25 Gold Wedding Cakes With Gorgeous Details

Find the perfect gilded design for your celebration.

Four-tiered white wedding cake with sugar flowers and gold leaves with white florals at base

Photo by K.R. Moreno

You've booked the perfect venue, sent out your save the dates, and now it's time for the next step—diving into your cake design. If you have plenty of gold throughout your wedding décor, why not have a gold wedding cake at your reception as well. Couples can add gold accents to their confections in a variety of ways, bringing a stunning metallic finish to their cakes no matter their wedding style.

There are so many ways that cake designers can achieve a bronzed look for a wedding cake, and it’s all up to the style the couple wants. "There are endless choices and tons of fabulous options for couples who want to incorporate gold into their wedding cakes," says Moriah Tulier, owner of Wildflower Cakes. "You can go big with whole tiers painted or even something small and delicate like a gold foiled monogram. From hints of metallic splatter, gold bas-relief, shimmery fondant edges, Art Deco details, and sequins, cake artists can paint almost any detail big or small golden with the right tools." 

Meet the Expert

Moriah Tulier is the owner and founder of Wildflower Cakes, a Denver-based cake studio.

From flakes of gold foil to pouring melted gold chocolate for a drip effect, there’s a cake with gold accents out there for any venue. To inspire your cake design planning, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorites. Read on for 25 gold wedding cakes with gorgeous details we love. 

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Pretty in Pink and Gold

Five-tiered white wedding cake with blush pink and gold details with white florals

Photo by Ashley Cakes

The hand-painted gold flecks contrasted with the subtle blush pink on this cake is such a gorgeous look. Ashley Cakes paired gold detailing with cascading white florals in this design to make a cake perfect for a spring or summer wedding. 

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Go for Gold Drip

Two-tier white wedding cake with rose gold drip and pink florals

Photo by Natalie Watson Photography 

Incorporating rose gold into a palette paired with light pinks, red, and greenery is simply stunning, and this cake pulls off that look flawlessly. This two-tiered cake from Magpies Bakery incorporated buttercream icing and a gold drip on the second tier for a gorgeous modern look. 

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Have a Two-Toned Statement

Two-tiered two-toned gold wedding cake topped with berries on stand next to candles

Photo by Valorie Darling

We love the idea of making a bold, gold statement with a two-tiered cake. This gorgeous design from Layers was topped with a sprig of Viburnum berries for a simple touch to complete the look.

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Choose a Gold Monogram

White tiered wedding cake with simple gold detailing and a "L+C" monogram

Photo by Ryan Ray Photography

Incorporating gold into your wedding cake’s décor doesn't always need to make a big splash. Sweet, simple details can elevate a white cake in the most beautiful way. This five-tier cake from Sugar Cloud Baking Company made a bold statement with its height, paired with a unique crocodile embossing and a subtle hand-painted gold monogram.

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Shimmer With Gold Florals

Three-tiered wedding cake with gold florals

Photo by KT Merry

Pairing shimmery gold with subtle pops of silver and pink can make such an elegant statement. This cake from Tessa Pinner incorporated hand-painted sugar leaves and buds to create a stunning showpiece.

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Create a Contrast

Four-tier black cake with gold leaf and white florals with greenery on gold base

Photo by Lena Mirisola

Gold foil is an excellent option for couples looking to have a gilded accent on their wedding cake. Paired with a black confection, the metallic hue truly shines.

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Design a Golden Geode

White and golden geode cake with gold leaf on cake stand

Photo by Ivy Road Photography

Geode cakes have certainly been having their moment to shine, and this gold detailed cake is the perfect example of why. With hand-painted fondant and a golden leaf as décor, this cake from The Cake That Ate Paris beamed with rustic, metallic elegance. 

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Go for Gilded Foil Flecks

Two-tiered white wedding cake with gold foil and twigs

Photo by Kate Drennan

Just a touch of gilded elegance can transform the look of a cake. This cake from The Cake & I featured semi-rustic edges with a bit of flaked gold, paired with dried flowers for a gorgeous boho vibe. 

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Brush With Gold

Five-tiered brushed gold white wedding cake with bold red and pink florals

Photo by Heather Waraksa

We can’t get enough of this look, which pairs bronzy gold-painted layers with bold red florals and soft pinks. This five-tier cake from Nine Cakes incorporated gold into a color palette in such a gorgeous way. 

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Get Creative With Your Stand

Two-tier black wedding cake with large white and pink florals on cakes stand with gold leaf legs

Photo by Pretty Little Cakes

Consider coordinating your gold cake with your cake stand. This black and gold creation looks perfectly placed atop a unique stand with brand-like black legs and adorned with golden leaves.

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Opt For a Bold Pattern

Black, white, and gold three-tier square geometric wedding cake

Photo by Sposto Photography

This design from Bottega Louie is what Art Deco dreams are made of. The real wedding cake featured black, gold, and grey triangles in its design, with square layers of chocolate cake and blackberry filling.

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Speckle It With Gold

Three-tiered white wedding cake with gold speckling and orange, yellow, and purple florals on stand

Photo by Lexxi Smith Photography

This three-tiered stunner from Lux Sucre Desserts is such a gorgeous option for a fall wedding, but the concept can be incorporated during any season. A semi-naked cake brought out the hues of the cake itself, while splattered gold enhanced the rustic vibe. 

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Simply Sweet

Single-tier white and gold wedding cake on stand with small white florals with two wedding cakes on stands behind

Photo by Larissa Cleveland

A brush of gold and sweet small florals is all you need to make a wedding cake absolutely charming. We love this single-tier design for a simple statement.

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Craft Golden Tile

Two-tier wedding cake with square gold base, pink top, and greenery accents

Photo by Taralynn Lawton Photography

Create a tile-like design on a tier of your wedding cake for a unique approach to the design. We love how this is paired with a watercolor pink top tier.

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Accent Marble

Marbled three-tier white wedding cake with gold foil and greenery

Photo by Lisa Poggi

This cake from Belmonde Villa San Michele paired a marbled fondant design with large flecks of edible gold foil for a stunning design. It's perfect for a modern wedding.

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Adorn With Golden Leaves and Florals

Tiered wedding cake with gold flowers and leaves on table with white roses

Photo by K.R. Moreno

This cake from Sweet Heather Anne incorporated gold into a floral design in the best way possible. The golden leaves paired with white sugar flowers with golden accents made for such an elegant statement. 

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Think Vintage

Five-tier white and gold lambeth cake adorned with baby's breath on a table covered in baby's breath

Photo by Magi Fisher

A vintage Lambeth cake is a unique style of the moment that harkens to weddings in the '50s and '60s. Gold foil accents can add an elegant touch to the design.

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Ignore Symmetry

Tiered white wedding cake with gold accents on cake stand on table with greenery and candles

Photo by Heather Payne Photography 

Not every layer of your cake has to be the same. This cake from Rick’s Bakery incorporated semi-naked layers and a golden statement layer in the middle for a pretty gold look. 

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Go for Green and Gold

Wedding cake with gold foil and a bold bottom layer on ledge with blue linen

Photo by Hugo Coelho Fotografia

Pair simple gold foiled layers with a bold statement layer. This cake from Migalha Doce paired rustic gold detailing and plenty of texture with hand-painted watercoloring and stunning florals to complete the look.

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Have a Touch of the Tropics

White wedding cake with handpainted gold band on table with greenery

Photo by Rachel Havel; Planning by Bluebird Productions

Utilizing a subtle palm leaf print paired with a pop of gold, this cake brought a touch of the tropics. Wildflower Cakes utilized mismatched tier heights and hand-brushed gold bands around the cake’s edges for a metallic finish. 

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Contrast the Tiers

Wedding cake with naked top tier and gold bottom tier with pink, green, and white florals

Photo by Sotiria McDonlad Photography

Use gold to absolutely transform a tier of your wedding cake. This naked cake's look became entirely different once the baker wrapped the bottom in gold leaf.

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Opt for Elegance

Four-tier white wedding cake with gold leaf and white sugar florals

Photo by Sotiria McDonlad Photography

A tall white wedding cake adorned with white sugar flowers and gold leaf is a perfect complement to an elegant wedding. We especially love how the blooms and the leaf follow a similar pattern along the front of the cake.

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Use a Different Kind of Gold Leaf

Two-tier white and purple watercolor cake with golf leaf, pink white, and purple roses, and gold leaves

Photo by Tayler Enerle Photography

While you can decorate a cake with golf leaf, you can go a step further by accenting the florals on your cake with leaves painted in a shade of gold, too.

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Decorate With Golden Blooms

Three-tier white wedding cake with gold floral accents, white anemone florals, and other small white florals

Photo by Amanda K; Cake by Made in Cake

Small golden flower accents placed around this white cake design lend a sweet touch to this pretty three-tier design. This would be a perfect cake for a springtime soirée.

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Gild a Tier

Four-tier white wedding cake with ruffle bottom, gold leaf tier, marbled tier, and plain white tier topped with a white flower

Photo by Imogen Xiana

Want a cake that's a bit of a surprise? Channel this unique design which has a different design on each tier. Gold leaf brings a pop of color to the confection.

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