17 Grazing Table Ideas for a Gorgeous Spread

These food displays are just as beautiful as they are delicious.

A large grazing table at a wedding reception.

Photo by Sydney Noelle Photography

A huge part of a wedding is having everyone you love most coming together—and in addition to coming together for love, people definitely enjoy coming together for food. Grazing tables, a trendy, family-style food presentation, are an ideal option for your wedding day. These colorful, bountiful displays of food (typically made up of various antipasti and charcuterie, but you can get really creative!) offer a place for everyone to gather, feast, and enjoy the special day. And not only are they a delicious way to serve food—they look stunning and photograph beautifully.

Grazing tables often take shape as a massive charcuterie board or spread of antipasti laden with meats, cheeses, olives, and a selection of loaves of bread. Fresh fruits, dips, nuts, and crackers are also traditionally incorporated. When it comes down to it, a grazing table can be any type of spread you fancy, whether you're hoping to include more salads and veggies, or even a few sweets. As long as it’s filled with assorted flavors and textures, you can’t go wrong.

Read on for 17 gorgeous ideas for your wedding day grazing table.

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Add Contrasting Height

A wedding gazing table with shelves and charcuterie, fresh fruit, and cheese.

Photo by Tanya Voltchanskaya

Tiers of bread, cheeses, and fruits elevate this grazing table cast in an illuminating glow. We love the idea of utilizing multiple plates, bowls, and shelves to add interest to a display.

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Cater to a Theme

A wedding day grazing table set up on a wine barrel for a rustic outdoor wedding.

Photo by Kelsie Low Photography

Who needs a table when you have an old wine barrel to offer up some rustic charm? We love this concept for a vineyard wedding, bringing in elements of the winemaking process. Eucalyptus and dried grass accents finish off this clever aesthetic to make a beautiful statement.

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Decorate With Candles

A wedding grazing table with candles and a sign.

Photo by CJ Williams Photography

Why not mix in some décor with your display? Add height and contrast with various platters and shelving, and deck it out with candlelight.

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Add a Bed of Greenery

 A wedding grazing table with florals, fresh fruit, and greenery.

Photo by The Poor Girls Pantry

Planning a grazing table for a winter wedding? A bed of evergreens on a bare wooden table creates that perfect forest feel. We love how this setting threw in king protea for an unexpected touch.

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Utilize Signage

A wedding grazing table with mini chalkboard sign.

Photo by Lauren Campbell

Especially if you're including a variety of specialty meats and cheeses, you'll want your guests to know what they're getting. Miniature chalkboard signs are a cute way to ensure guests aren't left guessing what they’re eating.

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Frame a Gorgeous View

A wedding grazing table set up with background view of rolling hills.

Photo by Ashleigh Haase Photography

Plan your grazing table with a gorgeous view in mind. We love the idea of setting up a stunning display overlooking a beautiful backdrop.

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Go for Mini

Mini charcuterie plate featured as a mini wedding day grazing table.

Photo by Amanda Afton Photography

While it's traditional to set up one big grazing table, why not turn the concept on its head? We love the idea of putting together mini grazing platters to set on individual reception tables for sharing. Or, you could even deck out a plate for each guest's place setting.

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Choose an Unexpected Setting

 A small grazing table set up in an archway at a wedding.

Photo by Cecelina Photography

A grazing table doesn’t actually require a table. Get creative with your spaces—this château ledge has a rustic Italian charm that complements a spread of bread, cheese, and grapes.

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Feature Foods Separately

A platter of salami and prosciutto as part of a wedding grazing table.

Photo by Gina & Ryan Photography

Instead of mixing up antipasti, arrange meats, cheeses, and fruits on their own pedestals for a clean aesthetic. A centerpiece of prosciutto framed by salami is plated perfection.

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Frame With Foliage

A large wedding grazing table with eucalyptus and foliage.

Photo by Savour & Graze

This masterpiece of a grazing table looks too good to eat. Frame a table with eucalyptus and other foliage to enhance your table's lush effect.

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Add Plenty of Fruit

A wedding razing table with bright fruits surrounded by trees and lights.


Plenty of specialty meats and cheeses pair perfectly with fresh fruits. Add in cut strawberries, oranges, grapes, and figs to not only bring out beautiful flavors but to add a stunning splash of color.

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Serve Something Sweet

A wedding grazing table with donuts and candy.

Photo by The Everlasting Photo

Who says a grazing table needs to be all savory? If you're setting up multiple tables throughout your reception, why not go all-out with a dessert or candy bar as well? Set up a display with your favorites such as donuts, cupcakes, sour ropes, and gummy bears and set out little bags or boxes for guests to make up a sweet goodie bag to take home.

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Pack in Fruits and Veggies

A wedding grazing table with vegetables and nuts on a small round table.

Photo by Mullers Photo

We love the look of this bountiful display. A plethora of veggies, from broccoli and carrots to radishes and cauliflower, are put on display in beautiful baskets. And the addition of kale, parsley, and artichokes provide such a fun decoration for this green-themed grazing table.

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Celebrate With Cheese

A wedding grazing table with cheese and cider and a wedding sign.

Photo by Apryl Ann

If you're a die-hard cheese lover, why not choose to go all out? Put together a display of all of your favorite cheeses, from cheddar to smoked gouda. Don't forget to provide a few crackers as the perfect pairing.

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Stay Simple

An olive themed wedding grazing table at an outdoor wedding.

Photo by O'Malley Photographers

A grazing table certainly doesn't have to be elaborate. In fact, it can be as simple as just setting up a great option for guests to have a snack. We love the idea of setting up a grazing cart with fresh olives to munch on for an Italian-inspired reception.

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Embrace Décor

A wedding grazing table with hanging greenery under a tent.

Photo by Todd Hunter McGaw Photographers

Don't be afraid to go bold with your table. Adding in elements of décor, such as hanging greenery, is a great way to draw attention to your display. Theme the rest of the table with matching vases full of foliage.

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Elevate a Salad Bar

A wedding reception grazing table with salads and meats.

Photo by Georgia Verrells Photography

Offering your first course as a grazing table is such a fun choice, and salads are the perfect menu option. Incorporate multiple types of salads, with a bit of charcuterie and bread as well, for a beautiful, delicious display.

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