19 Gothic Engagement Rings for the Edgy Bride


Courtesy of Iz & Co. / Design by Bailey Mariner

Still on the hunt for a unique engagement ring that none of your friends have? Consider a Gothic engagement ring, which boldly expresses the bond between partners who share an edgy, alternative outlook to life.

What Is a Gothic Engagement Ring?

A Gothic engagement ring is a style of jewelry inspired by elegance and macabre. Gothic rings often showcase black diamonds, which resemble strength and passion, or rubies, which represent romance, wealth, and success.

The gemstones—like blood-red marquise rubies or Victorian-style black diamonds—may give a gentle nod to dark aesthetics. Or the ring design may be more explicitly Goth and include skull, bat, and cobweb motifs alongside fine materials and construction. 

“People who identify as Goth might choose to have a really special skull or bone ring,” says jeweler Stephen Einhorn. “But there are many others who might surprise you, as they express their dark or wild side more subtly. Often, they too will want a Gothic ring.”

Meet the Expert

Stephen Einhorn is a London-based designer and fine jeweler. Einhorn’s designs span a range of styles, but many have a decidedly Gothic or rock and roll accent, particularly his skull jewelry collection. 

When it comes to designing a Gothic ring, Einhorn loves to juxtapose fine materials and put an unconventional twist on traditional ring styles. “You’ll want a bit of something fabulous to set off the darkness, he explains. "A brilliant-cut stone like a black sapphire or a black diamond contrasts well with the rich colors of rose or yellow gold. Similarly, the opulence of a diamond sits beautifully on a more overtly Gothic design, like a small skull ring. A platinum and ruby skull ring is another luxurious option.”

He also encourages clients to invest in a Gothic ring with beautiful quality, make and finish, as these elements will set it apart from Halloween costume jewelry.  As with any type of engagement ring, Einhorn adds, “You want to make sure that it’s handmade in a workshop where the jewelers will spend time to have it meet the highest standards.”

Is Gothic the style for you? Ahead, be inspired by 19 Gothic engagement rings that perfectly symbolize your commitment to "til death do us part."

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La More Design Vintage Luna Halo Bridal Set with Black Diamond

gothic engagement ring

Courtesy of La More Design

This antique-style Gothic ring features an oval rose-cut black diamond, highlighted by a glittering halo. A 14K rose gold band and matching crown of white and black diamonds modernize the set.

SHOP NOW: La More Design, $3,180

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Sofia Zakia Salt-and-Pepper Diamond Wandering Star Ring

gothic engagement ring

Courtesy of Sofia Zakia

Inspired by celestial bodies, this dreamy ring includes two crescent moons on a gold band, surrounded by ten star-like diamonds. The round, rose-cut center diamond is Canadian-mined, with salt-and-pepper inclusions reminiscent of the night sky.

SHOP NOW: Sofia Zakia, $2,495

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Buddha Mama Evil Eye Square Band Ring with Diamonds

gothic engagement ring

Courtesy of Buddha Mama

Buddha Mama’s minimalist square band is perfect for stacking and features fine decorations on every surface, including the interior. The black enamel base glistens with planet-like diamonds, gold stars and crescent moons, and a watchful eye that wards away evil.

SHOP NOW: Buddha Mama, $3,300

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Angie Marei Pythia Princess Cut Solitaire Diamond in 18K Black Gold

gothic engagement ring

Courtesy of Marei

Inspired by the serpent in the Garden of Eden, this decadent engagement ring twists around a princess cut 0.5-carat white diamond. The dark band is made from 18K white gold finished with black rhodium and embedded with round diamonds at the tail. 

SHOP NOW: Marei, $9,500

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Anna Sheffield Marquise Bea Ring Rose Gold and Black Diamond

gothic engagement ring

Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

A marquise-cut black diamond looks striking next to white diamond trillion side stones laid in 14K rose gold. The knife-edge band and canine-like prongs give the ring a contemporary look. 

SHOP NOW: Anna Sheffield, $5,600

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The Great Frog London Pan’s Bride Engagement Ring

gothic engagement ring

Courtesy of The Great Frog London

Two goat skulls with curved horns sit beside a brilliant prong-set center diamond. Although the fine gold ring has a devilish feel, the design is inspired by the arcane tales of the Greek god Pan. 

SHOP NOW: The Great Frog London, $3,440

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Sapphire Studios Aphrodite Certified GIA Natural Diamond Skull Engagement Ring

gothic engagement ring

Courtesy of Sapphire Studios

Two black carved skulls sit beside a round-cut center stone, with side stones shaped in an X to represent “together until death.” Customize this ultra-Gothic ring with your favorite metals and gems, which can be paired in dozens of combinations. 

SHOP NOW: Sapphire Studios, $6,161 to $6,533

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Garrard Signature Serpent Diamond Ring

gothic engagement ring

Courtesy of Garrard

Take inspiration from Queen Victoria, who received a serpent-shaped engagement ring from Prince Albert. Garrard’s 18K white gold band wraps enticingly around your ring finger. The luxurious details include round blue sapphire eyes and over two carats of diamonds inlaid in a snakeskin pattern. 

SHOP NOW: Garrard, price upon request

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Alexis Russell The Willow Ring with Salt-and-Pepper Hexagon Diamond

gothic engagement ring

Courtesy of Alexis Russell

A six-sided engagement ring expresses an alternative attitude. The dark hexagon center diamond has a V-end setting, which contrasts with the black pavé diamonds on a 14K rose gold band. 

SHOP NOW: Alexis Russell, $5,695

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Stella Norte Pear Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring Spider Web Bridal Set

gothic engagement ring

Courtesy of Etsy

Stella Norte’s classic pear diamond ring pairs unexpectedly well with a cobweb wedding band made from gold, platinum, or palladium. The crown of the spider’s web fits perfectly over the GIA-certified center stone. 

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $3,250

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Kipkalinka Lilith White Diamond Skull Ring

gothic engagement ring

Courtesy of Etsy

This ring’s two-carat center diamond represents eternal love, while the four surrounding skulls remind us of our mortality. Kipkalinka’s white gold double band is skillfully set with diamonds, and each morbidly beautiful skull is carved by hand. 

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $4,169

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Iz&Co. Diamond Skull Eternity Ring

gothic engagement rings

Courtesy of Iz&Co.

A seemingly simple wedding ring gets a luxurious Gothic twist. The 14K gold band is entirely made of skulls in alternating positions and each has gleaming diamonds for eyes. 

SHOP NOW: Iz&Co., $1,570

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Windfall Jewellry Coffin Halo Ring

gothic engagement ring

Courtesy of Windfall Jewellry

A coffin ring is an unusual yet expressive way to symbolize a couple’s lifelong commitment. Choose a dark gemstone—such as a salt-and-pepper diamond or London blue topaz—as the bezel-set solitaire. Then, customize the Gothic ring with your metal of choice and black or white accent diamonds. 

SHOP NOW: Windfall Jewellery, $2,861

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Front Jewelers Black Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring Set

gothic ring set

Courtesy of Front Jewelers

Those who feel they have “dark souls” will love Front Jewelers’ all-black engagement rings. Their ethically-sourced black diamond teardrop is surrounded by round black diamonds, which also cover the 14K black gold band. 

SHOP NOW: Front Jewelers, $1,795

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Berganza Vintage Ruby and Diamond Cluster Ring

gothic engagement ring

Courtesy of Berganza

With an oval Siam ruby encircled by ten brilliant-cut diamonds, this vintage ring seems to be made for Dracula’s bride. The elegant white gold band is inset with baguette diamonds, which highlight the giant blood-red solitaire.  

SHOP NOW: Berganza, $48,240

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TOR Count Dracula Ring

gothic engagement ring

Courtesy of TOR

TOR’s exquisite ring is shaped like a horizontal coffin and handcrafted from 14K or 18K gold. The coffin is set with five black round-cut diamonds in various sizes, resulting in a minimalist yet biting design.

SHOP NOW: TOR, $1,192

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Krikawa Bat Engagement Ring

gothic engagement ring

Courtesy of Krikawa

Two bats with diamond spines fly out from the bottom of the band. At the center stone, their wings touch. Krikawa can engrave and customize this ring with various materials, such as palladium with a sapphire solitaire.

SHOP NOW: Krikawa, $4,725

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Segal Jewelry Camilla Rose Spike Blue Sapphire Ring

gothic engagement ring

Courtesy of Segal Jewelry

A blue sapphire ring with roses on the sides evokes the dark romance of a Gothic novel. The 14K white gold band is covered in studs for a hard rock feel. 

SHOP NOW: Segal Jewelry, was $4,198, now $3,149

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Stephen Einhorn Small Skull Ring Platinum and Brilliant-Cut Diamonds

gothic engagement ring

Courtesy of Stephen Einhorn 

Einhorn’s eye-catching ring is shaped like a skull, with glistening 0.06-carat stones set into the eye sockets. The sleek band can be customized in various finishes including gold, palladium, and platinum. The skeleton’s “eyes” can also be personalized with black diamonds, emeralds, rubies, or amethyst. 

SHOP NOW: Stephen Einhorn, $3,850

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