Our 20 Favorite Hallmark Wedding Movies You Can Stream Now

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If there’s one thing we can count on in this crazy world it's that The Hallmark Channel is home to a good love story that speaks to us hopeless romantics at heart. And although Hallmark also has a special place in our souls around the holidays for movies that take these sappy love stories up a notch, you luckily don’t have to wait for a certain time of year to get your Hallmark romance fix.

Among the tales of kissing under mistletoe are year-long wedding movies all about the humor, stress, and romance that not only goes into planning a wedding but also falling in love. From successful wedding planners who just aren’t lucky in love to old flames who are just destined to be together years later, Hallmark movies have it all.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Hallmark wedding flicks that will have you saying “I do” to your next movie night binge.

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A Country Wedding

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Starring Jesse Metcalfe and Autumn Reeser, this beloved Hallmark Channel original movie tells the story of a famous country singer returning to his small town before getting married to his glamorous Hollywood actress fiancée. Naturally, he bumps into a former flame while home and begins to question the meaning of true love—and whether this childhood sweetheart is the woman he should actually be marrying. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have much time left before the wedding to figure it all out.

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The Perfect Bride

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As a fitness instructor and former marriage counselor, Molly’s life is all about helping clients prepare for their big day with a combination Bridal Bootcamp and premarital counseling course. Unfortunately, she’s struggling herself in the love department while struggling to come to terms with her own past—until she meets Nick. He isn’t just a charming photographer but also a client’s fiancé and is having some serious pre-wedding doubts of his own. 

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The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells

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Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith are back in this sequel to The Perfect Bride. As boyfriend and girlfriend, the pair are ready to take the next step and start planning nuptials of their own—until life gets in the way. Now that they’re faced with a possible postponement they meet the biggest wedding planning dilemma of all: Can their wedding actually happen?

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Marrying Mr. Darcy

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After a whirlwind courtship, Donovan Darcy and Elizabeth Scott are engaged. But as Elizabeth gets further into wedding planning and Donovan gets more caught up in work, she’s starting to feel the pressure and the glaring differences in their backgrounds. The mounting stress and expectations have her questioning if she’s ready and worthy of becoming Mr. Darcy’s wife.

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Perfect Match

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After an engaged couple can’t agree on anything while wedding planning, the groom’s mother gets involved by hiring two drastically different people—an event planner and a wedding planner—to help try to bring their vision to life. But as these planners begin working together to help the couple compromise, they start falling in love themselves in a tale of opposites attracting in the best possible way. 

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Ms. Matched

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It may not be surprising that extravagant wedding planner Libby Boland is successful in pulling off the ultimate fairytale for her clients but not herself. That is until she meets author Ben Reynolds and falls madly in love—until learning that his book goes against all of her values: He teaches couples how to get married on the cheap. As they begin to battle both romantically and professionally, will sparks still fly?

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Destination Wedding

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After spending countless hours planning her sister’s perfect destination wedding in paradise, Ellie Hamilton is hit with an unexpected problem: both the bride and groom don’t show up. Not wanting to panic guests with only a few days until the wedding, Ellie is forced to team up with the best man, who happens to be her ex, to try and keep guests calm while secretly working to save the wedding and falling in love again herself. 

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Stop The Wedding

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After finding out that her aunt is engaged, a young attorney is worried—and has good reason to be. Her aunt is planning on marrying a big TV star who is just as famous for all of his failed marriages as he is for his acting. So what is a protective niece to do? She tries at all costs to stop the wedding!

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The Wedding March

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Olivia and Mick broke up after dating in college but that’s not where their love story ends. Two decades later when Olivia was getting married, Mick happened to not only own the venue she and her daughter had picked but also be the singer at her reception. Despite things originally ending on bad terms, Mick and Olivia’s grown daughters play a hand in encouraging their reunion.

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Wedding March 2: Resorting to Love

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After 25 years apart, college sweethearts Olivia and Mick find themselves reunited in the most awkward of circumstances—Mick owns the venue where Olivia was set to get married. But after the end of her relationship, the two go into business running a wedding resort together and although their business partnership might not work out, their personal relationship blossoms.

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Wedding March 3: Here Comes the Bride

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With Valentine’s Day weekend here, things for Olivia and Mick seem to be more about family than romance as they get to work hosting Mick’s sister and her fiancé, Mick’s daughter and her boyfriend, and Olivia’s mother and her boyfriend at the Inn. But with family comes chaos—especially when Mick’s sister decides she wants to pull off a last-minute wedding and Olivia’s daughter wants to drop out of school.

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Wedding March 4: Something Old, Something New

the wedding march 4 movie scene

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With another wedding weekend coming up at the Inn, there’s bound to be stress for all, but not as much as the bride feels while dealing with the groom’s sister. Mick and Olivia have to navigate all of this while also planning an engagement party and dealing with surprise guests. Plus, they’re still figuring out their own love story. 

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My Boyfriend’s Back: Wedding March 5

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Annalise is feeling the heat while trying to ensure that her first wedding ever goes off perfectly. While she was trying to keep the pressure from getting to her—so what if her career’s success depends on what happens at the Inn—the last thing she needed was an unexpected surprise. Her ex, and the last person she’d want to see, is the couple’s best man. At the same time, Mick and Olivia are celebrating and each trying to pull off a surprise for one another.

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Love at First Dance

love at first dance movie scene

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Formerly Manhattan's "Most Eligible Bachelor," Eric is about to get married. But despite his reservations, he has an even bigger problem: he can’t dance. So dance instructor Hope is hired to help him and his bride-to-be get ready. But as they continue to work together sparks fly between Hope and Eric, which leads to conflict as his big society wedding nears.

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Wedding Bells

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Despite previously being set up by their best friends and it going nowhere, Molly Quinn and Nick Turner do have a few things in common: they’re both career-obsessed, terrified of commitment, and the best man/maid of honor at their friends’ wedding. But when problems with the wedding arise, this pair has to work together to save (and replan) their best friends’ wedding. But to their surprise, they fall in love while finding ways to compromise throughout the process. 

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Yes, I Do

yes, i do movie scene

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Despite what James thinks, Charlotte really does want to marry him. But why isn’t James so sure? Because Charlotte has previously left him at the altar not once but twice before. So will the third time be the charm or will neither of them even make it that far to find out after his ex-girlfriend shows up and wants to get back together.

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The Last Bridesmaid

the last bridesmaid movie scene

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Just because Becca is always the bridesmaid doesn’t mean that she’ll still be always the bridesmaid. Well, at least after meeting her cousin’s wedding videographer while on bridesmaid duty. Even though he wasn’t “supposed” to be the guy for her and she was set up with the best man while pressured not to be “the last one.” Despite her belief that it has to be love at first sight, something is different about Kyle and Becca learns that love doesn’t have to follow certain rules.

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Wedding at Graceland

wedding at graceland movie scene

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With just three weeks to plan their Memphis wedding, both Laurel and Clay's parents come to town to “help.” But with their arrival comes overbearing advice and drama as both sets of in-laws have vastly different opinions on exactly what they should do for their wedding at Elvis Presley’s home. Even if Christmas at Graceland was romantic, wedding planning there with the in-laws proves to be anything but.

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Love, Take Two

love, take two movie scene

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As the producer for a reality TV show, Lily should be prepared for the unexpected. But when her ex is cast as one of the show’s lucky grooms-to-be, she’s forced to focus on her own past and love life and not just on the romantic storylines her viewers get to see each week. Although Scott is supposed to be getting married on the show, there are some love connections that can’t be denied, and his chemistry with Lily is one of them.

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Bridal Wave

bridal wave movie scene

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To the outsider looking in, Georgie’s relationship with her fiancé is perfect. He’s a successful plastic surgeon who loves her but deep down she worries that something is missing—and his disapproving mother doesn’t help. As she tries to push aside her fears as their wedding day nears, she finds that those missing sparks are flying with someone else: Luke Griggs, an ex-architect that she keeps bumping into.

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