49 Gorgeous Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Hairstyles

Bride getting into car

Un Cercle 

Of the myriad wedding hairstyle ideas floating around on your Instagram feed, half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles are the ones to save. Romantic, modern, and impossibly pretty, it's one of those beauty looks that will never go out of style.

"The number-one tip I tell brides when it comes to their wedding hair is that you want to feel like the best version of yourself," says Lorean Cairns, founder of Fox & Jane salon. "Most of us wear our hair down on a daily basis, so a lot of times a full, fancy updo can take you out of your comfort zone. Half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles are that great compromise of wanting your hair lush and flowy around your face and shoulders, yet still having key pieces out of the way so you're not fussing with it throughout the day."

While there are so many different ways to interpret the half updo to make it fit your personality and wedding aesthetic, there's still a timeless appeal to it. "You'll never look back at your wedding photos in 25 years and regret having your hair half up," says celebrity hairstylist Matt Fugate.

Meet the Expert

  • Lorean Cairns is the cofounder and CEO of Fox & Jane Salon Group, Skin Habit, and Little Lion Salon. She is the author of Culture Fox and speaks across the country at industry events.
  • Matt Fugate is a seasoned celebrity hairstylist in New York City who has worked for countless stars and top designers. He writes editorials for style magazines, like Allure, where he and his hairstyles are regularly featured.

Scroll for 49 half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles for every type of bride.

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Effortlessly Chic

Bridal portrait

Jillian Mitchell 

This effortless style would look right at home at a beach wedding. We love the unexpected sexiness of an unfussy 'do.

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Sweet Spirals

Bridal portrait

Ryon Lockhart Photography 

If our hair looked this good, we'd smile as big as this bride, too. We love the honeyed highlights adding some extra brightness and dimension to the style.

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A Floral Affair

Bridal hair

Melissa Marshall 

This half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle is blooming with beautiful florals. Here the blossoms are nestled directly into the securement of the hair completely masking it.

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Grecian Inspiration

Wedding hairstyle

Michael and Carina Photography

Braids and curls and gilded hairpieces, oh my! "This Grecian-inspired hairstyle is all about shine factor and bouncy volume in all the right places," explains celebrity hairstylist Tommy Buckett.

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Parting Ways

Bridal portrait

Melissa Marshall

Switch up your part from side to center, or vice versa, to instantly modernize your look. Such a small alteration can make a surprisingly large impact on the overall style.

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A Woven Wonder

Bridal hair

Sally Pinera 

Instead of simply pinning back her tresses, this bride had her hair loosely woven into this romantic 'do.

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Quintessentially Cute

Bride getting into car

Un Cercle 

The quintessential half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle: Long, cascading locks and just a few pieces pulled back from the face.

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A Match Made in Heaven

Newlyweds with baby

Alea Lovely

All it took was three white blooms and a braid to make this style perfect for a spring wedding. The bride even matched her floral accessories to her mini-me flower girl.

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Bohemian Queen


Juan Trijillo of 4Events; Event Planning by Organización de Una Boda; Hair by Oui Novias; Headpiece by Suma Cruz 

This bride's elaborate headpiece is the crowning touch to her romantic, bohemian style. She even added thin braids both to secure her hair back and dispersed throughout the bottom half of the hair.

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On the Fringe

Bride and bridesmaids

Brittany Mahood 

Who said fringe gets in the way of a half-up 'do? Sweeping side bangs add even more dimension to this bride's half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle.

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Don't Forget Your Greens

Bridal hair

Michael and Carina Photography 

An adorably earthy and boho look. "I love the way you can throw a couple of greens from your bouquet to dress it up a little, says Buckett. "It feels very organic and not as matchy-matchy as flowers can sometimes look when they're used as a hair accessory."

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A Twisted Take

Ring exchange

A Heart String Co.

Twist some tresses away from the face to create this cool-girl style.

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Go Retro


Christopher Velasco

We love the '50s vibe of this retro bouffant. The side-parted bangs are a nice added touch.

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Delicate Buds

Bridal hair

Kristina Gasperas Makeup Artist; Hairstyling by Kasia Fortuna of Kristina Gasperas Makeup Artist 

This horizontal braid is dotted with baby's breath. The little buds are tucked directly into the plaits, giving off the illusion of sprouting from the locks themselves.

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Long Lengths

Bridal portrait

Jessica Lorren Photography

"This is for the girl who's been growing out her hair forever for their big day and wants to show it off," says Fugate. "The flowy pieces framing her face add an approachability to it that is certainly not for the stuffy bride. This is always a great example of how a simple, sleek hair clip can elevate your look."

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Romantic Heights

Bridal portrait

Jamie English

Simultaneously modern and romantic, this style reaches new heights. Literally! Look at all of that exquisite volume.

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A Soft Touch

Bridal portrait

Suzi Jacobs 

Loose, face-framing tresses add some softness to this romantic look.

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Pull It Back

Bride getting ready

Caroline Lima Photography 

This pulled-back style lets the bride's beautiful face take center stage.

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Green Goddess

Bridal hair

Ashley Sawtelle 

With sprigs of greenery and dainty white buds, this half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle is ready for spring.

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Light It Up

Newlyweds kissing

Heather Durham Photography

Bride Francie Harris's half-up hairstyle shows off her gorgeous highlights. The groom definitely seems to be a fan.

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Bardot Beauty

Bridal portrait

Sawyer Baird Photography

"This half-up style has that Brigitte Bardot-like appeal," says Buckett. "All of her long bangs and front layers are pulled out of the 'do to make it sultry and charming."

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Veiled Perfection

Bridal portrait

Jenn Byrne 

Proof that a half-up, half-down 'do is the perfect hairstyle for a veil. This bride looks absolutely heavenly.

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Add Some Sparkle

Nuptial Ceremony

James & Schulze

Full, formal curls and a sparkly hairpiece complete this pretty hairstyle.

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Steve Steinhardt; Event Planning by Duet Weddings; Hair by Hairbybrookehawaii 

A frothy pink wedding gown and a romantic half-up style have this bride looking sweet as can be.

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Simplicity Is Key

Bridal portrait

Love & Light Photographs 

"There's a simplicity to this half-up hairstyle that's really refreshing," says Buckett. "By skipping curls or a fancy braid, she lets the cool detail of the back of her dress, her sparkly barrette, the veil, and the big bouquet do the talking. She still makes it interesting with a deep side part and a hint of a soft, loose wave right at the ends."

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A Gold Accent

Bridal portrait

The Goodness 

This bride's draping hairpiece makes her look like a bonafide goddess.

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Minimal Mix


Henry + Mac; Event Planning by Glass Event Planning; Hair by New Leaf Hair Studio; Floral Design by Flowers by Semia 

Minimalist brides, don't be deterred. This style looks amazing with simple dresses and minimal gowns.

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Bridal portrait

KT Merry; Event Planning by Bellafare; Hair by Process

This bride embellished her half-up, half-down style with crystal hairpins.

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Crowning Glory

First kiss

Sara Lobla 

A flower crown makes for the perfect topper to this 'do as it mimics the natural drape of the hair.

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Liven Things Up


Mon Soleil Weddings; Event Planning by Sapphire Events; Hair by Flawless Bride; Floral Design by Poppy & Mint Floral Company 

A sweeping side bang and tons of volume at the crown give these barrel curls a vivacious feel.

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Au Naturel

Bridal portrait

HENRY + MAC; Event Planning by Nicole Mower Weddings + Events; Hair by Ariel Johnson Makeup Artistry; Floral Design by Campfire Floral 

These rich, luscious spirals were made for a half-up, half-down hairstyle. We think the look is endearingly natural and organic.

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Finishing Touch


Maya Marechal; Floral Design by La Fabrique d’Etoiles Filantes 

This bride finished off her half-up 'do by swirling the ends into a bun rather than letting them hang down in a ponytail fashion.

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Just Add Water

Bridal portrait

Sara Richardson; Event Planning by Amy Abbott Events; Hair by Blanc Salon; Floral Design by Pina Hernandez

Beach babes, rejoice. Beachy waves look laid-back and fun in a half-up, half-down 'do.

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Lucky Charm


Alexandra Roberts; Hair by The Green Door Day Spa 

This bride tucked a few clovers into her tendrils that matched the clover-shaped necklaces she designed and gifted to each of her bridesmaids.

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Barely There

Bridal portrait

Amanda K; Event Planning by Marjorie Burgarella of By Mademoiselle C; Hair by Brittain Monge

This bride pulled just a few thin strands of hair back, largely leaving the rest to fall around her shoulders, for a minimalist twist on the classic style.

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Best of Both Worlds


Carmen Santorelli

Can't fully commit to a half-up, half-down hairstyle? This bride proves that meeting halfway can be just as stunning. She tucked back only one side of her hair and allowed the rest to cascade around her face, accenting with a posy of baby's breath.

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Loosen Up

Bridal Portrait

Erich McVey; Event Planning by Laurel & Rose; Hair by Team Hair & Makeup; Floral Design by Moon Canyon

We love the loose strands of this Malibu bride's relaxed hairstyle. We can always count on the California ladies for all the cool-girl bridal inspo.

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A Perfect Pair

Bridal portrait

Hannah Pickle; Event Planning by Grand Events NOLA; Hair by Glam NOLA; Floral Design by Antigua Floral + Styling 

An architectural wedding dress gets a dose of femininity and softness with this gentle half-up style.

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An Unexpected Twist

Bride getting dressed

Madeline Broderick Photography; Hair by ONLO Beauty 

Instead of directly pinning her tresses back, this bride finished off the style with a flourish: Each end gently twists, before sweeping downward into the rest of the hair.

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Budding Romance


Luna del Mar; Event Planning by Gold Leaf Event Design; Hair by Gambuti Robsin Hair & Makeup 

This bride brightened up her inky-hued, glossy locks with two pure white rosebuds.

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Focus on the Face

Bridal portrait

Jen Ocken Photography; Event Planning by Leslie Campbell Weddings & Events; Hair by Beth Washington 

Model Brooks Nader pulled her hair upward before raking it back to draw the eyes up onto the face.

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Glam Factor

Bridal portrait

Yessica Cruz; Hair by Estetica Passion Spa

Feeling glamorous? Top off your half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle with a pearly hairpiece. This placement even adds some height to the overall look.

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Au Naturel

Bride walking down aisle

Tec Petaja; Event Planning by Jessica Sloane; Hair by Emily Artistry; Floral Design by Vintage Florals 

This bride's natural spirals give this style so much added texture and personality. Embrace your hair's distinctive pattern for a bridal hairstyle that's entirely your own.

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Make a Statement


Taylor Mccutchan; Event Planning by Roque Events; Hair by LaJo Studios 

Pull back thicker swaths of hair to mimic the look of a low ponytail without giving up that romantic sweep. Bonus: This looks incredible with a statement earring.

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A Sunny Disposition

Bridal portrait

Asia Pimental; Event Planning by  Claire Duran Weddings and Events


Sunny highlights and saturated lowlights add heaps of dimension to tousled tendrils and an otherwise simplistic style.

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An Autumnal Dream


Mike Larson; Event Planning by Bash Please; Hair by Katie Nash Beauty; Floral Design by Marigold 

This bride filled out her half-up style with roses in dusty tones that matched her dreamy autumnal nuptials in Napa. The look is sheer magic.

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Freshen Up


Ross Harvey; Event Planning by The Lake Como Wedding Planner

This bride pulled her tresses back into an adorable bun for a refreshing take on the traditional coif.

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Braided Tendrils

Vow exchange

Imogen Xiana; Hair by Victoria Fergusson

Braid your locks backward for an added dose of interest to your style. This also creates a bit of an anchor to securely tuck your veil into.

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Très Romantique

Bridal portrait

Rebecca Yale; Event Planning by Matthew Oliver Weddings; Hair by Ava Belle; Floral Design by Madame Artisan Fleuriste 

We repeat: Leave a few rogue tendrils out to freely fall around your face and create a romantic frame surrounding your features. This bride's results are positively angelic.

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