5 Groom Style Trends for Your 2021 Wedding and Beyond

Menswear expert, Sharmila Sudhakar, breaks down everything you need to know.

grooms style trends


It should be no surprise that men are under quite a bit of fashion pressure when it comes to their wedding day. Safe to say, for most, grooms want to look their best for their soon-to-be spouse, while also expressing their own personal style. Menswear is far from a "one black suit fits all", and finding a perfect ensemble is just as important for the groom as it is for the bride.

Meet the Expert

Sharmila Sudhakar is the general manager of Tailored Brands' rental business and is responsible for Men’s Wearhouse, Jos A. Bank in the U.S., and Moores Clothing for Men in Canada.

Few understand this better than Sharmila Sudhakar, the general manager of Tailored Brands' rental business. From her standpoint, grooms are taking control of their wedding day fashions, and not only are they embracing bolder, tailored choices for their big day, but the fashion market is also responding to a shift in personal style—prioritizing comfort and impeccable fit.

Thus, to help break down this new shift in grooms style, we spoke with Sudhakar who walks us through the top five impactful and inspired trends of 2021 that every groom should know.

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More Comfortable and Casual Suits

Let's be honest, loungewear has completely taken over, becoming a wardrobe staple for people around the world. Unfortunately, it’s not likely that anything fleece-lined or with an elastic waist is going to work as well for a cocktail celebration. Sudhakar explains that retailers now understand the importance of “casualization”, even when it comes to more dressed-up suiting.

“While tuxedos will always remain a standard, we think chic, classic, foundational suiting will play a much larger role in weddings and formal events,” she shares. Suggesting that wedding styles may trend toward more relaxed looks, even for fancier nuptials.

“Men’s Wearhouse is getting behind this need by offering even more options in suits,” the style expert reveals. "We have expanded our suiting category to support the demand for more casual options, and will be offering seven colors that include choices in performance technology and luxury fabrications." These options can be found among designs such as Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, Lauren by Ralph Lauren, Joseph Abboud, and Kenneth Cole. “

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A Shift Towards Blue Hues

“For those who are ready to embrace a more formal look, a black tuxedo will forever be a colorway safe bet,” admits Sudhakar. However, while this classic hue will likely remain a top choice for grooms, midnight blue ensembles are steadily becoming more popular and can be seen within various fashion-forward brands, including Vera Wang. “A midnight blue tux is just as classic as a black tux, but with added personality and flair,” she shares.

Additionally, a navy option can satisfy the desire for something less expected and is a great alternative to a standard black or dark blue hue.

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Expressive Patterns and Rich Fabrics

Grooms with more bold and unexpected aesthetics will enjoy a trend that's become extremely popular in 2021—pattern suits and tuxes. “Gone are the days of sticking to a solid color foundation. More than ever—thank you internet and social media—men are not afraid to try different patterns or richer fabrics,” says Sudhakar of this playful approach.

She also highlights that this trend can be accomplished in a balanced way, for a more subdued but fashion-forward look. Instead of a fully patterned suit, “Someone very classic might want to switch it up with a great patterned jacket,” she shares. “We offer various fashion dinner jackets [like from Paisley & Gray] to wear for the wedding, or as a second look for the reception." By keeping the prints to the jacket, the solid color on the trousers will keep the entire look grounded, advises Sudhakar.

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An Emphasis on Lightweight Fabrics

“In the hot summer months or for destination weddings, classic wool might be too heavy. The great news is you can look just as put together in fabrics that lend themselves to these environments,” Sudhakar advises. Regardless of your wedding venue, you want to be sure you look and feel your best, and lightweight fabrics have increasingly become a go-to for many grooms.

“Linen and seersucker in washed-out hues give you polish while staying breathable enough to keep you dry for after-party” she explains—calling out Lauren by Ralph Lauren specifically for its quality seersucker and linen pieces.

If trousers in airy natural fabrics aren’t quite doing the job, you can also explore a short suit set for a playful, more casual, wedding approach. “Complete the look with linen patterned or silk knit ties, and suede derbies or brown unstructured lace-ups,” adds the expert.

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A Return to Customization

The final trend is one that’s evergreen, yet ever-changing: the custom suit. “Nothing speaks to a groom’s individual sense of style like a custom suit or tuxedo,” says Sudhakar. “While the truly personalized fit alone will make you stand out, the choice of fabric and lining selection, and special details like pocket type, lapels, and stitching, ensure that a custom suit is a way to truly own your look.”

A custom suit may seem overwhelming for some, but it's the best way to capture all the specific details you want for when it's time to say "I do." Sudhakar explains that the process can take about two weeks to create at Men's Wearhouse, however, that timeframe will vary depending on other retailers or bespoke tailoring locations.

For those interested in designing their own look, Sudhakar suggests a design tip that'll help make your big day even more special. “Most grooms also include special notes or dates inside their garments to commemorate the occasion.” Those are the kind of heartfelt details you just can’t get off the rack.

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