

side view of hidden halo engagement ring
Courtesy of J.R. Dunn.

This Tacori ring features a round-cut center diamond with a hidden halo that can only be seen from the side. The tapered band is a beautiful addition.

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Platinum Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

hidden halo engagement ring
Courtesy of Derco Fine Jewelers.

With an oval-shaped center-cut diamond and a platinum band, this ring is sure to sparkle. The small diamonds that make up the hidden halo give it a bit of a boost as well.

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Blue Nile Petite Hidden Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring

side view of engagement ring
Courtesy of Blue Nile.

Dainty and small, this engagement ring features a round center stone. The slight cathedral and hidden halo put the stone on full display.

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Clara Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

gold band engagement ring
Courtesy of Miadonna.

A few things make this ring stand out: the delicate grooving all around the band and the hidden halo that lifts up the center diamond. This one is a bit different while still being a classic.

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Private Label Ultra Thin Emerald Cut Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

emerald cut engagement ring
Courtesy of J.R. Dunn.

Super delicate with a thin platinum band, this ring is a showstopper thanks to the emerald-cut center diamond. It's lifted up by a band of tiny diamonds that make a modern-looking hidden halo.

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Kobelli Piper Bridal Set

engagement ring and band set
Courtesy of Kobelli.

A pear-shaped stone feels fresh and modern, as does the very hidden band of tiny diamonds sitting directly underneath it. This one is moissanite for extra sparkle, and it's a set with a matching wedding band.

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Charles & Colvard Round Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

moissanite engagement ring
Courtesy of Charles & Colvard.

Another moissanite option is this ring, featuring a round center-cut stone elevated by a hidden halo. The channel-set band with melee accent gems makes this one feel more unique.

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Kobelli Orah Ring

oval cut engagement ring
Courtesy of Kobelli.

For something super simple, opt for this Kobelli ring. It features an oval-cut moissanite stone, lifted just slightly by a band of small lab-grown diamonds. The plain band keeps this subtle but still so pretty.

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Bayou Hidden Halo Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

engagement ring on wood
Courtesy of Bayou.

With a 2.39-carat conflict-free diamond center stone, this ring is a stunner. The stone is elevated just a bit thanks to the elegant hidden halo, and the gold band adds extra sparkle and is a nice contrast.

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Diamond Daughters Henna Ring

hidden halo
Courtesy of Diamond Daughters.

Many hidden halos are sort of like a subtle basket underneath a center stone, but this one is a bit different: it's more like a ring around the bottom of the stone. Featuring a moissanite stone, this has a delicate glittering band.

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Rebecca Overmann Hidden Halo Brilliant Diamond Ring

gold hidden halo ring
Courtesy of Rebecca Overmann.

This gold bezel setting gives this ring a perfect antique feel, but it also seems minimalist and almost modern in a way. From the side, you get a glimpse at the hidden halo that adds just enough extra sparkle.

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Eliza Page Marjorie Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

hidden halo gold band
Courtesy of Eliza Page.

The gold band gives this oval-set engagement ring a more modern feel. The hidden halo accent is a nice way to lift the stone and give this ring the glitter it needs.

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Rebecca Overmann The Parti Hidden Halo Ring

hidden halo ring
Courtesy of Rebecca Overmann.

If you're looking for an alternate stone over a diamond, consider this ring, which features a gorgeous Australian-cut Parti sapphire. The hidden halo in the gold setting is so unique and pretty.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring


Florman suggests being aware of how it will sit on top of a wedding band. "The band of your ring should sit flush with your wedding band, otherwise you'll risk chipping a diamond with everyday wear," she notes.


Some hidden halos are simple and more subtle, while others are part of a more elaborate basket setting. What you choose depends on the look you're going for.

  • How do you clean a hidden halo engagement ring?

    Cleaning a hidden halo can be a small extra step. "Use a soft-tipped toothbrush and some dish soap," Florman says. "Be gentle around the prongs but be sure to get underneath the halo for proper cleaning. Let your ring air dry and voila! Sparkly clean."

  • Will a hidden halo increase the overall price of an engagement ring?

    As Florman notes, hidden halos typically elevate the look of your ring without increasing the cost, so this is usually a budget-friendly way to add extra sparkle.

  • How can you find a matching wedding band with a hidden halo engagement ring??

    If your ring isn't part of a set, Florman recommends working with a private jeweler who can help you find the best pair.

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