15 Gorgeous Gardenia Bouquet Ideas

Incorporate this romantic bloom in any aesthetic!

gardenia bouquet

Photo by Lynn Dunston; Floral design by Designs by Oochay

Searching for one of the most romantic blooms to include on your wedding day? Look no further than gardenias. Gardenias are wonderfully fragrant flowers. Their sweet scent is strong and pleasant, without being too overpowering.

These beautiful white flowers love to bloom in summer. They boast layers of white petals, paired with waxy green foliage for an absolutely gorgeous look. And of course, they hold a romantic meaning, symbolizing purity, love, hope, and beauty.

Gardenias can be showcased in wedding bouquets in a wide variety of ways. They can certainly be paired with plenty of other colorful flowers to form a bouquet. But most often, they’re paired with other white flowers to create an all-white wedding bouquet. With such lovely shape and texture, they can also stand on their own in a gardenia-only bouquet.  

Think gardenias are the perfect fit for your big day? Read on for 15 gardenia bouquet ideas to inspire your own.

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Play With Shape

gardenia and greenery bouquet

Photo by Allison Harp; Floral design by Jubilee Flower Studio

Channel a bit of a vintage vibe with this bouquet. Not only do we love the gentle cascade that created its unique shape, but the selection of blooms is stunning too. Gardenias certainly steal the show, with other smaller white flowers to support it.

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Include Simple Greenery

white gardenia bouquet

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

Want gardenias for a beach wedding? Go for it! This bouquet exuded elegance with a mixture of white blooms. Gardenias were added to the mix, along with dusty miller and just a few sprigs of greenery for plenty of texture.

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Embrace Texture

textured gardenia bouquet

Photo by O'Malley Photographers; Floral design by Flora Nova Design

Turn to texture and never look back. This bouquet screams elegance with a white and green color palette. It features a mixture of peonies, gardenia, garden roses, stephanotis, and orchids. Of course, the addition of iron vine truly pulled the whole look together.

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Make It Tropical

tropical gardenia bouquet

Photo by Sarah Kathleen Photo

Think gardenias can't possibly work for a tropical wedding? Think again! Pair anything with these versatile blooms. This combination of gardenia and stephanotis, not to mention lovely white and green ferns, is so fun.

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Channel a Boho Vibe

gardenia and anemones bouquet

Photo by Logan Cole; Floral design by Hello Gem

Hoping for just a hint of a boho vibe? Go for an organic bouquet. This stunning bouquet was made up of gardenias, peonies, and anemones to make a statement. Of course, the addition of other blooms such as ranunculus, roses, white lilac, and lily of the valley only made it that much more interesting.

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Pick Pastels

pastel gardenia bouquet

Photo by KT Merry; Floral design by Jackson Durham Events

A pastel arrangement is perfect for any wedding, especially a fairytale-themed one! This bouquet is elegant with a mixture of peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, and lovely gardenias to finish it off.

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Opt for Organic

gardenia and greenery bouquet


Planning an early fall wedding? Put gardenia on display. This bouquet featured multiple white blooms, along with a mixture of textured greenery. Our favorite part? The addition of leaves for the changing season.

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Choose Elegance

cascading gardenia bouquet


This bouquet made up of gardenias and stephanotis is absolutely stunning. These two blooms were meant for each other! Ditch the idea that bouquets need to have a ton of color and stick to an all-white color palette by choosing this combo.

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Play With a Pop of Color

gardenia bouquet with plum flowers

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Floral design by Toast Santa Barbara

Any bouquet can immediately be enhanced with the addition of gardenias thanks to their stark white hue, incredible scent, and great texture. This bouquet was made up of garden roses, gardenia, lily of the valley, peonies, and plum clematis for just a splash of color.

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Keep It Classic

gardenia bouquet

Photo by Heather Cook Elliott Photography

There's no shame in going for a classic all-white bouquet! Keep with the tradition of an all-white ensemble and feature gardenias. This bouquet was made up of nothing other than gardenias, creating such a romantic look.

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Add Anemones

textured gardenia bouquet

PHOTO BY Wild Whim; Floral design by Bloom Floral and Foliage

This bouquet was the perfect fit for the couple's romantic, Spanish-inspired nuptials. And we can't get over the unique shape! Made up of roses, sweet peas, anemones, roses, gardenia, and eucalyptus, it's simply stunning.

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Pair Gardenias and Ranunculus

greenery and gardenias bouquet


Hoping for soft texture? Ranunculus is such a classic wedding flower, especially in white. In this bouquet, gardenias make for the perfect match. A mixture of greenery takes it to the next level.

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Pick a Pretty Posy

small white and green bouquet

Photo by Erich McVey; Floral design by Forage Botanical

Love a vintage vibe? An English garden setting? Match the aesthetic with this darling idea! While this may look like a boutonniere at first glance, it was actually carried as a small bridal bouquet. This pretty posy was made up of gardenias and lily of the valley for a simple and sweet look.

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Go for Gardenias Only

simple gardenia bouquet

Photo by Lynn Dunston; Floral design by Designs by Oochay

Another option for a gardenias-only bouquet! This pretty posy features the intricacy of gardenia leaves as well. The pop of green makes this such a dreamy bouquet for any wedding.

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Create a Cascade of Greenery

cascading white and green bouquet

PHOTO BY KATE HOLSTEIN; Floral design by Toast Santa Barbara, High Camp Supply

A dramatic cascade? Yes, please! This may be just the look you've been searching for. This bouquet was the perfect fit for an elegant-meets-garden wedding. It was made up of calla lilies, tulips, scabiosa, gardenia, and stephanotis. And of course, plenty of greenery to create that lush, cascading effect!

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