27 Snowy Wedding Photo Ideas to Steal for Your Winter Wedding

Capture the seasonal spirit with an outdoor photo sesh

couple in snow

Photo by Travis J Photography

While a chilly, snowy wedding photo session isn't everyone's idea of a fun pre-wedding activity, we're willing to bet that most winter brides love a good snowfall. After all, why pick a winter wedding date if you don't want to take advantage of the season's most unique attribute? Just as we encourage couples to snap photos with the best fall foliage, enjoy the fresh spring air, and pose in the summer sunshine, we're here to tell you to embrace snowy wedding photos during winter.

While you might have a few uncomfortably cold minutes, they're well worth it to capture all the beauty your wedding season has to offer. Whether you choose to meet in a snow-covered field for your first look or snap a few candid moments in freshly fallen powder, there are tons of creative ways to capture beautiful wedding photos that include the seasonal spirit.

Consider throwing on a faux fur jacket, a cozy scarf or pashmina, or even stepping into a trendy pair of boots to stay comfortable (and look cute!) during photos.

And you shouldn't worry too much about your wedding dress, either! After all, snow is just frozen water, so the likelihood of it melting and ruining your bridal ensemble is fairly slim (as long as you aren't outside too long!). That said, it's something to keep in mind. We suggest shooting your indoor photos first before heading out for the snowy shots.

Still need convincing? Browse 27 stunning snowy wedding photos below.

bride wearing jacket
Photo by Mann & Wife; Jacket by Evanmarie Zimmerman

We believe the best winter bridal accessories are custom jackets and cozy hats. Besides, you have to stay warm between shots!

bride and groom snowboarding down mountain
Photo by Wild Connections Photography

Getting married on a mountain? Show off your adventurous side and ski out of the ceremony in style. Talk about one epic exit (and photo op!).

Photo by Maggie Grace Photography

This frosty first look is giving us all the feels.

Photo by Feather and Finch Photography

Dreamy winter skies and a stunning snowscape make for one breathtaking pic.

Photo by Travis J Photography

Why merely snap photos outside when you can say your vows in a romantic flurry?

Photo by Carrie Patterson

Don't forget to share a champagne toast in the snow, as Glee's Becca Tobin and her husband Zach Martin did at their winter wedding.

Photo by Maggie Grace Photography

Alternatively, you can cuddle up with a cup of hot cocoa!

Photo by Feather and Finch Photography

Show off your playful side with an impromptu snowball fight. (It's so on!)

Photo by Two Bird Studio

If your pup likes the snow, include him in your snowy snapshots.

Photo by Everbay Co.

After those pre-ceremony nerves, let loose and go sledding with your new spouse. You'll want to save these laugh-out-loud photos forever.

Photo by Travis J Photography

What's better than sweet, snowy kisses?

Photo by Maggie Grace Photography

The chilly weather is the perfect excuse to cuddle up.

bride and groom snow
Photo by Danielle DeFiore

This bride's crisp, minimalist wedding dress looks right at home in the freshly fallen snow.

Photo by Darren Roberts Photography

Cue up, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."

engagement ring in pine needles
Photo by Kylie Clary Photography 

Don't forget about the detail shots! Take advantage of natural pine needles to show off your engagement ring.

Photo by Benj Haisch

Bring along a cozy blanket—it'll keep you warm and serve as the perfect prop.

Photo by Soul Season Photography

A sprinkling of snow takes bridal portraits to the next level.

Photo by Darren Roberts Photography

This snowy snapshot looks straight out of a storybook.

Photo by Everbay Co.

We're falling for everything in this wintery portrait—from the bride's icy blue dress to the breathtaking background.

Photo by Pahountis Photography

How romantic is this snuggled-up shot?

Photo by Darren Roberts Photography

Walking in a winter wonderland...

Photo by Tatyana Chaiko

A wedding dress train fluffed up in frosty snow couldn't be prettier.

Photo by Tatyana Chaiko

A sprinkling of snow is the perfect accessory in bridal beauty detail shots.

Photo by Darren Roberts Photography

Gorgeous glaciers make for an unforgettable elopement setting.

couple walking outside
Photo by Diana Kapatos Photography

Think an urban wedding can't turn into a winter wonderland? Think again! Take advantage of a snowstorm for a romantic stroll on the city streets.

Photo by Justine Milton

Between the frosting of snow and the castle in the backdrop, we'd swear this is a scene from a fairy tale.

Photo by Soul Season Photography

Don't forget to pack umbrellas! They'll protect your tresses between shots—and make for some great candid photos (our favorite!).

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