23 Glamorous Wedding Makeup Ideas for a Luxe Look

Go all out with a glamorous bridal look.

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Photo by Stephania Campos

Your wedding day is the one day of your life where looking over-the-top glamorous is practically a requirement. You only get one wedding, so why not go all-out? Glamorous wedding makeup must-haves include sharp contour, false lashes, and all the sparkle and shine—the more the better. The look can elevate a more traditional, minimalist wedding dress or complement a glitzy gown covered in rhinestones and intricate beading. It's timeless, too; the makeup can be vintage-inspired, modern and extravagant, or smoky and sophisticated in style. 

If you’re not sure if a glamorous wedding look is right for your wedding day, we definitely suggest trying full glam for your hair and makeup trial, knowing you can always tone it down on the day of the wedding. Take inspiration from your favorite celebrity red carpet looks, makeup artists on Instagram, or work with your makeup artist to highlight your best features and create the glamorous wedding makeup look of your dreams.

From full, fat lashes to sparkly eyeshadow and reflective highlighter, read on to see 23 glamorous wedding makeup ideas to add to your inspo folder. 

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Bring the Drama

glamorous bride

Photo by Abby Jiu

A smokey eye is the center of this look. Everything else is built around the eyes, including a diffused contour and natural, pinky lips. For a dramatic and exciting touch to your wedding day makeup, add a strip lash to make your eyes really pop.

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Soft and Smokey

glamorous bridal

Atmosphere Fotografia

If you love eyeliner, take a cue from this bride and layer on the black liner on the upper and lower lashline. Applied with a light hand, eyeliner can enhance your natural eye shape and color. You can avoid eyeliner looking too harsh or heavy by smoking it out with a pencil brush, especially on the lower lashline, like the bride did here. Don’t forget to load up on the mascara to complete the soft, smokey look.

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A Coral Affair

glamorous bride

Photo by Cinzia Bruschini

Brides overwhelmingly choose neutral makeup tones to wear on their wedding day because they can be extremely flattering on everyone. However, it’s important to remember that there are no rules in makeup, especially bridal makeup! Don’t be afraid to rock a pop of color on the lips, as this bride did on her wedding day. The punchy coral shade makes her lips stand out and ties into the colors in her headpiece beautifully.

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Bring Out the Blues

glamour bride

Photo by KT Merry

The contrast between light blue eyes and dark, dramatic eyeshadow makes this bride's baby blues really pop. A matte, contoured makeup look blends seamlessly with a smokey eye. Take note of the light pink lip color, which helps to create a balanced color story on the face.

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Go for Gold

glamour bride

Photo by Lisa Poggi 

For a modern glam look, go with a golden metallic eyeshadow to make brown eyes really stand out. Keep the rest of the look monochromatic with a bronze goddess glow all over the cheeks and a neutral pinky brown lip color. The result is a glamorous masterpiece that doesn’t look too distracting or overwhelming.

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Sultry Smoke

glamour bride

Photo by Lisa Poggi 

Glamorous bridal makeup is not synonymous with glitter. It is entirely possible to wear a jaw-dropping makeup look without looking like a disco ball. Take it from this bride, who went with a deep chocolate brown eyeshadow and smoked-out eyeliner, creating a sweet and sultry effect on the eyes. Thick lashes, expertly blended contour, and a matte neutral lip color complete the eye-catching look.

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Glossy Glam

glamour bride

Photo by Alixann Loosle

Channel your inner glowing goddess with this shimmering bridal look. Every element, from the eyes to the cheeks to the lips, has a glossy finish. Her reflective golden eyeshadow pairs well with glistening cheeks and a shiny natural lip color.

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Dark and Moody

glamour bride

Photo by Charla Storey

If you want to bring the drama with your wedding day makeup look, you can’t go wrong with a smokey eye. A perfect blend of dark browns and black bring dimension to the eyes, while extra-long lashes perfectly complement the sultry look. Nude lips pair well with this look and keep it from appearing overpowering or heavy.

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High-Voltage Highlight

glamour bride

Photo by Chi-Chi Ari Love

A luminous highlighter brings life to any makeup look. Even under a birdcage veil, you can see this bride’s glamorous glowing complexion, enhanced by a well-defined lashline and pinky natural lip color. For a long-lasting glow, layer a cream highlighter underneath a powder highlighter for maximum radiance and shine. 

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Sunkissed Glow

glamour bride

Photo by Chi-Chi Ari Love

Who says you can’t rock an all-over golden glow on your wedding day? Use your favorite sunkissed tones on the eyes, lips, and face. Pick a bronzer that leans more red than orange for a natural sunkissed look. A golden, shimmery highlight will make your cheeks stand out even more on your special day. 

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Berry Beauty

glamour bride


Glamorous bridal makeup doesn’t have to be dark and smokey. Go for a bold and daring look with a pop of color. This raspberry-colored eyeshadow pops against the bride’s dark skin. Long, fluffy lashes perfectly accentuate the fun, flirty bridal look. 

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Lovely Liner

glamour bride

Photo by David Bastianoni

A soft kohl liner and a lot of blending is the key to achieving this smoked-out liner look. Place a darker eyeshadow in the outer corner of your eyes and a lighter color in the inner corner for a lifted, elongated effect. Add a flick of liquid liner on the outside edge to finish the look.

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Lots of Lash

glamour bride

Photo by Funkytown Photography

A glamorous wedding makeup look isn’t complete without a set of full lashes. Work with your makeup artist to find a pair of falsies that are flattering for your eye shape. A rich bronzy eye makeup look is timeless, and the lashes add the perfect touch of glamour to the whole face.

Bigger isn’t always better. Avoid wearing false lashes that completely obscure your eyeshadow look when your eyes are open. Opt for a wispy pair of falsies with some space between the lashes to show off your eyeshadow.

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High Glam

glamour bride

Photo by Gianni di Natale

When you can’t decide between smokey eyes, winged liner, and big lashes, don’t! Have it all with this glamorous bridal look. Dark eyeshadow highlights the bride’s light eyes, while a beautiful contour carves out her best features. Finish off with a fabulous set of falsies to add volume and sophistication to your high glam bridal look.

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Rose-Gold Glam

glamour bride

Photo by IVASH Studio

For daytime glamorous bridal makeup look, go with rose-gold tones all over. The soft, romantic tones look stunning on every bride and are less harsh than a traditional black or brown smokey eye. Accentuate the muted tones with a bit of highlighter and blush to match.

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Bronzed Goddess

glamour bride

Photo by Jen Ocken Photography

When in doubt, bronze makeup tones will never let you down. The 90's supermodel look will never go out of style, and transition perfectly from your day ceremony to your evening reception. Take inspiration from your favorite models and actresses from that time period, and don’t be afraid to pile on the bronzer.

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Chiseled Contour

glamour bride

Photo by Kelly Giarrocco

Define your features with a sharp, chiseled contour. A cool-toned contour mimics a natural shadow, adding depth and dimension to your face. For a flawless face, don’t forget to contour your nose, temples, and jawline.

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Dark, Matte, and Glowing

glamour bride

Photo by Kristen Curette

A traditional smokey eye doesn’t have to be too complicated. Blend a variety of dark shadows across the eyes, placing the darkest color in the outer corner and smudging a black Kohl liner in the upper and lower lashline. Bold, well-defined eyebrows perfectly frame the eyes, and a hint of blush soften up the whole look.

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Natural Glam

glamour bride

Photo by Plum & Oak Photography

Can’t decide between a natural or glamorous bridal look? Incorporate elements of both! The soft brown smokey eye balances out a more neutral lip color and barely-there contour. This natural glam look is subtle yet stunning.

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Golden Glamour

glamour bride

Photography by Julieta

Golden glamour is a classic bridal look. Apply a metallic gold shade all over the eyes for the ultimate golden sheen. Pair with warm bronze cheeks and a neutral lip color to keep all the attention on the eyes.

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Spicy Red

glamour bride

Photo by Shane Shepherd

Red lips are a classic for a reason. It looks good on everyone and even makes your teeth look whiter, which is ideal for wedding photos. This bride went with a deep, spicy red color and kept the rest of her makeup fairly natural. The result is this old Hollywood-meets-modern bridal look that feels fresh and timeless at the same time.

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Soft Glamour

glamorous bride

Photo by Stephania Campos

This dreamy bridal look is glamorous yet effortless. Sharp brows, wispy false lashes, soft contour, and a kiss of gloss on the lips are all it takes to create this delicate glamorous look. Finish with a natural luminous highlight for that lit-from-within glow.

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Girl-Next-Door Glam

glamour bride

Roey Yohai

This gorgeous makeup look bridges the gap between natural and glamorous. If you want to kick the natural makeup look up a notch, you can do so by adding a medium density set of false lashes and a touch of liquid liner to your eyes. Use a creamy lipstick that's close to your natural lip color, like a subtle and soft pink, to finish off this elevated bridal glam.

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