How to Choose Your Wedding Suit, Based on Your Personal Style

Plus, helpful styling tips.

groom wearing a green suit with pink tie

Photo by Ana Hinojosa

When it comes to wedding day attire for grooms, many times, not much thought is placed on what they will wear. Grooms are sometimes expected to "keep with tradition," and wear a suit or tuxedo in a neutral shade of black, blue, grey, or white. Accessories are usually also kept minimal, with maybe some grooms opting to incorporate colorful pocket squares, socks, or a tie—but personalizing a groom's suit is often overlooked and not always encouraged.

Luckily, times are changing, and grooms are exercising more freedom over what they want to wear. "More than ever—thank you social media—grooms are not afraid to try unconventional outfits for their big day," shares Men's Wearhouse, a premier destination for menswear across the United States. As large-scale weddings quickly return, grooms are not only taking control of their attire but are also infusing their style into their looks, dressing how they feel most comfortable with no regret.

"With constant access to visual inspiration, grooms will pick up cues and continue to experiment with bolder colors and patterns, and will not be afraid to try different textures or prints. They might opt for two tailored looks even, one for the ceremony and one for the reception, or experiment with a unique color or pattern that they normally wouldn’t have a few years ago," Men's Wearhouse tells Brides.

Guided by the expert advice of Men's Wearhouse, here's everything you need to know when choosing your wedding suit as a groom. Read on for helpful styling tips to consider, based on your personal style.

For the Color-Inspired Groom

Color can be the easiest and quickest way to infuse your personality into your wedding day look. "Colorful suits are a trend, particularly blue in brighter and peri shades as well as pastels for the summer. A cobalt blue, a soft mauve, or a light green pastel is a chic yet unique way to stand out amongst a potential sea of gray or navy suits," notes Men's Wearhouse.

They've also seen a spike in jewel-tone, white, and ivory suits and jackets. "Keep the look grounded with more classic underpinnings like a plain white shirt or a silk knit solid tie. Just be sure the color speaks to your own preference while taking into account what your partner will be wearing," the team adds.

For Grooms Who Don't Like Suits

We get it, suits aren't for everyone, but before you decide to forgo wearing formal attire, be sure you're aligned with the dress code of your event, your venue locale, and your partner. However, regardless of the dress code, the team at Men's Wearhouse recommends ditching your favorite athleisure outfit for something a little more ceremonial—and thankfully, there are plenty of suits that feel just as comfortable as your favorite sweat and hoodie combo.

"The good news is that many suits include performance technology and extra stretch to help ease the transition into tailoring when required. Personalize the look with more casual underpinnings that remain respectful to the ceremony, such as a stretch cotton oxford shirt, ghost tie (no tie), and/or Chelsea boots" advises Men's Wearhouse.

For the Traditionalist

Sticking with tradition is never a bad thing! If your style tends to veer more conventional, dressing for your wedding will be that much easier, and even if you choose to go the classic route, there are still a few ways to personalize your day-of look.

"You cannot go wrong with a classic tux or sharp suit. These are tried and true staples that will never look out of place for your formal event, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment within your comfort zone. Those looking to stick with a classic suit might consider a three-piece suit—which is more elevated than a two-piece due to the vest, and looks far less boardroom and far more formal," shares Men's Wearhouse.

As for accessories, the team at Men's Wearhouse recommends wearing a skinny black tie, vintage cufflinks, or a lapel pin.

For the Casual Groom

Casual does not have to equal informal. There are many grooms who want to look their best without feeling stuffy and uneasy in a suit. If this sounds like you, always remember that you never have to sacrifice comfort for style.

"The great news is you can look just as put together in fabrics that lend themselves to [different] environments. Linen and seersucker, in washed-out hues, give you polish while staying breathable enough to keep you dry—long after the after-party where the natural rumples or wrinkles will not look out of place," notes Men's Wearhouse. Depending on the dress code, you can also opt to ditch the tie, rock a pair of sneakers, or forego wearing a suit jacket altogether, in order to keep a casual, but elevated, sense of style.

For the Bold Groom

For grooms with bold tastes, dressing for your wedding should be a true reflection of your fun and daring personality. Take advantage of all the formalwear choices provided today, from suits with textured patterns to velvet tuxedos in colorful hues. Personalization is key when it comes to bold aesthetics, and your options are limitless as to how you can dress for your wedding.

"Gone are the days of sticking to a solid color foundation and because of so much time indoors, people are more willing to experiment in bolder patterns and expressive prints. Silk textures and patterns, like paisley or jacquard, are just as popular as the more classic variety but add a lot more personality," advises Men's Wearhouse. "We offer various fashion dinner jackets to wear for the wedding or as a second look for the reception. Just keep said statement to the jacket; the trousers should remain a solid color to ground the look. "

For the Individualist

If you have a strong grasp of your personal style and would like to create a unique look for your wedding, going custom will likely be the best option for you. "Nothing speaks to a groom’s individual sense of style like a custom suit or tuxedo. While the truly personalized fit alone will make you stand out, the choice of fabric and lining selection—and special details like pocket type, lapels, and stitching—ensure that a custom suit is a way to go to truly own your look," notes Men's Wearhouse.

Also, don't worry about the price tag. The custom offerings at Men's Wearhouse are not only affordable but are personalized to help fit your budget. "We also offer a variety of custom options for grooms (and groomsmen), from affordable to luxury, including suits delivered in less than three weeks from our own factory artisans in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The experienced staff and in-house tailors, available in every location, are pros in the measurement and design process—to make sure that the fit and look of your garment is exactly what you want for your big day."

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