5 Groomsmen Style Trends for 2023 Weddings

Keep your best friend's looking sharp and perfectly aligned on the big day.

groomsmen trends for 2023 weddings

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When it comes to wedding fashion, it can oftentimes be hard to keep track of every rule and trend to follow. This is especially true as it pertains to attire for the wedding party, and even more so for the groomsmen. While fashions for the bride and groom take precedence over everything, groomsmen attire usually gets lost in the shuffle behind the bridesmaid's dresses and looks for mom and dad. However, for couples who'd like to style their special men and lean into this year's essential trends, we've got you covered!

Ahead, we tapped Kelly Adams-Browning, SVP, chief merchant of Men's Wearhouse, to help break down the top five groomsmen fashion trends for 2023 nuptials. No matter your wedding style and dress code, follow these key tips to ensure your best men are looking sharp and perfectly aligned with your day-of vision. 

Meet the Expert

Kelly Adams-Browning is the SVP, chief merchant of Men's Wearhouse, a leading destination for high-quality and affordable designer men's clothing.

groomsmen in matching suits

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Matching Suits

Though many couples are now leaning towards contemporary wedding fashion aesthetics (like unique dress codes and patterned suits for grooms), one menswear trend that continues to remain steady is matching suits for groomsmen. "Having your groomsmen in matching suits helps everyone look like they’re part of the event and makes it easy for everyone to know what to wear!" shares Adams-Browning. "Many brides prefer the wedding party in matching suits so that she and the groom are the ones to stand out."

It's important to note, however, that even though matching suits are a trend for 2023, that doesn't negate the fact that couples can still infuse their personal style into these wedding day getups. For instance, consider selecting hunter-green ensembles instead solid black suits, or ask each groomsman to wear a special accessory.

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Non-Black Suits

As mentioned above, color is a great way to infuse style and personality into your groomsmen's attire. "There are so many color choices this year to coordinate with a wedding color scheme or season, or just show off a person’s individual style," notes Adams-Browning. "We are seeing a shift to lighter hues for spring. Light, icy greys, tan, and pastels all look fresh and new. We expect jewel tones and deeply saturated colors (purple, deep green, and blue) to trend again for fall 2023 for weddings in suits, formal dinner jackets, and accessories."

Gone are the days when standard black suits are a requirement for groomsmen at a wedding. So, embrace the season and don your men in colors that are fit for modern-day nuptials. "At Men’s Wearhouse, Egara suits for spring can be found in rose, light blue, tan, and mint green—with matching shirts, ties, and pocket silks so that you can even be head to toe in the color of your choice," Adams-Browning adds.

groomsmen photo

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Unique Accessories

Looking for ways to infuse more personality into your groomsmen's attire? Consider asking them to wear unique accessories like floral ties and colorful socks to monogrammed cufflinks and pocket squares. "If the groomsmen are following the matching suit trend, one way they can reflect their individual style is with unique accessories," shares Adams-Browning. "Some conversational socks or a different colored or patterned tie is a great choice. Novelty socks, featuring a favorite dog breed or 'team groom', are an easy way to add a pop of fun to even a serious wedding look." What's more, grooms can also use this as an opportunity to gift their best friends a unique accessory to wear during the wedding.

groomsmen photo

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Formal Loafers

Unfortunately, many couples fail to give shoes the attention they deserve when it comes to wedding party attire. Don't let this be you! Shoes have the ability to modernize an outfit as well as add some style to an overall look—especially men's loafers. "While this style of shoe has been around for a very long time, the new styles, colors, and fabrications can add flair, edge, or a color pop to a dressy look," notes Adams-Browning. "The shoe is another way to make a look a person’s own, so whether you go traditional or edgy, it’s all about what is most comfortable for you."

groomsmen suits

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Double-Breasted Jackets

Last, but certainly not least, for couples planning a formal celebration, double-breasted suit jackets are a trend to know. According to Adams-Browning, this silhouette is currently making a comeback in wedding fashion due to the rise of celebrities sporting this design on the red carpet. "This style is a great way to infuse fashion, stand out, and even elevate wedding or formal attire," she adds. "You can wear the double-breasted jacket as part of a two-piece suit or tuxedo. An elegant choice is the Calvin Klein Slim Fit Double-Breasted Tuxedo at Men’s Wearhouse. Or you can wear a white or colorful double-breasted dinner jacket, and pair it with a formal black pant (think Paul Mescal at the Oscars!)."

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