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Guest Perspective: Jenna's Friends and Castmates Share Their Wedding Must-Haves, Favorite Moments, and More

What the stars have to say about celebrating today.

It's no secret that the people make the party. So, while a wedding is about the couple, it's also about their loved ones too. What food will they devour? How can they make the day more special? Which songs will be a hit—for both the ring bearer and the groom's grandmother?! To find out what guests love (and dislike), we tapped Jenna's Glee castmates and friends to share their favorite components of a wedding, as well as the moments from our cover star's celebration that made them swoon.

Kevin McHale

Favorite Wedding Moment: The dance floor. I love weddings and I love dancing with friends. The music has to be good, though.

Best Style Advice for Wedding Guests: Balance wearing something that not only looks great, but feels great… and also gives you plenty of room to get down on the dance floor. I’ve ripped my pants too many times.

Go-To Wedding Gift: I like to send something small and personal to go into a new home together.

The Song That Always Gets You Dancing: “Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé, it’s more of a stomp down the catwalk, but it gets me every time.

guests dancing

Photo by For the Love of It

Band or DJ? A great DJ!

Favorite Memory from Jenna’s Wedding: My favorite moment was a tie between her vows and (as requested before the wedding) I found her as soon as she changed into her dance floor look, and we took a shot of mezcal. Also the food.

Becca Tobin

Favorite Wedding Moment: I love vows if the bride and groom write them themselves. But I also love that first cocktail too!

Best Style Advice for Wedding Guests: I always say to show how excited you are for the couple by dressing your best! And if there’s ever any question about what to wear… always err on the dressier side.

Go-To Wedding Gift: MONEY!!!!

What song always gets you dancing? “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston

Band or DJ? Either! As long as they don’t play “Shout”

Favorite Idea/Trend That You’ve Seen at a Wedding: Vaccinated guests!

Favorite Memory from Jenna’s Wedding: Jenna and David’s vows were my absolute favorite part of the wedding. I wept like a baby!

Alessandra Torresani

Favorite Wedding Moment: I love watching the moment right before the couple says, “I Do”. There is always this unique sparkle in the eye that says it all… this is the moment where our lives will forever begin as one!

Favorite Idea/Trend That You’ve Seen at a Wedding: No cake. I personally love cake, but so many people do not. It’s your day, and you should have a dessert you should actually want. Jenna and David had a pie table, which was incredible. Becca Tobin had a donut table. I think those things are easier, and usually way more delicious!

Best Style Advice for Wedding Guests: My best style advice is to always bring a chic handkerchief. Whether you start crying, or the guest next to you does, you will always look cute wiping away those happy, memorable tears!

Go-To Wedding Gift: I love to send things that are very personalized. Even if it’s just a simple robe or towel, being able to have the new couples names or initials is such a special touch. 

The Song That Always Gets You Dancing: Anything by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

Band or DJ? I’m a personal fan of bands!

Favorite Idea/Trend That You’ve Seen at a Wedding: Small weddings have been so wonderful because they have forced couples to choose the most important people in their lives to join them in a very intimate ceremony. Don’t get me wrong, I love a big wedding, but there is something so romantic about a small, beautiful gathering of love.

Favorite Memory from Jenna’s Wedding: I was so lucky to be a part of the Stanley wedding! Jenna and David showed everyone how strong and deep their love is by the vows, speeches, and even the simplicity of holding each other in a way only soulmates do. Allowing every guest to feel the love, we all grew a forever bond the same way Jenna and David have. Also, let’s be honest, the dance party was out of this world!!!!

guests dancing

Photo by For the Love of It

Candice King

Favorite Wedding Moment: The speeches get me every time! Kevin McHale and the rest of the Glee family had me cracking up with their collective speech. Then the dads got me crying. Jenna and David’s fathers gave such personal and heartwarming speeches. [They] had our table shedding tears. 

Best Style Advice for Wedding Guests: For anyone wearing a suit… be mindful of the heat. Linen can be a great option for outdoor summer weddings. For anyone wearing a dress, don’t stress. Wear something that feels great, and remember, nobody is looking at you. No offense, but it’s all about the bride or couple getting married. So just pick out something (that’s not white or remotely close to white) that you can dance in and have fun!

Go-To Wedding Gift: Something kitchen-related. My husband and I love to cook so I love to pick out a fun culinary tool if it’s on the registry. 

The Song That Always Gets You Dancing: Anything from Bruno Mars and “Shout!”

Band or DJ? Any music at a wedding! I’d throw down to Polka if that’s what the couple wanted jamming!

Favorite Idea/Trend That You’ve Seen at a Wedding: No phones. I love a wedding that demands you put your phone down. 

Favorite Memory from Jenna’s Wedding: My favorite wedding moment was when I learned that Jenna knew how to do the splits. I love a bride that throws down on the dance floor. David and Jenna were so patient planning their wedding during [the pandemic]. They were so caring and mindful of their guest’s comfort and safety. All I could hope for them was that they got their dream wedding, amazing weather, and got to have a blast getting married because they deserved it. And they did! It was such an honor to be there to celebrate their love for each other and the start of their marriage.

Kayla Ewell

Favorite Wedding Moment: Jenna’s fabulous wardrobe change for the dance floor! Watching her shine, taking over that dance floor, and all of us letting loose, laughing, and celebrating this once-in-a-lifetime experience together is a moment we will never forget.

Best Style Advice for Wedding Guests: Elegant with a tinge of flair. I love wearing color to weddings—it’s such a happy occasion, it always feels right. Staying true to who you are is important, but also make sure you don’t outshine the bride and groom.

Go-To Wedding Gift: I love personalized stationery. Thick card stock with their names engraved but also something that has a bit of personality. Our best friends gifted this to us on our wedding day. I loved it so much, I now do the same.

The Song That Always Gets You Dancing: "Sweet Caroline." It bridges all the gaps. Everyone loves "Sweet Caroline!" It has the little ones on the floor, the grandparents on the floor, and everyone in between.

Band or DJ? Always a band. Live music fills the soul.

Favorite Memory from Jenna’s Wedding: For me, watching her and David together all night long was the absolute highlight. From their vows (unknowingly) being almost identical to the way they looked at each other all night long. It was magic. Truly. The thing I love most about Jenna is how truly personable and humble she is. When I first met her, Glee had already won several Emmy Awards, SAG Awards, Teen Choice Awards… you name it. And yet here she was, so lovely and kind. I knew in an instant she was special. That’s why, when she brought David to dinner that first night, (I think we were watching The Bachelor, and we take that very seriously) we saw how humble, kind, and genuine he was, and we knew she had found someone as special as her.

guests dancing

Photo by For the Love of It

Heather Morris

Favorite Wedding Moment: My favorite moment was the wedding vows because they were both so pure and full of all the reasons why they’re madly in love! Jenna and David are two of the most articulate and polished people in the world, so given the task of putting together their wedding vows, obviously, they portrayed their relationship perfectly and I was bawling my eyes out!

Best Style Advice for Wedding Guests: Always bring tissues, and as my friend reminds me, pack roll-up flats cuz heels hurt like a bitch at the end of the night, especially after a few cocktails.

Go-To Wedding Gift: I always try to find something on their lists that is the most used household utensil. I think people tend to go with the most extravagant or even out-there gifts, but when the excitement is gone and the couple is living their life, it’s those small things that will always be there for them.

The Song That Always Gets You Dancing: Anything, really!

Band or DJ? A DJ really gets people off their seats and moving.

Favorite Idea/Trend That You’ve Seen at a Wedding: Jenna had “advice” cards for the soon-to-be couple—I loved that! Such a great memory they can put inside a scrapbook and look at later!

Favorite Memory from Jenna’s Wedding: It was so intimate and the venue was adorable! My favorite memory of the wedding was how willing Jenna and David were to get on the dance floor and let loose.

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