15 Gold Wedding Makeup Ideas for a Sunkissed Glow


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Wedding day makeup is one of the last (and most important!) touches of your bridal look. Planning your makeup to pair seamlessly with your dress takes time, but it's the best opportunity to highlight your beauty. 

One option for wedding day makeup is incorporating gold into your makeup. Gold tones look beautiful on all skin tones and add a warm glow. Gold makeup has no rules, so the options are endless. For a traditional gold look, select a gold eyeshadow that shimmers and catches the sun. Or, use a warm gold highlighter to contour your face and give it a strong and defined look. You can also use a gold powder or dust to define your shoulders and décolleté area. All of these gold makeup ideas photograph beautifully and create a natural yet intensely pigmented look.

First and foremost, if you decide that you want to add gold makeup to your wedding day, speak with your makeup artist. From there, the artist will guide you through the process of selecting and finalizing your makeup for your day. You can also plan if you want gold on your eyes or a cohesive gold look that adds touches of gold to the entire makeup look. 

Ahead, take inspiration from 15 gold makeup ideas that you can use on your special day.

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Warm Golden Glow

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Instead of using gold as eyeshadow, choose to use it as a highlighter to add a golden glow to your cheeks. Mix a metallic gold highlighter with a hint of blush to create an incredible, shining cheek.

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Matching Tones

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Match your highlighter and contour to your eyeshadow. To make things simple, swipe some highlighter onto your eyelids for optimal shine on your special day. The matching tones create beautiful balance and give your complexion a hint of light.

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Smokey Golden Eyes

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If you love gold and a smokey eye, then marry the two (literally!). Use your favorite gold tones and then have your makeup artist create a smokey eye by using deeper tones into the gold—especially in the corners of your eyes.

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Golden All Over

bride on wedding day

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Use gold all over for your wedding day makeup. Make your eyeshadow a metallic gold that sparkles, then use a gold highlighter to contour your face and carve your cheeks. The matching gold will glow all day.

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Muted Gold

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A muted gold shadow will also stand out on your special day. If you want a shade that isn't loud, choose a gold that has a hint of brown in the eye shadow. The rich brown hues, paired with the gold, make the eyes look bright.

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Lined In Gold

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A gold eyeliner makes a fun makeup statement. Use a muted eyeshadow, then choose a metallic liner that has a sparkle to line your eyes. The rich and creamy texture of the eyeliner will intensify the muted shade on your eyes.

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Gold Blushing

Bride getting makeup done

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If you want more shine, use gold on your cheeks. But, instead of using it as a highlighter, use it over top of your blush to take it to the next level. The shimmer that lays over a rich blush color gives a whole pop of color to your complexion.

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Touched by Gold

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Hints of gold all over your face make it look like you were dusted in a shower of gold. Have your artist tactfully use gold in places that the sun will hit: your nose, T-zone, and cheeks. This will create a vibrant and cheerful look.

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90s Gold

Bride getting makeup done on wedding day

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Think back to the 90s—the classic matte look that still stands out. Take inspiration from these timeless looks and create a monochromatic story with your makeup. Opt for brown tones, then use gold to highlight your favorite features.

Want more gold elements? Layer a gold liner over the top of a classic black liner to make your eyes look bold and beautiful.

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Dusted Gold Shoulders

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Take your golden makeup a bit further, and have your makeup artist use a gold highlighter to define your décolletage and shoulders. This light dusting of gold looks regal paired with a wedding dress.

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Golden Arch

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Use a gold eyeshadow to highlight the arches of your eyebrows, then use that same shadow to line the crease of your eyes. 

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A Touch of Orange

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You don't have to choose an ordinary gold shade for your eyes. Think about adding a warm hue like an orange to make the shade stand out more—especially if you have fair skin.

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Gleaming Gold

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Swipe on a vibrant gold shade for your big day. The gold will reflect the light from the sun and give you an all-over radiant glow. The warm tones in the shade will also brighten your eyes.

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Rosy and Gold

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A creamy rose-colored blush matches flawlessly with a gold highlighter. This pairing makes the skin look healthy and glowing—while still remaining natural.

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Black and Gold

Bride getting makeup done

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Gold and black always make a classic look. Blend a darker smokey eye with gold highlights in the creases to create a classic and glam makeup look. You can blend the shades more to intensify the smokey eye or use more gold to make it more natural.

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