30 Stylish Groom Outfits From Real Weddings

These grooms have some serious style.


Photo by Abby Jiu

Here at Brides, we absolutely adore bridal fashion (hence our name!). There’s something about a show-stopping gown that makes our hearts skip a beat. But, brides aren’t the only ones with impeccable taste. What deserves just as much recognition and gets us equally as excited is grooms’ attire. After all, it’s their big day too and a chance to put their own personal style on display.

We’ve featured so many fashionable grooms in our Real Weddings, and each one has a unique look that does not disappoint. More and more grooms are playing around with their ensembles and sporting something special that reflects their personality or one-of-a-kind relationship. Fun patterns, unexpected colors, and luxe fabrics are making their way into grooms’ fashion. Whether it’s cufflinks engraved with his wedding date or a watch that once belonged to a loved one, many grooms are personalizing their looks with sentimental touches.

Not only are these grooms getting creative with their outfits, but they’re also using their fashion as an opportunity to build upon their wedding aesthetic. Velvet jackets look sharp against a wintry backdrop while light linens complement a beachside bash. Some grooms donned formal tuxedos for black-tie events, and others dressed themselves in low-maintenance suits for intimate elopements

From traditional to contemporary and everything in between, these grooms didn’t skimp on style. For all of the inspiration you need, here are 30 of our favorite grooms looks from Real Weddings, proving that grooms really do have the best style.

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A Fashion-Forward Hue

Maroon suit

Photo by Hugo Coelho

When David Frisbey was planning his wedding to self-care blogger and speaker Aisha Beau Johnson, he wanted to make a statement with his attire. He decided to dress himself in a custom maroon tux by Matt Harpalani of Imparali Custom Tailors. “We saw a photo of a celebrity rocking the same color tux a while back when we began planning the wedding, and that’s what inspired his look,” Aisha shares. They loved the eye-catching hue so much that it actually informed the color palette for their entire wedding! 

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Keeping It Clean in a Traditional Tux

clinton moxam

Photo by Abby Jiu Photography

Model and content creator Clinton Moxam went to Men’s Wearhouse to search for the perfect wedding tux (and we went shopping with him!). After trying on five different looks, he settled on a two-button notch lapel tuxedo from Vera Wang. Clinton wanted something timeless, not trendy, so he loved that the tux was “simple, black, and sleek.” He explains, “The last thing I want is to look back in 10 years and have to ask myself, ‘What was I thinking wearing some type of crazy suit?’” 

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Going for the Gold


Photo by Larissa Cleveland

Avlok Kohli was able to celebrate both Indian and Western cultures during his wedding weekend, so he wanted standout attire to match the occasion. For the Indian ceremony, he wore a gold sherwani with intricate embroidery from Varsha Patel that coordinated perfectly with his bride’s gold lehenga. 

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Accessorizing in Style

groom's bowtie

Photo by Jacqui Cole Photography

For his wedding day look, Kyler Rowley selected a traditional black tux. “Kyler always knew he wanted our wedding to be black-tie, so it was an easy decision to choose the tux,” the bride, Carrie Merrill, says. The best part? The groom jazzed up his classic look with a unique twist: a feather bow tie from Brackish Brand

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Looking Sleek in Silk


Photo by Jose Ruiz Photography

Michael Dumaine and Javier Ruisanchez wanted to showcase their style and relationship through their fashion choices, so they designed custom looks at Vestium. “However, neither of us knew what the other one was wearing until the day of the wedding,” the couple reveals. Michael ended up creating a black paisley patterned jacket with a silk finish. Meanwhile, Javi produced a flower-printed green blazer, which he personalized with special details. “I wanted to make sure my suit was unique,” Javi explains. He engraved their wedding date and favorite bible verse onto the lining of his jacket and sketched the words ‘Tu Alma Gemela,’ which means ‘your soulmate,’ on his collar.

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A Sweet Nod to Family


Photo by Terri Baskin

To honor his beloved family, Stephen Ross paired his navy blue tuxedo from Winston & Lee with gold jewelry that held personal significance to him. “He wore a watch that was a gift from Stephen’s father, my late father’s gold ring, and a bracelet, which was his late grandfather’s,” the bride, Robyn Iglehart, details.

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An All-White Ensemble

bride and groom

Photo by People Photography

During his Burning Man-inspired Israel wedding to actress Inbar Lavi, Dan Bar Shira rocked three different outfits, all styled by Shany Lasry and Ali Mohana. For his first look, the groom donned an all-white linen suit from Desert. “They decided to go for neutral fabrics that complemented the landscape’s bright and festive colors,” Inbar recalls. 

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Topping It Off with Snazzy Shoes

Groom's attire

Photo by Gaby J Photography

A black tux with a U-shaped vest and red lining was Tavarres Jefferson’s wedding look of choice. To represent his union, he wore monogrammed cufflinks, which had the couple’s initials on one and their wedding date on the other. Tavarres also wanted to show off his fashion sense, so he pulled his outfit together with Christian Louboutin red-bottom shoes.

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A Simple Style for Summer

Groom's look

Photo by Etcetera Photography

During his wedding to Jessie Kim, Isaac Park looked dapper in a black suit. As part of the Korean tradition, Isaac also wore a silver watch that Jessie’s parents gifted him. “Every time I look at it, it serves as a strong reminder of the trust and love I have for not only Jessie but her entire family,” the groom remarks.

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Attire That Changes Colors


Photo by Emma McIntyre Photography

Actors Shantel VanSanten and Victor Webster hosted three different wedding ceremonies, so each event deserved its own fashion moment. For the second ceremony, Victor wore a three-piece velvet suit in a shade called Cardamom from Favourbrook. “It changed colors depending on the light,” Shantel notes. “It went from a golden bronze to brown to almost a forest green.”

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Sporting a Timeless Look


Photo by Jenny Quicksall Photography

Derek Fisher, former NBA player and the current coach of WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks, traded his uniform and sneakers for a custom blue suit by Octavius Terry on his wedding day. He topped off his look with a matching bow tie and a white orchid boutonniere.

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A Colorful Couple

Green suit

Photo by Elizabeth Wells Photography

Since green is Serena Hampton’s favorite color, she and Marvin Yates decided to forgo tradition and dress themselves head to toe in the vibrant hue at their desert elopement. Marvin designed his green custom seersucker suit at Indochino, and he paired it with a green pocket square. 

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Having Fun with Florals

Couple holding hands

Photo by Kristina Adams Photography

When Raj Chimanji set out to marry Toral Vaidya, he yearned for his wedding attire to complement his partner’s. Raj’s custom silk sherwani with gold floral detailing meshed with the gold embroidery on Toral’s lehenga. As for the accessories? The groom wore a custom three-tiered green mala necklace, the same color as the beadwork on Toral’s necklace.

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Including a Special Touch

Couple portrait

Photo by Du Soleil Photographie

For his big day, Ryan Guss designed a custom black tuxedo and included a meaningful tribute. The groom monogrammed his cufflinks and placed a photo of his grandfather in his pocket, so Ryan could hold an important family member close to him during the festivities.

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Seeing Double


Photo by Logan Cole Weddings

Although both Jake Goren and Derek Klamerus wore black tuxedos from P. Johnson to their wedding, they each put their own unique spin on their getups. Derek’s tux exhibited a navy blue shawl collar, and Jake’s featured a midnight blue peak lapel.

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Going the Custom Route


Photo by Alixann Loosle

Not only did Corey Printup devise an original design for his suit, but he also went the extra mile by embracing even more customization. Corey labeled the inside of his jacket with his name, and he embroidered the phrase, ‘I Do For Life,’ on the outside of his collar to show his commitment to his bride.

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An Autumnal Outfit

Groom portrait

Photo by Kyle John

At this intimate fall wedding for two, Andrew Bowman rocked a black suit from Menguin and black shoes from Allen Edmonds. To commemorate his relationship to Alena Kaufman, Andrew wore a Shinola watch she gifted him and floral cufflinks from Wave Hill, their favorite public garden in New York.

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Staying Snug in Velvet


Photo by James x Schulze

The only way Ryan Young stayed warm during his snowy Colorado wedding was by wrapping himself in a thick velvet suit. Ryan’s black velvet jacket by J.Hilburn was a custom piece, and his black alligator cowboy boots livened up the wintry look.

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Suiting Up in Shades

the groom with sunglasses

Photo by The Curries

At Patrick Muyot’s romantic English wedding, the groom wore a three-piece suit in midnight blue from Zebel Bespoke in London. He topped off his classic ensemble with a black bow tie, black sunglasses, gold cufflinks, and a silver and rose gold Rotary watch from his wife.

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It’s All About the Accessories


Photo by Mashaida Co.

When Taj Tashombe tied the knot with Morgan Robinson, he wanted his accessories to shine. He paired his custom gray three-piece suit with black and tortoise glasses from Celine, boots from Prada, and custom beaded bracelets. Morgan explains, “Taj identifies with his beaded bracelets for their healing properties and balancing attributes.”

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A Warm-Weather Garment

Bride and groom on the stairs

Photo by Julieta Amezcua

Rich Ferreira wanted to find the ideal accompaniment to his spring wedding in Cabo San Lucas. After doing some shopping, he settled on a black wool tuxedo by Boglioli Milano. “The minute I tried it on, the fit was perfect, and the slightly larger peak lapel added a little flair,” the groom articulates. “Formal, but the fabric was still very light, so it was perfect for a warm wedding.”

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An Unexpected Pattern

Groom's tux

Photo by Valorie Darling

NHL all-star Sheldon Souray decided to dream up his wedding look with his bride, model Tess Annique, by his side. “We wanted something classic yet unexpected,” Tess reveals. The final product? A custom Tom Ford suit with tapered tuxedo pants and a black sharkskin jacket. “He has impeccable taste, and it was such a fun, creative experience to have together,” the bride says of the customization process.

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Channeling James Bond

groom posing in his suit

Photo by Lynn Dunston Photography

An unlikely source informed Stuart Glenn’s swanky look for his special day. The groom turned to James Bond for his wedding wardrobe inspiration. Stuart ended up sporting a classic black tuxedo from Ermenegildo Zegna, and he pulled his look together with a sharp black bow tie.

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Coordinating with the Venue

Groom kissing bride

Photo by Haseok Chung Studio

The stunning setting for Greg Lee’s elegant wedding was a New York castle that was fit for royalty. To match the upscale venue, Greg wore a black Canali tuxedo with satin peak lapels, a silk bow tie from Drake’s, and calfskin leather oxfords by Salvatore Ferragamo.

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A Classic Color Combination

Couple holding hands

Photo by Roberta Facchini Photography

There’s nothing more timeless than a black-and-white color palette, and Danilo Carlucci wanted to incorporate those chic shades into his wedding getup. The groom selected a white jacket and black tuxedo pants from Ermenegildo Zegna, and he accessorized with a rose gold watch from IWC Schaffhausen and rose gold cufflinks. 

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Finding Inspiration in Europe

bride and groom hugging

Photo by Jenn Emerling 

Since James Eichner is from the Italian part of Switzerland, he wanted to represent his roots on his wedding day. While visiting Florence with his father, James purchased his electric blue suit and brown Boggi shoes. A vibrant blue tie was the finishing touch.

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Setting the Trends in Burgundy


Photo by Kelly Giarrocco

Instead of the traditional black hue, Samson Debra donned a statement-making burgundy shade. The groom customized a three-piece wool suit from Suitsupply, which featured a navy blue paisley pattern on the jacket lining that paired perfectly with his navy polka dot tie. 

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An Opportunity to Honor Family

Couple shot

Photo by Kurt Boomer

When Matt Anapolsky said “I do” to Nicole D’Andrea, he wanted his garb to be as special as the occasion. He personalized his suit from Friar Tux with a plaid tie and heirloom cufflinks that once belonged to his grandfather. “When Matt was little, his grandpa lived in Coronado, and his family would vacation there every year, making San Diego a special place full of great memories,” the bride explains. “It was only fitting that Matt wear his grandfather’s cufflinks.” 

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Designing an Original Piece


Photo by Ashlyn Cathey Photography

At Pichon Duplan’s modern wedding in Atlanta, he rocked a custom black tuxedo from Jos. A. Bank that coordinated with his aesthetic. The groom took his look a step further with white cufflinks, a white pocket square, a black bow tie, and a boutonniere of white orchids, the same flower that comprised his wife’s cascading bouquet.

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A Sentimental Flair

Groom's attire

Photo by Adriana Rivera

On top, Daniel Restrepo’s black Canali tuxedo and matching bow tie looked traditional and tasteful. To give his getup deeper meaning, Daniel embellished his Dior shoes with a crystal bee. “I love bees so much, and my brand’s logo is a bee,” his wife, Sydney Strauss, illuminates. 

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