25 Groom's Cake Ideas for Your Big Day

Get inspiration for this creative wedding cake tradition.

baseball groom's cake

Photo by Amy Nicole Photography; Cake by Cakes by Rachel

While most couples typically come together on the flavor of their wedding cake, it may not be the same for the overall design. However, there is one other cake tradition couples can serve up on the wedding day that goes against the traditional cake decorations of piping, florals, and buttercream details. A groom’s cake offers the perfect opportunity to highlight the groom's personal tastes in the sweetest way.

A groom's cake is a tradition that began in the late 19th century in England and quickly grew in popularity in the American South. Typically, this cake would be designed for the groom based on one of his hobbies, a go-to drink, a movie, or even just a favorite treat. It’s entirely optional to have a groom’s cake depending on your wedding preferences. But if you do, it’s often displayed and served alongside the main wedding cake, or even incorporated into other wedding festivities such as the rehearsal dinner. It’s a great way to bring an element of fun to the reception or to even surprise the groom with a sweet gift.

Think a groom’s cake would be the perfect addition to your big day? Read on to see 25 great groom's cake ideas to incorporate into your wedding day.

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Admire an Alma Mater

Texas Longhorns clocktower groom's cake in tan, orange, and navy

Courtesy of Cake-Aholics Bakery

Want to highlight a love for an alma mater, or maybe even a particular football team? Ask your baker to create a structure that looks just like one of the campus buildings. This cake was created to mimic the Albritton Bell Tower on Texas A&M's campus.

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Showcase a Passion

Groom's cake with brown hiking boots design with red shoelaces

Photo by A Bryan Photo; Cake by The French Confection

Hiking may be a favorite pastime for a groom, or you might be an adventurous couple that enjoys heading out on the trail together. Celebrate with a groom's cake that embodies that passion by featuring a hiking boot, a backpack, or another piece of gear.

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Blast Off

Black and white NASA spaceship groom's cake on blue platform with NASA logo

Courtesy of Ron-Ben Israel Cakes

This incredible NASA spaceship model is actually made out of cake. Baker Ron-Ben Israel designed this creation for a groom who loved astronomy.

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Topiary Treat

Giraffe topiary groom's cake with blue and white bow tie at wedding

Photo by Gia Canali

At a Hamptons wedding, a giraffe topiary put on display actually happened to be a red velvet groom’s cake. The surprising confection was a tasty and design-forward treat.

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Honor a Love for Sports

New York Rangers, Giants, and Yankees inspired groom's cake with NYC skyline and helmet


If you're looking for a groom's cake for a sports lover, this would be the ultimate surprise. Work with your baker to create a cake centered around a favorite team. This cake was created for a New York sports fan, highlighting the New York Giants, Yankees, and Rangers on each tier, but the concept could be switched up for a team of any sport.

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Make a Sweet Statement

Brown, green, and red duck hunting groom's cake with sign that reads "The Hunt Is Over"

Photo by Brittany Conner Photography; Cake by Ellie's Sweet Creations

This cute cake symbolizes a passion for hunting, but it also makes a statement. After all, once you find your spouse, the hunt is definitely over.

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Make It a Mascot

Georgia Bulldog mascot groom's cake on table with greenery

Photo by Katherine Marchand

Does the groom love their college sports team? Create a cake in the image of the mascot, like at this New York rehearsal dinner. All of the couple's college friends loved this homage to their alma mater and took photos with it throughout the night.

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Pooch Pastry

Brown dog groom's cake

Photo by Stephanie Sunderland

Make a nod to the groom’s canine best friend with a life-size version of their dog. This recreation of a family dog Archie at a Hamptons rehearsal dinner was a huge hit amongst the guests.

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Pup Portrait

Kristina and Alex's single-tier cake decorated with an illustration of their dog

Photo by A Bitter Orange Photography

You can also have a baker show off their talent with frosting and paint a portrait of your dog on a cake, like at this eclectic Pennsylvania wedding.

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Dress Up a Character

Star Wars R2D2 in tuxedo groom's cake

Courtesy of The Cake Girl

Obsessed with Star Wars? You may not want to feature a character cake on your wedding day, but there are ways to dress them up! We love this cute R2D2 from Star Wars cake, dressed up in a tuxedo for the occasion.

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Recreate a Textile

Western textile groom's cake in gray and tan


If you're embracing a western vibe, you can still incorporate it into a cake design. We love the way one couple chose to feature a groom's cake that matched a Ralph Lauren fabric. It was the same fabric used in their invitation suite to bring the whole theme together.

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Keep It Cool

Yeti cooler groom's cake


No matter the occasion, nothing beats a cold beer. Surprise your groom with a cake designed just like a Yeti cooler like this one. Of course, it was decked out with ice and a few bottles of beer to complete the fun design.

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Recreate a Favorite Drink

Red wine bottle in wooden box inspired groom's cake

Courtesy of Hands on Sweets

Wine lover? Who knew you could have an entirely edible cake that resembles a prized bottle of wine in a wooden box! You can definitely take this idea and run with it for a bottle of wine, or switch it up to feature a favorite whiskey, bourbon, or even beer.

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Celebrate the Mountains

Snowy mountain blue and white groom's cake


Even a single-tiered cake can represent a hobby or a favorite place. Deck out a small cake with beautifully painted buttercream to resemble snowy mountains.

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Adventurous Art

Blue and green groom's cake with dog, bike, signs, and mountains

Photo by Megan Wynn Photography

At one adventurous couple’s Aspen rehearsal dinner, they served a groom’s cake that honored some of their biking travels around the world, as well as their pooch.

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Commission a Masterpiece

Blue, brown, and yellow buttercream deer groom's cake

Courtesy of 10 Bloom Cakes

Handpainted buttercream detailing can be used to showcase so many hobbies or passions. Embrace a love for nature and ask your baker to paint a stunning scene.

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Keep It Country

White and groom groom's cake with fondant cow on top

Photo by Christina Carroll Photography; Cake by Sweet Treats Bakery

Looking for a rustic vibe? Whether he's a farmer, a rancher, or simply loves longhorns, this is the sweetest design. Use a small decorated cake surrounded by cupcakes to put together a meaningful display.

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Work of Art

Square groom's cake with comic art design inspired by artist Romero Britto

Courtesy of Ron-Ben Israel Cakes

As a nod to the groom's favorite painter, a bride had a groom's cake designed to look as if it was created by famous comic-inspired artist Romero Britto.

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Celebrate With Star Wars

Star wars groom's cake with lightsabers, wookie-inspired tier, and words "May the Force Be With You"

Photo by Ocean + Ridge Photography; Cake by Cakes by Rachel

Star Wars is a favorite movie for so many, and the possibilities of incorporating this theme into a cake are endless! We love the number of handcrafted details that came together to create this special sweet.

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Dive Away

Christine and Brian's diver bell helmet groom cake

Photo by Laffler Photography

Since the groom at this Brooklyn wedding has a love of deep sea diving, the couple decided to have a unique cake created as a nod to the hobby. The design features a vintage diver’s bell helmet wrapped with octopus tentacles.

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Highlight Hunting

Green, blue, and white hunting groom's cake with hunter, birds, and hat on top

Photo by Eliza Morrill Photography; Cake by The Baking Grounds

Hunting may be a favorite hobby, and it can be highlighted in a sweet way. Choose a multi-tiered cake with fondant detailing to celebrate his passion.

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Feature a Team

Single tier Oakland A's white, blue, and red baseball groom's cake

Photo by Amy Nicole Photography; Cake by Cakes by Rachel

Featuring a favorite team doesn't need to mean a big, elaborate cake if you don't want it to. Incorporate a single-tiered groom's cake decked out in team colors, along with a monogram at the top.

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Embrace Aerial

Chocolate Star War's groom's cake with planes

Photo by Stephanie Rogers Photography; Cake by Sweet Treets Bakery

While this cake celebrates a love for Star Wars, featuring Tie Fighters tackling the Death Star, it could also serve as inspiration for someone who loves airplanes. Consider decking out a cake with handcrafted planes to celebrate a love for all things aerial.

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Feature Football

Brown, white, and gold Texas A&M Kyle Field school stadium groom's cake

Photo by JESSICA PLEDGER Photography; Cake by Good Gosh Ganache

If football's the name of the game, why not go all out? This cake was built to resemble Kyle Field to celebrate a love for the game.

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Magical Moment

Magic themed chocolate groom's cake decorated with playing cards, stars, a dog, and a rabbit

To honor the groom’s love of magic at their barn wedding, the couple served up a chocolate ganache groom’s cake with nods to playing cards, rabbits, and stars.

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